Best Offline Games on Microsoft Store: 5 Popular Picks

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We’re kickstarting this roundup with some of the best Windows 10 Store games in 2020, but we’re committed to always updating it with new titles as they appear. Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 10 is a great environment for games, and that’s why they’re going to bring even more amazing games to the Store.

Once again, let me tell you straight from the beginning that this list is going to change as more titles appear, so make sure you bookmark it or subscribe to Windows Report (leave your email in the top floating bar) to make sure you don’t miss on the goodies. If you do have some suggestions on what titles we should include in our mammoth roundup, don’t hesitate and leave your comment below.

Also, be aware that free games don’t mean entirely free, so we will be marking those with IAP, which means they have inside-app purchases. It was challenging to list a huge number of games here, so we’ve decided that the best way to do it is no to break them down by categories, because it wouldn’t be fair for the rest of the games that are really awesome.

Here you’ll find only games that are very popular and truly are the best. They are from different categories, indeed, but I’m sure that you sometimes want to play a casual game or a sports one and there are instances when you’re just looking for a unique concept. We’ve tried to mix all sorts of games and we hope you’ll enjoy our selection.

Best Microsoft Store games: free and paid

Lara Croft GO

lara croft go best windows store game

Tomb Raider takes you on the wildest adventures across the globe discovering ancient civilizations – but one of the key components gameplay-wise is puzzle solving. This game is named after Lara Croft – the protagonist of Tomb Raider – and puts the focus on puzzle-solving rather than taking you on an awe-inspiring adventure. If you want more puzzle solving, this is it.

Download Lara Croft GO from the Windows Store [$4.99 along with IAP]

Halo: Spartan Strike

halo spartan strike best windows store game

Halo has – over a decade – build a massive universe for itself spanning across books to games, it has everything. Things can get quite overwhelming though – sometimes all you want to do is shoot something and be rewarded for it. Halo: Spartan Strike puts you in the boots of a Spartan recruit and lets you go through hordes of enemies to deprive them of the conquest they seek.

Download Halo: Spartan Strike from the Windows Store [$5.99]

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

gta san andreas best windows store game

Grand Theft Auto – or GTA – is famous for it’s awesome attention to detail and a story that will keep you at the edge. GTA San Andreas is known to be one of the best games offered by the series, with a fantastic story and really fun game mechanics – it would be foolish to not give this game a chance to prove itself.

Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from the Windows Store [$6.99]


minecraft best windows store game

Minecraft is a game that came out of nowhere and blew everyone with its sheer scale and scope – it gave its players the opportunity to do and make anything; it was the only game of its kind and gave birth to a completely new genre. Minecraft has sold over 100 million copies without spending a cent on advertising – something not many games can say for themselves, and it has earned it.

Download Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition from the Windows Store [$9.99 along with IAP]

Gears of War

gears of war best windows store game

Gears of War is a game that did things differently for its time – it even inspired books of its own, something not many franchises can say for themself. While PC did not get a release for any of the other games in the series, Gears of War 1 stands strong as a defining game of its era – and so it deserves the Ultimate edition remake that Microsoft decided to make for it.

Download Gears of War: Ultimate Edition from the Windows Store [$29.99]

Quantum Break

quantum break best windows store game

The developers of Quantum Break – Remedy Entertainment – are known for their story-driven games that introduce interesting game mechanics while engaging its players in a thrilling and suspenseful story. Quantum Break is no exception – it even comes with its own live-action cutscenes spanning over 5 hours guiding you through the mysterious story featuring you – as Jack Joyce.

Download Quantum Break from the Windows Store [$59.99]

Killer Instinct

killer instict best windows store game

Killer Instinct brings the classic fighting games to an era of modern gaming – with advanced graphics and gruesome combo breakers, it helps you unleash your natural instincts and do some of the worst things possible to your opponents. Killer Instinct on Windows 10 is basically the classic fighting games – modernized and remade for the current times.

Download Killer Instinct from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Avengers Alliance 2

avengers alliance windows store game

Marvel is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world – with their collection of unique and imaginative super-powered beings they have inspired millions of children and adults alike. Marvel is obviously known for their comics – but recently they have been building fantastic TV shows and movies, gaming industry isn’t going to be left out. Avengers Alliance is a sequel – and lets you assemble your own team of Avengers to fight everyone that gets in your way.

Download MARVEL: Avengers Alliance 2 from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Minecraft: Story Mode

minecraft story mode best windows store game

Minecraft is a great game – it brings out the ingenuity and creativity of humans on a very basic scale. Minecraft: Story Mode though adds a story to it – a story for a world full of infinite possibilities. Your adventures take you on an exploration of the Overworld, the thrills of the Nether and the dangers of the End.

Download Minecraft: Story Mode from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]


prune best windows store game

Prune brings an interesting concept to the table with its unique art design and a story full of mystery. It’s an artistic approach to tell a story so beautifully is a testament to what the gaming medium can do for storytelling. It also won TIME magazine’s Game of the Year award for 2015 – so clearly it has proved itself to plenty.

