Windows 8, 10 Medical Apps: Selection of Best Ones

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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Do you want to learn how to live a healthier life? Or maybe you need to interpret medical tests, images or medical prescriptions? If you do, then you can now easily manage these medical activities right from your own Windows 8 device.
windows 8 medical apps
How is that possible? Well, by using a dedicated Windows 8 medical app from Windows Store. In order to help you out, I have described the apps from below. So, during the following review you can download and test several tools compatible with any Windows 8 powered tablet, laptop or desktop for being able to plan your schedule in order to achieve the medical results you are aiming at. Moreover, you can use some of these tools for uploading medical images on your own device, for learning what to eat and drink when you are in pain and for accessing medical knowledge and terminology.

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Anyway, read the lines from below and see which app you need in order to resolve your own problems. The tools reviewed are selected based on user experience, all the platforms receiving 5 or above stars of ratings.

Be your own medical specialist by using Windows 8 medical apps

Medical Dictionary

Medical Dictionary

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If you want to have a medical database to use each time you need extra info about medical terms, knowledge and terminology then you need to use Medical Dictionary. As the name suggest, this apps provides definitions and details about everything that’s related to the medical domain. Medical Dictionary is available for free on Windows Store.


HealthVaultAnother free distributed medical Windows 8 app to use on your own device is HealthVault. With HealthVault you can take control of your health and keep your most important health information at your fingertips. You have great options and features to use so don’t hesitate and test HealthVault for further info.

Health Organizer

Health OrganizerA great medical Windows 8 app that received 4 stars of rating on Windows Store is Health Organizer. By using Health Organizer you can easily and safely record and track the medical information for yourself and your loved ones in order to make the first steps towards a healthier life. The tool comes with extremely useful features, but it is priced $1.49 on the Store. Anyway, if you want a great medical software, then you should try Health Organizer on your Windows 8 device.

Active Life

Active LifeWe all know that proper food and daily exercises are meaning a healthy life and fewer visits to the doctor. So, learn how to live a healthier life by using the Active Life tool right on your Windows 8 device. You can create a profile for each person in your family to track their diet, medication, exercise and other health needs for free as Active Life is a free distributer tool on Windows Store.

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Health Scope

Health ScopeA highly appreciated Windows 8 app that received only great reviews on Windows Store is HEALTH SCOPE. Learn how to stay in fit and how to be healthy by checking what exercises and yoga to perform and what kind of food you have to take. Don’t worry, HEALTH SCOPE is available for free so you can anytime download and test this new medical app.

Medical Image Vault

Medical Image VaultWith Medical Image Vault you will be able to view and share yours or your family’s medical images right from your phone, tablet or desktop Windows 8 device. Medical Image Vaul can upload, query, receive and display yours or your family’s medical images while being at the doctor’s office or anywhere else. This tool can turn out to be extremely useful in numerous situations, so do test the same by your own.

Secure Health

Secure HealthThe last Windows 8 medical app reviewed is Secure Health; this free distributed tool is quite amazing as by using the same you can easily apply all kinds of home remedies for treating different health problems without using drugs. With Secure Health you can now successfully combat real life stress and become an optimistic person who is living a healthier and better life. Check out the other features included on Secure Health by downloading the software from Windows Store.

The apps detailed above are maybe the best choice to make when needing medical assistance on the go. So, without consulting a doctor you can now learn more about medical terms and you can also learn how to live a healthier life by eating properly and by combating real life stress. Feel free and use the comments field from below if you want to share something related to this topic with us and with other Windows 8 users.

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