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Online browser-based games allow you to have some fun time with casual free games. And if you are a basketball fan, what could be better than playing basketball games online.

We have already put together a list of casual online games for detective genre fans and now doing the same for basketball fans. All the games listed in the article are free to play and work on any device with the internet and preferably a larger screen.

So, get ready for our collection of top 5 online basketball games and show off your shooting skills and crazy dunks in single and co-op modes.


Best 5 basketball games to play online

Basketball Stars

online basketball games

Basketball Stars is a two-player basketball game created by Madpuffers. The game allows you to play with your favorite team and players. The players’ list includes legends like LeBron Hames, James Harden, Stephen Curry, etc. You can play as many teams as you want to try both offensive and defensive skills.

You can play Basketball Stars with your friends or in solo player mode. You can score points by scoring three-pointers or through impressive dunks.

There is a quick match mode that lets you play solo matches with some random team and players. The game uses the traditional keyboard combination or WASD to move the players. You can use A + A to dash and S to pump or block.

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Basketball.io is another popular online basketball game on CrazyGames. You have to work together with your team to score the ball. The game uses the standard WASD as the moving button, and your left mouse button controls the player.

As a player, all you have to do is get to the ball first and then reach the score point avoiding the opposing team players. The game will automatically show a cinematic dunking action. If your other team players reach the ball first, then your job is to keep the opposing team players away so that your teammate can score.

The game has a trophy system where the winning team qualifies to the next stage after winning a match.

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Tap-Tap Shots

online basketball games

If you like an endless basketball game, the Tap-Tap Shots is an awesome tapping game. You must attempt to score as many consecutive baskets as possible to beat your highest score. The game can be played on your smartphone as well as other internet-enabled devices.

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Tap-Tap Shots is an addictive game and uses one point-controls mechanics. You can press the left mouse key to pitch the ball to score points as the net keeps shifting after every successful goal. Each shot requires multiple clicks to push the ball perfectly into the net. If you miss the goal, try again, but before the time runs out.

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online basketball games

BasketBros is a fun, fast-paced one on one basketball game with lots of action. You can pick from a variety of characters and let the play begin. The game offers some of the crazy dunks and allows you to step back 3. If the opponent is too annoying, maybe even try the punch out option.

BasketBros users very simple controls. You have the standard WASD to move your ballers. Jump by pressing the up arrow, and jump again to shoot. Use the space key for your defense.

The game offers multiple characters to choose from. You can steal the ball by karate-chopping your opponent or dunk all over them.

⇒ BasketBros

Basketball Skills

online basketball games

Basketball Skills, as the name suggests, is a basketball arcade game. In this game, you must try to score baskets in all the different game modes available. You can play either arcade, time attack, and distance mode.

Each session gives you ten balls to use. Scoring becomes hard as you progress and make successful dunks. In Time Attack mode, you must score as many baskets as possible within the time limit as possible. Although there is an unlimited supply of balls, you must hurry up as the time is limited.

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Whether you want to play something during the NBA season or just trying to kill some time traveling, the best basketball games listed in the article will keep you hooked for hours.

All the basketball games listed in the article are browser-based so that you can play them on any internet-enabled device with a web browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some of the popular basketball games include Knock Out, Around the World, Firing Squad, Music Basketballs, Sharks and Minnows, and Home Run.

  • There are reportedly six NBA video games developed by SCE San Diego Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The games released in the series are NBA, NBA ’06, NBA ’07, NBA ’08, NBA 09: The Inside, and NBA 10: The Inside.

  • Some of the best basketball games, include NBA 2K11, NBA Jam, NBA 2K16, and NVA Street Vol.

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