Download Prune from the Windows Store [$3.99]

Halo: Spartan Assault

halo spartan assault best windows store game

Halo: Spartan Assault – not to be confused with Spartan Strike – is a story-driven game based in the complex and massive universe of Halo and gives you the opportunity to discover previously untold stories spanning over 30 action-packed missions, revealing the origin of the Spartan Ops program and its commander Sarah Palmer.

Download Halo: Spartan Assault from the Windows Store [$4.99]

Rise of the Tomb Raider

rise of the tomb raider best windows store game

Tomb Raider has been taking us on adventures around the globe for over 3 decades – now it is better than ever. Rise of the Tomb Raider takes us on adventure to the snowy mountains of Siberia, where we – as Lara Croft – discover the ruins of an ancient civilization surrounded by mystery. That’s simply the good ol’ Tomb Raider for you.

Download Rise of the Tomb Raider from the Windows Store [$59.99]

Fruit Ninja

fruita ninja best windows store game

While clearly not a very high-budget game – money does not equal fun, and Fruit Ninja is a lot of fun. It is a very basic game – fruits are being thrown your way and you need to slash them in half; the more fruits you get the higher you get on the scoreboard. You get prettier animations and new modes unlocked as you progress.

Download Fruit Ninja from the Windows Store [$1.99 along with IAP]

Leo’s Fortune

leo's fortune best windows store game

You are Leo – a cute little furball that just got back to his home only to discover that somebody has stolen all of your fortune! What you discover though – is that the thief has left a trail of gold coins on its way, so you must go on an epic journey and reclaim what is yours – by any means necessary.

Download Leo’s Fortune from the Windows Store [$4.99]

Hitman Go

hitman go best windows store game

Hitman is a unique series – you play as Agent 47 and well… you are a Hitman. The game attempts to give you every possible thing you could do to get to your target – you can pose as anyone close to the target, or you could conspire a chain of events making the death look like an accident. Everything is possible with Hitman – the Go though is a dumbed-down version of it. Hitman Go is what you play if you don’t want to invest your time and energy into the full game and its intricate complexities.

Download Hitman Go from the Windows Store [$4.99 along with IAP]

Angry Birds: Star Wars

angry birds star wars best windows store game

Who doesn’t like Angry Birds? There are various themes and settings Angry Birds has managed to set itself in, and Star Wars is one of them. You fight your way through the mighty Pigtroopers and become the Jedi you always wanted to be. May the force be with you.

Download Angry Birds: Star Wars from the Windows Store [$3.49]

Angry Birds: Space

angry birds space best windows store game

Another one from the Angry Birds franchise – this time you go to space. Sounds weird right? Angry Birds is primarily a physics-based game – but the rules change in space. You will have to maneuver your way around zero gravity and figure out who stole all your eggs by going through 160 spectacular levels.

Download Angry Birds: Space from the Windows Store [$3.49]

Bridge Constructor

bridge constructor best windows store game

In Bridge Constructor you are tasked with the challenge of creating bridges – they can be as ludicrous as you want them to be – or as accurate to the realities of physics. There is no story – just 40 different levels that up the bar every time.

Download Bridge Constructor from the Windows Store [$2.99 along with IAP]

Farming Simulator 16

farming simulator best windows store game

There has been a massive wave of popularity for simulator in the recent years – mostly because the developers of these simulators have managed to up their game and improve their engines significantly. What used to be a dead genre with a bunch of low budget broken games is now a thriving genre with new opportunities to explore. In Farming Simulator you role play a farmer from an average European country; and your objective is to farm your way on to the top so you can buy the best machinery and farm more efficiently.

Download Farming Simulator 16 from the Windows Store [$4.99 along with IAP]

Game Dev Tycoon

game dev tycoon best windows store game

Every wondered what it is like to develop a game and making some money? You will never really find that out – unless you do it yourself – but this game will try to take you as close to it as possible. You start alone in your bedroom making your own game – once successful you go on to do bigger and better things with a studio. It’s not really a complicated game but it is fun to play if you are into the tycoon genre.

Download Game Dev Tycoon from the Windows Store [$7.99 along with IAP]

Project Spark

project spark best windows store games

Project Spark lets you create worlds – anything you could possibly imagine is possible with Project Spark. You can erect the mightiest mountains and dig the deepest oceans – and then fill them with creatures too. It all looks really pretty as well with its custom built engine the developers did not spare any expense in that department.

Download Project Spark from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Mind Game Pro

mind games pro best windows store game

If you want to spend your time not just having fun but also increasing your brain’s cognitive functions – this one might be for you. Mind Game Pro includes 24 “brain exercise” for you to play with – they are fun, but they are designed to challenge your brain and help you make it better at its job.

Download Mind Game Pro from the Windows Store [$4.99 along with IAP]

4 Elements II

4 elements 2 best windows store games

4 Elements II brings you back to your childhood – but with better graphics. It comes with over 48 beautiful levels for you to play through – these include puzzle games such as the good ol’ “find the difference”. There is a variety of different puzzle variations based around the same concept; it’s not a very complicated game but its beauty is in its simplicity.

