As much as it hurts to admit, it will soon become apparent that the golden age of selfie sticks is coming to an end. There is a new trend for taking selfies and it has taken the world by storm. Welcome to the new era of “Drone selfies”, a way to capture photos using selfie drones. With a selfie drone, you don’t have to extend your arms to take photos, nor will you need a stick to position your phone’s camera. Just toss the drone in the air, smile, and let the drone take pictures of you and your loved ones.

There is nothing more captivating to tech nerds and selfie enthusiasts that seeing a selfie drone in action. Its dynamics is what makes it look like a science fiction concept. You throw the drone in the air, it positions and takes pictures of you and your friends, then it falls back to your hands, folds and goes back to your pocket. And the good thing; you don’t need super educated thumbs or the technical know-how of an MIT graduate to operate it. In addition to a quick snap, you can use the drone to capture a selfie video of you and your friends at the center of a vast landscape. In this article, we’ll discuss the best selfie drones in the market that you should buy.

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The 5 best selfie drones in the market today

Dobby selfies drone (recommended)

best selfie dronesPromoted as a pocket selfie drone, Dobby is one of the most popular selfie drones in the market. This pocket drone from ZeroTech is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset and is compact—the size of an iPhone. The 13MP camera captures stabilized images at 4K resolution and clear videos at 1080p. The drone has the capacity to stream live videos via Wi-Fi to smartphones.

The 16GB internal memory is not as high as that of competitors but it’s enough for any photography work. Other user-friendly features include voice control functions, auto follow, face recognition technology, and a GPS tracking system. The battery is pegged at 9 minutes of video capture, not so good but in range with other selfie drones in the market.

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Kimon selfie drone


Kimon selfie drone is a small, 16-megapixel, 4K flying camera created by Keyshare Technologies. The drone is controlled through a smartphone and is capable of flying, hovering and landing with a single touch. The Kimmon selfie drone has a replaceable battery so you can carry several batteries for extended video capture.

Selfie lovers will be glad to know that it has five modes for selfies: 360-degree panorama, 45-degree shot, panoramic selfie, follow shot, and standard selfie.  It also comes with multiple video shooting modes which include burst mode, video recording, photography, time lapse photography, and slow motion.

The Hexo+

selfie drones

The Hexo+ was developed courtesy of Kickstarter campaign that raised $1.3 million which was augmented by Squadzone, the company behind the project that raised more millions to bring the project into reality. Their effort is remarkable as the project produced a selfie drone that is strong, faster, and more adaptable that other selfie drones of its league. The Hexo+ has a gimbal mount designed specifically to work with GoPro cameras, which means it can work with the best video cameras available, including the Hero 4 that has 4K resolution.

In its simplest configurations, it will follow you like a Dalmatian dog. If you need more functionality, there are many commands that you can use to customize your video capture. Such commands include:

  • 360 degrees selfie
  • Slide sideways
  • Hover
  • Fly in/out
  • Slide in/out
  • Follow

It also comes with advanced features such as ‘Intelligent Algorithms’ that positions the camera and the drone to track movements which help the drone map where you will be as events unfold. The Hexo+ is very durable and at a speed of 45mp/h, it is faster than any of its competitors. However, the Hexo+ is bulkier than its competitors.

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The Lily Drone

best_selfie_drones_LilyThe Lily drone is one of the few drones with waterproof construction and its simplicity is also remarkable. Just toss it in the air and it will automatically fly to the height you selected, closest being 5 feet above your head and the farthest it can fly is 50 feet. Part of the drone is a small tracker that you use to control its movements.

You can even position the drone to follow or not to follow certain individuals especially if you are capturing sports. At a speed of 25mp/h, it can keep up with most sporting activities and it does a stellar job even when it’s windy. Its camera captures crystal clear images up to 1080p / 60fps. However, the battery is not that great as you can fly it for up to 20 minutes.

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The Hover Camera


The Hover Camera selfie drone is a lightweight (under 250g) quadcopter that can fold down to the size of a book. Created by Zero Zero Robotics–a Chinese startup company, the Hover Camera is a small device that packs an amazing 4K resolution and a generous 32GB of storage. Just toss it in the air and it will hover around, capture photos and videos and eventually fold in like a book. Smartphone control allows you to customize your capture and even take 360 degrees panoramic videos. Its 13MP camera is capable of capturing high-quality photos and blur-free videos.


So there you have it, the top selfie drones to buy. These selfies drones are not toys; they each have an inbuilt flight controller to keep them stable and an unwavering propulsion system to keep them aloft. Some of these drones have very powerful cameras capable of capturing photos and videos at 4K resolution. Though most of them are limited by battery life, considering that even the best on the list cannot capture video for more than 30 minutes, we hope that the new entrants in the drone space will fix the problem. What do you think about the future of selfie drones? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below.