12 Windows 10 apps for Valentine’s Day to create romantic memories

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away.If you own a Windows 10 tablet or computer and you also care for this holiday, then you need to start downloading some useful apps. Microsoft has just highlighted some app in the Windows Store to help you get ready for Valentine’s Day.

Last month, we shared with you the Windows 10 app Valentine Photos. Meanwhile, Microsoft has added a whole new section of suggestions containing Windows 10 apps that you can install on your Windows 10 device to help you create romantic moments.

The apps from below will help you cook a romantic dinner like a chef, search for gifts and a place to eat and even to look for your soul mate on dating services.

Windows 10 apps for romantic moments

Open Table

windows 8 open table app

Use the Windows 8 Open Table app to book at more than 20,000 restaurants in the US, Canada and Mexico and take your beloved one for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s day.


match.com windows 8

If you don’t have yet a special person with whom to spend the 14th of February, then you need to start searching for it. Match.com for Windows 8 is an app that you can download for free.

UPDATE: The app is no longer available for download.


windows 8 cookbook

We’ve shared with you plenty of Windows 8 cooking and recipe apps, and CookBook is one of the best choices you have at your disposal.


windows 8 app urbanspoon

UrbanSpoon is one of the best restaurant recommendation apps in the world and it has released an official version for Windows 8 users, as well.

Cocktail Flow

cocktail flow

If you want to surprise your special one with your cocktail-making skills, then you can download the Cocktail Flow app for Windows 8 and start shaking that Margarit!

UPDATE: The app is no longer available for download.


windows 8 amazon app

Shopping for the right Valentine’s Day gift isn’t that easy but by using the official Windows 8 Amazon app, you increase your chances in finding it.

Cupid Dating HD

windows 8 cupid app

Another dating app for Windows 8 users is Cupid Dating HD, the official app for the cupid.com web service. It comes with a high-quality design which makes sure you will be able to look at photos in good quality.

UPDATE: The app is no longer available for download.


best-windows-8-recipe-apps-cooking-apps (1)

Another Windows 8 cooking app, AllRecipes comes with a lot of recipes and cooking tips that you can use to transform your Windows 8 tablet into a real cooking help.

For more information on additional recipe apps and guides, check out this article.

Valentine Cards

valentine cards windows 8

This simple and free Windows 8 app will let you make Valentine Cards of yourself and your beloved one straight on your Windows 8 tablet. Start unleashing your creativity!

UPDATE: The app is no longer available for download.



For those who have been using iCookBook on other mobile platforms, it’s useless to remind how awesome the app is. And on Windows 8, it retains the same quality.


windows 8 pepperplate

Last, but not least, Pepperplate is yet another Windows 8 cooking app that also comes with a menu and cooking planner, so you can be sure your special one won’t be disappointed.

Valentine Stickers

Valentine Stickers app

This app allows you to create your own Valentine’s Day cards and stickers using photos stored on your computer. Select a background picture, add the stickers you want, choose a frame, write a love message and you’re done. There are over 200 stickers that you can choose from. You can upload your cards on social media as well.


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