Download 4 Elements II Special Edition from the Windows Store [$2.99 along with IAP]

The Last Door

the last door best windows store games

The Last Door is a unique point and click horror game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft; with a beautiful art style and its ability to indulge you into its handcrafted atmosphere it is one of the best horror games you could play. The game is set in Victorian England too – one of the best eras in time for horror stories to be set in.

Download The Last Door: Collector’s Edition from the Windows Store [$2.99]

Into the Dead

into the dead best windows 10 store games

When Call of Duty: World at War introduced the zombies in its Co-Op mode, it triggered a decade of zombie games. Into the Dead is one of the many hundred games where you have to fight the hordes of the undead. You are rewarded for your efficiency, and your impact – this is not a unique game, but it is a fun one.

Download Into the Dead from the Windows Store [$1.99 along with IAP]

Draw a Stickman 2

draw a stickman best windows 10 store games

Draw a Stickman is a unique concept – you have to draw yourself a little stickman good enough to be able to fight the evil ink monsters and solve all of the puzzles thrown at you. There is a decent story to go behind it and the gameplay mechanics are unique – and just the feeling of your drawings coming alive is something unique in itself.

Download Draw a Stickman 2: EPIC 2 from the Windows Store [$2.99]

Toca Life: City

toca life best windows 10 store games

Toca Life is a series of games; there is Toca Life: City, Town and School. While the setting is different in each game, the concept is similar – you roleplay a character in the setting – Toca city in this case – and explore your surroundings. There are over 34 characters to meet in Toca Life: City and countless hidden treasures to discover.

Download Toca Life: City from the Windows Store [$2.99]

Asphalt 7

asphalt 7 heat best windows store game

Asphalt 7 is one of the most popular racing games around – and that’s because of how fun it is. The game comes with over 60 supercars to drive on 15 tracks from around the globe. The game also includes multiplayer so you can challenge your friends – even if they are on the other side of the world.

Download Asphalt 7: Heat from the Windows Store [$4.99]

F18 Carrier Landing

f18 carrier landing best windows 10 store games

Aircraft Carriers were built so powerful countries can project their power in practical terms within hours – something that was not possible before. Today if a country wants to threaten someone, they just have to sail a carrier fleet close to the enemy and the world falls to the panic. An aircraft carrier is quite literally a portable military airbase – but landing a jet on one is extremely hard. This game puts you in the control of an F18 – and gives you control of everything the plane can do, your challenge of course is to land on a carrier.

Download F18 Carrier Landing from the Windows Store [$3.49]

Temple Run: OZ

temple run oz best windows 10 store games

Temple Run is a very popular game – there is not much of a story and there is not much of a challenge. All you have to do is… run and collect coins while dodging the million obstacles thrown your way. The farther you reach the higher your score will be.

Download Temple Run: OZ from the Windows Store [$1.99 along with IAP]


carcassone best windows 10 store games

Carcassonne attempts to recreate the board game of the same name. You have to create a landscape – roads, cities, fields and cloisters – by taking turns. You earn points for everything you do, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. The fact that you have to create the landscape every time you play makes this board game different every time you play it.

Download Carcassonne from the Windows Store [$4.99 along with IAP]


ilomilo+ best windows 10 store games

Here, you follow the journey of two friends – Ilo, and Milo. All they want is to be together, but they keep getting separated by this cruel universe; so you have to guide them to through various levels with a single goal of uniting them once more. It is not a new concept – but the way it is done in this game is something special, and the story element is believable enough in its own way.

Download ilomilo plus from the Windows Store [$4.99]

Riptide GP2

riptide gp2 best windows 10 store games

Riptide GP2 takes your normal racing game and replaces the cars with jet skis. Sounds fun? It might be more fun than your regular boring cars. The tracks are fictional – they are set in the future, with insane jumps and fancy tricks you could perform on said jumps. The game is really fun once you get the hang of it.

Download Riptide GP2 from the Windows Store [$2.99 along with IAP]

Fairway Solitaire

fairway solitaire best windows store game

Fairway Solitaire is a weird combination of gold and solitaire. Yes that’s as weird as it sounds – but it is a fun game none the less. Your usual golf course hazards are present such as those annoying bodies of water and the evil sand traps but you still have to play solitaire! The game must go on!

Download Fairway Solitaire by Big Fish (Full) from the Windows Store [$1.99 along with IAP]

The Great Unknown

the great unknown best windows 10 store games

The Great Unknown is a game where you are tasked with the goal of finding your husband – for which you will have to go through over 60 challenges. There are over 300 hidden objects to find in this world, so the exploration never ends.

Download The Great Unknown: Houdini’s Castle (Full) from the Windows Store [$2.99]

Evo Explores

evo explores best windows 10 store games

Evo Explores was inspired by another beautiful game known as Mountain Valley. You have to manipulate your way through the levels to solve the puzzles thrown at you – sometimes these puzzles even require you to dump your regular understanding of physics. The art style is quite similar to Mountain Valley as well.

