Best Windows 8 App This Week: 3D Human Anatomy

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Another week is off to a start and here at Wind8Apps we’re ready to talk about what we think is the best new Windows 8 app that has been released in the Windows Store – 3D Human Anatomy. Just like the name suggests, the app lets you explore the human anatomy in a interactive 3D environment.
anatomy app windows 8There are a couple of anatomy apps in the Windows Store for Windows 8 users, but one that really stands out is ‘3D Human Anatomy‘, a new title that has been recently submitted and comes with some impressive features which make it a must-download app for everybody out there, not only biology afficionados. The app comes with a size of less than 17 megabytes and can be downloaded for a price of $4.49; if that seems a little bit too expensive, since we’re used to cheaper apps, you can use the free trial and see whether it deserves its price or note. It’s a good thing that besides touch and desktop Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, it will also work on Windows RT.

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The application isn’t necessarily new to the Windows Store, but the latest 2.0 version is, as its has received new textures to all muscles, some major nerves, have been added, along with the spleen and the overall user interface has been improved. So what are you seeing right now is an update version of the initial release. All the information inside this anatomy app for Windows 8 users is taken from Wikipedia and Gray’s anatomy textbook.

One of the best Windows 8 anatomy apps

This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional reminder. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas to their patients or students – helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries.

windows 8 anatomy app

3D Human Anatomy comes with detailed information about all the bones in our body, shoulder and knee ligaments only, 145 muscles, circulation system consisting in arteries, veins and heart, nervous, respiratory, reproductive system and urinary systems. There are more than 400 3D position quizzes that you can take to make sure you learn more about the human body in a interactive mode.

There are multiple actions that you can engage inside the app, such as rotating body models to any angle, peel layers of muscles, search the name of a certain anatomical structure and see its 3D location and enable or disable different anatomy systems to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. There are both the male and female reproductive systems, so nobody gets upset. This is definitely one of the best medical apps for Windows 8 users, as well. Follow the link from below to download it and let us know what you think of it.

Download 3D Human Anatomy app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1


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