5 of the best video-recording apps for Windows 10

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
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Windows 10 mobiles and laptops include webcams and cameras for you to record videos with. Webcams are not always ideal for recording videos, but almost all mobile phones have built-in cameras with video-recording options. Some smartphones can record higher quality video output. So there are quite a few video-recording apps for Windows 10 Mobile; although app support for that platform is still more limited than Android and iOS. These are some of the best video-recording apps for Windows 10 mobiles and PCs you can install from the Windows Store.


GoPro is a Windows 10 Mobile app that enables you to operate cameras remotely from your phone. It gives you full remote control of camera options so that you can record videos with a secondary camera model. GoPro is great for sports recording and gear-mounted shots where your camera would usually be out of reach. It also includes HiLight Tag for you to highlight key moments in a recording and options to trim clips.

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The app only works with a limited variety of camera and mobile models. It’s compatible with the wearable HERO4, HERO 3, HERO + LCD and HD HERO 2 cameras. You can run the app in Nokia Lumia and HTC Windows 8/10 handsets. GoPro is freely available at this page.


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MovieJax is a free app for Windows 8/10 Mobile that enables users to record short, fun video clips. This app enables users to record brief movie clips complete with text, background audio and perhaps some photos mixed in. Plus it also includes some extra options for editing videos such as trimming, clip splitting and filters. The free MovieJax version limits you to just 30 second recordings, but you can record more extended videos with a $1.49 in-app purchase.


Vyclone is a video app for Windows 10 Mobile that enables users to merge video footage captured at the same time. As such, this is a collaborative video-recording app that requires two, or more, users to record video together. The app then stitches multiple video recordings together into a single clip that includes multiple angles, which can add an entirely new dimension to the clip. It also includes extra editing options to remix video streams and apply filters. Vyclone is great for recording concerts and sport events, and you can add it to your phone from this Store page.


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This highly rated app, available for Windows 10 PCs and mobiles, adds DSLR options to your camera. ProShot gives you shutter speed, ISO, flash, aspect ratio, alternative camera mode, focus, white balance options and more besides. In addition, it includes eight alternative filters to apply to photos.

This app also enables you to record 4K video at 60 frames per second to give your clips a boost. With it you can record videos in P, M, Auto, C1 and C2 shooting modes and adjust the resolution and frame rate. So ProShot is great for both photography and video recording. The app is retailing at $3.99 at the Windows Store.

Windows Camera

As Microsoft is now phasing out Lumia Camera, the Windows 10 Camera app is getting much more attention. Microsoft has revamped the app and added many of the previously exclusive Lumia Camera options to it. The Windows Camera app for phones now includes rich HDR, slow motion and panorama video-recording options. Its digital video stabilization enables smoother video recording. Plus you can capture still photos from 4K recordings and add motion to static photographs with this app. The desktop version also includes handy framing grid and photo timer camera options. So with more regular updates, Windows Camera is getting better and better.

Overall, there aren’t that many video-recording camera apps for Windows 10 compared with Android. Those are five of the better camera apps for Windows 10 that will enhance your video recording and photography.