Download Evo Explores from the Windows Store [$1.99 along with IAP]

Fishdom 3

fishdomn 3 best windows 10 store games

A pet fish can be quite a friendly and entertaining pet, but trapping a fish in a tank is quite similar to trapping a bird in a cage – they are just not made for it. Fishdom 3 allows you to build your very own fish tank, and fill it with your favorite fishes. This might note be exactly a game, but it might be good if you don’t want to put much effort into it.

Download Fishdom 3: Special Edition from the Windows Store [$4.99 along with IAP]

World of Tanks

world of tanks best windows store game

World of Tanks takes you into a beautiful.. world of tanks. In this world, you drive any tank of your choice from the past century and eliminate your enemy trying to do the same thing to you. It is an action-MMO game so there are plenty of people to play with – over 110 million to be precise.

Download World of Tanks Blitz from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Rayman Jungle Run

rayman jungle run best windows store game

Rayman is a very old series of games – the first one came out in 1995 – but it has evolved very much since then, not only in terms of the graphics but also the gameplay. Rayman Jungle Run brings you the same good ol’ Rayman but this time it is set in a Jungle, and you must – as always – run to your victory.

Download Rayman Jungle Run from the Windows Store [$2.99]

Doodle God

doodle god best windows 10 store games

Doodle God tasks you with a very simple goal – play God. The game gives you the power of the four elements, with which you have to create a universe of your own – not very realistic, but it’s not worse than the other stories people tend to believe in. It does have an interesting take on it though – invention of the wheel might trigger a zombie apocalypse, no idea how that works but the game can be fun if you are creative enough for it!

Download Doodle God Blitz HD from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Dungeon of Slyn

dungeon of slyn best windows store game

Dungeon of Slyn is a unique game – mostly because there are not many good games of its kind. It is a roguelike that puts you in a dungeon – basically it is very hard, challenging and you are going to die a lot of times playing it; might even be frustratingly difficult, but at the end of it when you achieve something you will feel like a god.

Download Dungeon of Slyn from the Windows Store [$2.99]

Master of Words

master of words pro best windows store games

Master of Words will not only let you have fun in your dire times of boredom, but also help you maximize the size of your vocabulary and give your brain a challenge. The game requires you to construct words from a board of letters – the bigger your words and the faster you do it, the more points you get.

Download Master of Words Pro from the Windows Store [$2.99]

The Bridge

the bridge best windows store games

The Bridge features a very interesting art design – it’s all mostly in black and white. The game involves solving some extremely confusing and mind-bending puzzles that seem obvious once you figure them out. It is truly one of the best puzzle games out there, and the art style is just a cherry on the top.

Download The Bridge from the Windows Store [$6.99]

Duck Tales

duck tales best windows 10 store games

Everyone old enough has seen and heard of Duck Tales – it is a 90’s favorite, and now it is a game! You will – obviously – follow Scrooge McDuck through an adventure around the world discovering five massive treasures; that’s where he got all his money from!

Download Duck Tales Remastered from the Windows Store [$9.99]

Star Wars Commander

star wars commander best windows 10 store games

Star Wars takes you back to the Star Wars universe and gives you the opportunity to choose a side – once you have decided who you want to fight with, you can start building a base of your own and march against the enemy! The game includes iconic characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Download Star Wars Commander from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Assassin’s Creed: Pirates

assasin creeds pirates best windows 10 store games

Assassins and Pirates don’t usually go hand-in-hand but they both kill other people – so they can’t be that different. Assassin’s Creed: Pirates lets you fight against enemy pirates and their ships in massive naval battles. You have to slowly grow from a small gunboat with a crew of 5 to a Man O’ War with a crew of 60. The journey is going to be fun.

Download Assassin’s Creed: Pirates from the Windows Store [$4.49]

Babel Rising

babel rising 3d best windows 10 store games

Babel Rising once again gives you the opportunity to play God and be the decider of mortals. You can destroy your creations with lightning and balls of fire – or you can help them with better harvests. There are over 15 missions to play through and a survival mode.

Download Babel Rising 3D from the Windows Store [$3.49]

Reckless Racing

reckless racing game best windows store game

Reckless Racing allows you race around a track in a 3D top down view very recklessly. The graphics are gritty and good, and the selection of cars to choose from is massive. You can even tweak your cars to your liking and drive on different types of tracks including dirt and off road.

Download Reckless Racing Ultimate from the Windows Store [$4.99]

I Spy Challenger

i spy challenger best windows store game

I Spy Challenger is the type of game you play when you want to solve some riddles and you have none. This is a board game – so it will be fun with a bunch of people. All you do is spin a wheel, get a riddle and beat your opponents with the highest score.

Download I Spy Challenger from the Windows Store [$5.99]

Snowboard Party 2

snowboard party 2 best windows store game

Snowboard Party 2 is much like any other racing game – except it puts you on a snowboard thrown onto a wild weird track through through skyscrapers. The setting is truly strange, but it is a fun game – and it features multiplayer, so you can have even more fun beating your friends at it. It features over 21 levels and 80 different outfits for your character, so you can never look the same as your buddy next to you.

