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It is very annoying when you go out in the park, expecting to enjoy a lovely, sunny day but you return home soaking wet because the weather caught you by surprise.

You did not check the weather forecast because the sun was shining on the sky in the morning and you thought it was impossible to rain that day.

If you want to always be prepared and never let the weather take you by surprise, do install one of the following apps and check the forecast before you go outside.

Have in mind that some of the listed free apps are actually freemium and some payments might be required in order to unlock certain features.

Check the weather with these useful Windows 10 weather apps

1. Weather Radar Pro (Paid)

Weather Radar Pro Windows 10

This weather app covers the United States, Europe, and Eastern Caribbean and offers animated weather radar with watch/warning boxes, global hurricane tracking, and cloud overlays.

This app has recently been updated and you can now select your default location manually and use the Live Tiles.

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In-depth data about weather phenomena is offered: storm hail size, probability of hail, cloud top height or vertically integrated liquid.

You can download Weather Radar Pro from the Microsoft Store for a price tag of $2.49.

2. Forecast (Paid)

Forecast weather app Windows 10

This is one of the richest apps in terms of locations available, offering weather information for millions of places around the world. It includes a live tile with a multi-day forecast, in-app weather graphs, and location-based weather.

You can configure the app appearance with both color and image themes available, including Bing’s image of the day. There’s the free trial available so you can give it a try.

Download Forecast from the Microsoft Store for a price tag of $1.79.

3. Perfect Weather Universal (Free)

Perfect Weather Universal Windows 10 app

This weather app shows the current weather, the forecast for today and for 9 days ahead. Details such as wind speed, pressure, day length and moon phase are available.

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Another strong point is the number of languages available:  26 languages. Multiple live tiles automatically update the forecasts on the Start screen so that you don’t have to.

Download the Perfect Weather Universal app from the Microsoft Store.

4.  MSN Weather (Free)

MSN Weather app

This app brings you the latest information on weather conditions, with accurate 10-day and hourly forecasts. It comes pre-installed on Windows 10, and the only thing you have to do is configure it.

Severe weather alerts are offered so that you may be one step ahead of the weather, as well as previous days weather maps so that you can see what the weather is like, month by month.

Interactive pan and zoom maps are available, alongside Live Tile support.

If you want to give MSN Weather another try, download it from the Store.

5.  8-bit Weather (Free)

8-bit weather Windows 10 app

If you’re a pixel fan, you will love this app because it combines the nostalgic pixelated graphics with the latest weather information.

You can check the current weather conditions – with hourly updates to a 7-day forecast – on videogame canvas. This is definitely the most fun way to check the weather.

Download 8-bit Weather from the Microsoft Store.

6. Rain Gauge (Free)


This app gives you the current weather, and the forecasts for the upcoming days, and has a dedicated rain-radar. The best part is that you don’t have to check the app to see if it rains.

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You can set up rain alerts to get a message when it’s going to rain and check the live tile for the rain graph. Rain Gauge proudly offers rainfall information per 5 minutes in the upcoming 3 hours.

Download Rain Gauge from the Microsoft Store.

7. The Weather 14 days (Free)

The Weather 14 days

As its name suggests, this weather app shows you the weather forecast for the next 14 days. You can use it to get the latest weather forecasts in over 450,000 locations all around the world.

The app is compatible with Windows 10 PCs, Surface devices, as well as Windows 10 phones. If you install it on your phone, you can customize it with weather widgets, display temperature in your notification bar, and more.

You can also select a specific day to view detailed hourly weather information such as temperature, rainfall, humidity, pressure, wind speed and much more.

Weather warnings are also available so that you’ll never be caught off guard by unusually weather phenomena.

Download The Weather 14 days app from the Microsoft Store.

8. Simple Weather (Free)

Simple Weather weather apps windows 10


The Simple Weather app is one of those apps available in the Store that are seemingly too bareboned to be considered worthy. But that’s hardly the case.

Simple Weather checks all the boxes in regards to what it’s supposed to do: shows you the weekly weather forecast along with pressure, humidity, wind conditions, sunrise and sunset times.

It can also give you severe weather alerts based on the weather forecast provider.

Download Simple Weather from Microsoft Store.

9. Weather Notify (Free)


Many apps we listed here have notification options but none is as specialized in delivering timely notifications as Weather Notify. Once you’ve set the location of your choice, you have a multitude of options to choose from for the app to notify you about.

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However, the notifications are under the paywall so you’ll need the Pro version of the app in order to get them. Also, on the downside, the app isn’t exactly the most stable.

Download Weather Notify from Microsoft Store.

10. Strawberry Weather (Free)


Strawberry Weather is a really colorful weather app. You can install on your Windows 10 laptop, mobile device or Microsoft Hub. One of its strong points is its low battery usage.

Expect it to use about 3% of your battery in a day. This is a nice feature to have especially if you use the app while you’re on the go and don’t have access to a wall socket to power up your laptop or phone.

There are 12 colorful themes that you can choose from. Simply select your favorite color as the app background and you’re ready to go.

The app allows you to search for all the place you want and get the latest weather information about the respective places. The part is that you can sync the weather info across all your Windows 10 devices.

Download Strawberry Weather from the Microsoft Store

You can also check out these phenomena specific apps:

  • Moon Calendar with specific sunrise, sunset and twilight times for a price tag of $2.39.
  • Hurricane Tracker –  get the latest information about tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, East Pacific, West Pacific, Indian Ocean, and southern hemisphere for only $3.09.
  • Rain Alarm – this free app warns you about rain or snow approaching your location using push notifications.

If you’re aware of other apps that we didn’t featured in our list and are worth mentioning, share them in the comments section below.

Also, leave there any other questions you may have and we’ll be sure to check them out.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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