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It’s that time of the week again when we sat down and review only the best new Windows 8 apps that have been released in the Windows. For this week, we have Mint, Disney Infinity Toy Box, Trend Micro SafeSurfing, Origami HD and others that you will find below

More and more Windows 8 apps are being released in the Windows Store, as it keeps on growing. According to some recent data, the application growth in Windows Store has broken the 2,000 new apps mark this week. This has last happened more than five months ago. At the moment, the total number of apps in the US Windows Store has reached more than 96,000 apps which represents an increase bigger than 2000.

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Without further ado, here are the 6 best new Windows 8 apps that have been released in the Windows Store for the past week.


mint windows 8 appMint is one of the best personal finance tools available for United States and Canada consumers and now it has finally been released as a Windows 8 app. Follow the above link to read more details about this important banking app that teaches you how to save money and how to keep your finances in a single place.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box

disney infinity toy box windows 8The Disney Infinity: Toy Box game has been recently made available in the Windows Store as a Windows 8 game that has quite the size – 2GB. Disney has been one of the most active companies in the Windows Store and with the launch of the Disney Infinity: Toy Box game, it keeps Disney lovers pleased.

Trend Micro SafeSurfing

safe surfing windows 8.1

Trend’s new Micro SafeSurfing browser has been released especially for those of you who want to ensure that they have a safe and secure browsing session on their Windows 8 tablets. Internet Explorer 11 is pretty good, indeed, but if you are looking for a great alternative, then you should try this one.

Origami HD

windows 8 app origami

Making origami shapes straight from your Windows 8 tablet is really fun with Origami HD. The Windows 8 app has a lot of free shapes that you can use, but there’s option of buying the more advanced ones. Follow the above link for a short review of the app.

MusiXmatch Lyrics Player

windows 8 music player lyrics

If you are looking for a Windows 8 music player that could also display the lyrics, so you could be a real karaoke star, then look no further than MusiXmatch Lyrics Player. It also comes with the option of letting you buy songs and sharing with your friends.

Bing Maps Preview

bing maps windows 8

I understand why Google Maps is missing for Windows 8 consumers, but the fact that even Bing Maps is getting such a huge delay is rather outrageous. Finally, Bing Maps is here, not yet in final form, as this is only the preview. But it’s still better than nothing.


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