Download Snowboard Party 2 from the Windows Store [$1.99 along with IAP]

Dragon’s Blade DX

dragon's blade dx best windows 10 store games

Dragon’s Blade DX is a mouthful for a name but it is a really good turn-based fantasy RPG so it’s fine. It is inspired by games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, and will put you in a rich and colourful 2D world where you can explore it’s deepest and darkest secrets while fighting the baddest of enemies.

Download Dragon’s Blade DX from the Windows Store [$1.99]

Hand of Fate

hand of fate best windows store game

Hand of Fate is a unique card-based action-RPG roguelike game. It’s a weird mix of different gameplay mechanics but at the end it works out – this game is really fun if you are into these genres. There are hundreds of possibilities you could encounter and a few hundred more armor, items weapons and artifacts to find and explore.

Download Hand of Fate from the Windows Store [$24.99]

Top Gear: Drift Legends

top gear drift legends best windows 10 store games

Top Gear isn’t exactly a popular name in gaming – it is however one of the highest grossing brands for the BBC, and so you most likely do know what Top Gear is. The game lets you set your difficulty mode, since not everyone is The Stig – but on either difficulty it is extremely fun to drift on over 25 different tracks. It’s a fun game with a good brand name backing it.

Download Top Gear: Drift Legends from the Windows Store [$1.99]


chimpact best windows store game

In Chimpact you play as a crazy chimp who can grow wings by eating bananas – it is a strange strange world, but you must navigate through it and find the end of it! There are dozens of levels going through the magnificent jungles with various challenging obstacles.

Download Chimpact from the Windows Store [$4.99]

Roman Empire

roman empire best windows 10 store games

The Roman Empire was one of the greatest empires to have ever existed – they obviously deserve a game named after them for that. Roman Empire is a fast paced strategy game where you step into the shoes of Caesar himself. Your goal obviously is to conquer Europe. You can also compare your score with your friends and see which one you makes a better Caesar salad while at it.

Download Roman Empire from the Windows Store [$2.99 along with IAP]

The Phenomenon

the phenomen best windows 10 store games

The Phenomenon is an episodic survival game where you play as Barry Nellan – not to be confused with Barry Allen. Barry Nellan is known worldwide for his paranormal research, and he finds himself in big trouble during the events that take place in this game. The Phenomenon is strange – but what it is and why it is so strange is for you to discover, while you play it.

Download The Phenomenon from the Windows Store [$0.99 along with IAP]

My PlayHome

my play home best windows 10 store games

My PlayHome is quite literally a dollhouse – but virtual. Of course if you are going to buy this you are not the target audience – unless an 8 year old is reading game recommendations. This game will give your children endless entertainment – a dollhouse that doesn’t have pieces to lose or expansions to buy, but is still detailed enough to be believable.

Download My PlayHome from the Windows Store [$2.49]

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

ty tasmanian tiger best windows store game

Ty is a tiger from Tasmania, and he is on an adventure across the Australian outback – 40 levels of it to be precise. You play as Ty and help him defeat his enemies by any means necessary. It is a 2D side scroller, and it might not have the best graphics out there but it is really fun to use Ty’s unique powers.

Download Ty the Tasmanian Tiger from the Windows Store [$6.99 along with IAP]

Space Marshals

space marshal best windows store games

Space Marshals puts you in the heroic role of Burton – our very friendly specialist Space Marshal. You are hunting some very dangerous fugitives who escaped through a disastrous prison break. It is a top down shooter, but the art style is interesting and the gameplay goes very well with it.

Download Space Marshals from the Windows Store [$4.99]


dwelp best windows 10 store games

Dwelp is very simple and plain – it is a puzzle game that puts your brain to work. All you have to do is link the same coloured dots together by placing them next to each other. There are over 100 different levels to this and of course your scores can be compared with your friends.

Download Dwelp from the Windows Store [$1.99]

Hills of Glory

hills of glory best windows 10 store games

Hills of Glory is a reverse tower defence game set in the World War 2 – one of the most vicious wars mankind has ever faced. The graphics are great for what it is and the gameplay is just like every other tower defence game out there – you have to defend your bunker from the hordes of enemies at any cost possible. There are 21 story missions and an endless mode for endless fun!

Download Hills of Glory from the Windows Store [$3.99]


oxenfree best windows 10 store games

Oxenfree is a story driven supernatural thriller where you play as a teenager named Alex, and with your friends you have made a terrible mistake. Sounds like every teenager’s story right? But that’s only where things start getting interesting and supernatural. It is a terrifying story, but one that is extremely entertaining and shall we say, thrilling to go through.

Download Oxenfree from the Windows Store [$19.99]

Fire: Ungh’s Quest

fire unghs quest best windows store game

Fire is a strange name for a game – in this game you play as Ungh, which is also a strange name for a character. You have to go through a mysterious adventure and solve puzzles to do it. You live in the stone age and your job is to find fire – because it went away when you dozed off during your nightwatch. Sounds simple enough – but not in the stone age. The game features an extremely beautiful art style and music, and the story is not only adventurous but funny as well.

