4 beautiful Valentine’s Day themes to install on your PC

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by Madalina Dinita
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  • The Valentine's Day desktop themes can set the love mood on your Windows 10 PC.
  • The best Valentine's Day themes for Windows 10 are free and can be found in the Store.
  • If you want to install beautiful themes on your PC, we recommend a special one, dedicated to this special moment.
  • Cute animals showing affection, beautiful flowers, and pretty pink things can set the mood for love.
valentine's day PC themes

Your Windows computer should celebrate Valentine’s Day as well. For this reason, we suggest you install a dedicated Valentine’s Day theme and decorate your app icons and desktop with love symbols.

Quick tip:

Valentine’s Day is indeed a special day but you can personalize your system’s appearance for every event or just for a different mood.

You can do that easily by using Object Desktop, a huge collection of apps that will help you customize your virtual space in a myriad of ways.

Stardock’s Object Desktop includes a lot of visual customization app including DeskScapes, Fences, Groupy, Start10, Multiplicity KM, WindowBlinds, SpaceMonger, Start8, and many more.

With this great solution you will not only tune your system to Valentine’s Day, but you will always have all the tools to personalize your desk space to any occasion.

Object Desktop

Object Desktop

This Windows 10 visual tune-up tool will definitely help you personalize your personalize your virtual space.

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What are the best Valentine’s Day themes for your PC?

Windows Valentine

Microsoft offers you a dedicated Valentine’s Day theme that you can download and install on your Windows 10 computer. Install it and every app and icon will turn pink.

The theme also adds 4 beautiful wallpapers on your desktop, depicting beautifully decorated hearts, such as the one below.

Download Microsoft’s Valentine

Baby Animals

What can be more romantic than installing a cute animal theme on your computer? Microsoft offers you a wonderful theme depicting baby animals that you can use on Valentine’s Day.

The wallpapers with cute fluffy kittens could melt any heart and bring a moment of soft embrace in your couple.

Download Baby Animals

Try a Little Tenderness

Excessive hugging alert! There is no such thing, right? Whatever your mood, this Try a Little Tenderness collection of desktop wallpapers for Windows 10 will bring you 14 images with beautiful animals showing their affection.

Every single image is a perfect Awwwwwwwwwwwwww moment for you and your loved one.

Download Try a Little Tenderness

Pretty in Pink

Pink is the color of love, right? So, make this your color for Valentine’s Day with this Windows 10 Desktop wallpapers pack with 18 images where pink is the queen color.

Flamingos, cookies, flowers, and other wonderful pink things will provide you with a nice frame for expressing your feelings for your partner.

Download Pretty in Pink

There you go, we hope you’ll download and install these Valentine’s Day themes on your Windows computer.

And don’t forget, when you love, every day is Valentine’s Day, so you may well keep them on your computer all year round.