Download Fire: Ungh’s Quest from the Windows Store [$9.99]

Bloons TD5

bloons td5 best windows store game

Bloons TD5 is a tower defence game featuring the Bloons – some really cute little soldiers willing to do whatever it takes to defend their base. You get to hire special agents who will do the dirty work for you, while your towers eliminate your enemy in the fanciest ways possible. It’s a really fun game for hours of enjoyment, if you like tower defence games.

Download Bloons TD5 from the Windows Store [$9.99 along with IAP]

King of Thieves

king of thieves best windows 10 store games

King of Thieves lets you be.. well, king of thieves. In this very unique game you get to dodge traps and steal gold from the bases of other players – you also at the same time have to design your own dungeon, one that is good enough to not let others be able to steal your gold and wealth. What this concept essentially gives you is infinite number of levels and possibilities – since everything is player generated.

Download King of Thieves from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Cosmo Run

cosmo runbest windows store games

Cosmo Run is an incredibly intriguing concept with an interesting art style. It is an arcade game full of illusions and secret pathways for you to discover while you go on a journey of the Cosmos.

Download Cosmo Run from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

A Clockwork Brain

clockwork brain best windows store game

A Clockwork Brain is another one of the games that are not only fun but also attempt to increase your brain’s functions and make it process things faster. It features dozens of puzzles that test different functions of your brain and help you improve your skills, all the while being extremely fun.

Download A Clockwork Brain from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Beach Buggy Racing

beach buggy racing best windows store game

Beach Buggy Racing is an arcade racing game – the way they were made. Filled with pick up power ups and amazing interesting and unique cars, it is an extremely fun game to play with friends. It comes with 15 unique tracks to race on and 6 different game modes to play.

Download Beach Buggy Racing from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Stage Dive Legends

stage dive legends best windows store games

You are a rockstar and it is your solemn duty to crowd surf – and so this game will score you based on how far you get. Stage Dive Legends will take you to over 4 cities around the world, all you have to do is dive in and surf the crowd! Do some stunts and show everyone who’s the best at it.

Download Stage Dive Legends from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Cue Billiard Club

cue billiard best windows 10 store games

Cue Billiard Club is a pool simulator – with an extremely accurate physics engine and graphics on the realistic spectrum, this game gives you the best experience of playing pool – without actually playing pool. You can play against the computer, or play multiplayer against your friends.

Download Cue Billiard Club: 8 Ball Poll & Snooker from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Gods of Rome

gods of rome best windows 10 store games

Gods of Rome is a gorgeous fighting game where you get to pick from the Roman Gods and make them fight each other. The graphics are stunning and the game includes PvP events where you can earn new moves and abilities for your favorite gods. There are over a dozen locations to fight in with even more gods to fight with.

Download Gods of Rome from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Rival Knights

rival knights best windows store games

Rival Knights is a first-person melee combat game that puts you on top of a horse as a knight. You get to compete against thousands of players on the multiplayer and fight for the throne of the champion. The graphics are stunning and the animations were motion captured too.

Download Rival Knights from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga best windows store games

Candy Crush is a popular name among casual gamers – it doesn’t have any sort of learning curve, is addictive, and is simple to play. You can compare your scores with your friends you get to meet some funky characters while playing through hundreds of different levels.

Download Candy Crush Saga from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Candy Crush Soda Saga

candy crush soda saga best windows store games

This is simply the fun Candy Crush with some soda to go with – new game modes, newer candies, even newer characters, and brand new levels to explore. Besides that, it is the classic old Candy Crush, just with some cherries on top.

Download Candy Crush Soda Saga from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

candy crush jelly saga best windows store games

Just like Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga is another variation of the good old Candy Crush. It adds some new game modes, boss battles, characters, combos, and dozens of levels to play with.

Download Candy Crush Jelly Saga from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Papa Pear Saga

papa pear saga best windows store games

Papa Pear Saga is an interesting puzzle game from the same people who made Candy Crush Saga. There are hundreds of levels to play through and you can compare your scores with your friends to challenge each other.

Download Papa Pear Saga from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Tiny Troopers 2

tiny troopers 2 best windows 10 store games

Tiny Troopers 2 is a top-down shooter game with some really impressive graphics to show for itself. There are three exciting story missions to play through, and a survival zombie mode to .. survive through. You can also customize your soldiers and change what they look like, what sort of armor they wear and what weapons they use.

Download Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Crossy Road

crossy road best windows store game

Crossy Road popped out of nowhere and became an instant success – because of how challenging, addictive and fun it is. All you have to do is cross the road – the further you go the higher your score, which you can compare with your friends. There are hundreds of skins to pick from as well and you unlock a new one every time you break a record!

Download Crossy Road from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Disney Infinity 3.0

disney infinity 3.0 best windows store game

Disney Infinity is a unique game packing almost all of the characters from the collection of Disney – including some of their subsidiaries such as Marvel and Lucasfilm. You can mix and match any of number of your favorite characters from these universes and play through the brilliant stories – or simply explore the detailed open world.

Download Disney Infinity 3.0 from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Microsoft Treasure Hunt

microsoft treasure hunt best windows 10 store games

Think of Treasure Hunt as Minesweeper – except 3D, with better graphics, gameplay, and even an adventure to take you on. It is in theory the spiritual sequel to minesweeper, with tools to discover and hidden levels to discover. You can use the gold you collect to buy new supplies, weapons, and tools to carry on your journey.

Download Microsoft Treasure Hunt from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2 best windows 10 store games

Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game with some interesting art decisions. You don’t exactly see your character – or the enemy for that matter – but only their shadows. It makes for an interesting dynamic because it becomes easier to do extremely detailed and smooth animations for all the attacks – since everything is a shadow. There are dozens of attacks and combos to perform, with customizable swords, armor, and even magical powers.

Download Shadow Fight 2 for Windows from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Age of Empires: Castle Siege

age of empires castle siege best windows 10 store games

Age of Empire is a classic – it is one of the biggest and best strategy games ever to be made and is still played today – there is even a remastered version of it. However, some people would like to play the game with modern design decisions, and that’s where Age of Empires: Castle Siege stands. With great graphics and simpler controls, Castle Siege gives you endless fun for a lot less work – it is a more casual option.

Download Age of Empires: Castle Siege from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Blitz Brigade

blitz brigade best windows 10 store games

Blitz Brigade is a first-person shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously – which is a good thing. While the teams are Allies vs Axis – that is as close to World War 2 as it gets, since the game includes miniguns, scary helicopters, and various other comedic effects. The multiplayer supports up to 12 players at the same time and a variety of game modes to choose from.

Download Blitz Brigade from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Age of Sparta

age of sparta best windows 10 store games

Age of Sparta is a strategy game set during the mighty era of the Greeks.  The game looks impressive with its smooth animations and lighting and features dozens of unique units to play with. You also get to design your own city and plan it the best way possible from a strategic point of view – and the game supports multiplayer as well.

Download Age of Sparta from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Order & Chaos

order and chaos best windows store game

Order & Chaos is a full-blown fantasy 3D MMORPG with 5 races to pick from and thousands of skills, weapons, and armor equipment to choose from. The map is massive – as it is supposed to be in an MMO, so you will get to explore everything from jungles to mountains to deserts.

Download Order & Chaos: Online from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]


siege fall best windows store game

Siegefall is a multiplayer-only strategy game – this means it requires an internet connection – that is insanely detailed giving you the opportunity to micromanage everything as you wish. The game also features some really impressive graphics and three different game modes to enjoy.

Download Siegefall from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Modern Combat 5

modern combat 5 best windows store game

Modern Combat 5 is one of the best first-person shooters out there. It features an exciting single-player campaign taking you on an adventure around the world but it also has a beautifully balanced multiplayer element that comes with a full progression tree for 4 classes to choose from. All of this is topped by the amazing graphics and sound work done by the cast and developers.

Download Modern Combat 5: Blackout from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Call of Duty: Heroes

call of duty heroes best windows 10 store games

Call of Duty is one of the oldest names in the industry when it comes to first-person shooters – this game though is not a first-person shooter. Call of Duty: Heroes is a strategy game that allows you to create your own base and train an elite forces squad. You do get to control a minigun from a chopper if you want to – but that’s as close to direct combat you are going to get.

Download Call of Duty: Heroes from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Cars: Fast as Lightning

cars fast as lighnting best windows store game

Disney is known for created loveable characters from inanimate objects – Cars is one of the biggest examples. Cars: Fast as Lightning is bringing your favorite characters from the Disney movies to a game you can play with them in. The graphics are beautiful and the voice acting is done by the actors themselves – including Owen Wilson.

Download Cars: Fast as Lightning from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Dungeon Hunter 5

dungeon hunter 5 best windows store game

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a hack ‘n’ slash game – a genre that doesn’t see good releases very often. The game will take you on a journey across a dozen realms through countless dungeons hacking and slashing your way through it. The game also supports coop and multiplayer – so you can play with or against your friends as well.

Download Dungeon Hunter 5 from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]


adera best windows 10 store games

Adera is one of the highest-rated games on the Windows Store – it is a narrative-driven game telling you the story of Jane Sinclaire. You are in the mysterious city of Adera and things just get stranger at every turn. The game primarily focuses on puzzles and exploration in terms of its gameplay but the story is what makes it a special experience.

Download Adera from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Sonic Dash

sonic dash best windows store game

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic characters in the gaming industry – every single game platform has at least one game featuring the good blue Sonic. Sonic Dash is yet another one where you get to do everything Sonic the Hedgehog is known for in amazingly detailed 3D levels.

Download Sonic Dash from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]


fifa 15 fut best windows store game

FIFA is obviously synonymous with football today – luckily the rights to that name are owned by a gaming studio that respects it. EA is known for pushing out some high-quality FIFA games every few hours, FIFA 15: UT is one of many in the franchise. It features over 10,000 players from 500 teams to choose from to build your perfect team and over 30 stadiums to play with those teams. Everything is highly detailed as you would expect from an EA title.

Download FIFA 15: UT from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

GT Racing 2

gt racing 2 best windows store game

GT Racing 2 is one of the most graphically impressive racing games out there – with over 60 licensed vehicles that you can race with on over 10 different tracks around the globe, this game offers one of the best racing experiences. The physics is as accurate as it could be, and everything is customizable – from the cars to the weather and time of day for your race.

Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

despicable me best windows store game

Yet another game based on characters from a brilliant movie franchise – the minions are really fun to watch and play with. The game features hundreds of hilarious missions with secret areas, unique boss fights, and a scoreboard that lets you compare your scores with your friends. There is even a race mode that puts your minions in a race against each other!

Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Asphalt 8: Airborne

asphalt 8 airborne best windows store game

Asphalt 8 is one of the highest-rated racing games not only on Windows but also on platforms such as Android. It features exciting tracks that will keep you on the edge with over 140 cars that feel simply perfect to control and incredible graphics to make it all look great. It even features a proper multiplayer system – so you can race against actual people and feel just that satisfaction of accomplishment.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Magic Secret Agent

magic secret agent best windows store game

Magic Secret Agent is a 2D scroller with simple controls and an even simpler story – you play the role of Secret Agent Stephen Karsch on a shadow mission to catch the bad guys – except you have magic on your side. The graphics are not the best out there but it’s a fun game for what it is.

Download Magic Secret Agent from the Windows Store [Free]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

captain america best windows store game

While there exists an incredible movie with the same name, there is also a game – and this is it. You get to play as Captain America and lead your S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team against Hydra and all of the other threats. With missions all around the globe, this is an incredible adventure, and you get to play as one of the most iconic superheroes ever created.

Download Captain America: The Winter Soldier – The Official Game from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Dawn of Steel

dawn of steel best windows store game

Dawn of Steel is a beautiful real-time strategy game that lets you micromanage every single one of your units on the ground. You get to build the perfect defenses for your base and fight against other players on the multiplayer. The game is developed by a few developers who previously worked on the famous Command & Conquer game.

Download Dawn of Steel from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Simple Minesweeper

minesweeper best windows store game

This might seem weird on this list but sometimes this is all you need – the good ol’ Minesweeper that everybody loves to hate. Originally made by Microsoft itself, this game has been known for its randomness and replayability – every time you play it, it presents you with a unique challenge that only leads into chaos the deeper you go.

Download Simple Minesweeper from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Swamp Attack

swamp attack best windows store game

Swamp Attack is a very simple game – you point and shoot at all those animals until they get off your swamp, and stop attacking your cottage. With over 300 different levels there is enough variety to keep you busy for a long while and once you are done with those there are 8 quick missions with some good replayability value as well.

Download Swamp Attack from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Board Defenders

board defenders best windows store game

Board Defenders is a puzzle board game but it tries to follow the pace of an action game – it does sound like a weird combination that might not work, but it does. There are over a 100 levels to play through and four different characters to pick from each with its own custom and unique action and attitude.

Download Board Defenders from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

The Chess Lv.100

chess lv 100 best windows store game

Chess is one of the oldest board games that is still very popular. Chess Lv.100 lets you set the difficulty between 100 levels and the computer changes the game‘s difficulty accurately. Chess is a very simple game – but it also extremly hard to master.

Download The Chess Lv.100 from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Star Wars Rebels

star wars rebels best windows store game

Star Wars Rebels brings the stormtroopers to a 2D action-platformer featuring over 6 levels of well written stories. There are secret levels to discover and stormtrooper helmets to collect – the game is massive in its scope and it is really fun to play. Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises out there – and this game gives the name what it deserves.

Download Star Wars Rebels from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Microsoft Sudoku

microsoft sudoku best windows store game

Sometimes all you want is a super simple game that you are already familiar with – something not too exciting, but fun nonetheless. Sudoku has always been the favorite of many, as it not only is fun but also helps you increase the size of your brain and give it an exercise – all the while having fun doing it, and we all know exercise is rarely fun. Microsoft Sudoku is straight from Microsoft and is very simple – just like the real thing.

Download Microsoft Sudoku from the Windows Store [Free along with IAP]

Best Microsoft Store games to play

These are over a hundred games to choose from – all from the Windows Store. Or should we say Microsoft Store, since the company has re-branded the Windows Store to bear the same name as the physical shops?

Compiling this list took some hard work, and the people who made these games worked even harder. Gaming is an existential part of us as a species – we have always played for entertainment, video games are just a new form of it. Hopefully, these games will satisfy your curiosity and keep you entertained for a long while to come!

If you’re looking for the best offline games on Microsoft Store, check out our other article.

Over to you now: If you downloaded other Microsoft Store games that you think to deserve to be on our list, let us know in the comments below and we’ll update this post accordingly.


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