6 best yoga software to use in 2018

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When you run a yoga studio, it can be quite tedious to try and manage the business manually, without technology or software backing you up.

However, when you actually decide that you’ve had enough of using physical paper cards and ledger books, or stressing your customers by making them have to book appointments while at the studio, you’re probably hunting for the best yoga software to run your studio professionally and efficiently.

Today’s consumer expects to conduct most, if not all, transactions online, including managing their schedules whether its work meetings, fitness appointments or any other that can (and should ideally) be managed via digital platforms.

Business owners, too, need tools that can help them thrive and reduce overhead costs such as administrative expenses, while saving time and increasing income, attracting new customers, and see their performance from an easy and user-friendly dashboard.

With the best yoga software, you can allow your customers to book yoga classes online, keep them updated and engaged, while keeping up with trends and happenings in your own studio.

Before choosing the best yoga software, some of the considerations you need to keep in mind include whether it is an online or desktop-installed software, if it meets security standards, whether it can run on your devices, the features that meet your yoga studio’s needs, how long the software company has been in existence, and price of course.

Here are our top picks for the best yoga software you can use in 2018.

Best yoga software for 2018



best yoga software

This yoga software caters for your daily tasks so you can spend more time with your yogis, because balance is key in everything you do.

With MindBody, you get features such as point of sale so you can sell anything quickly including studio memberships, 10-class passes and other services. The POS is complete across all your devices, and it keeps pace with your busy front desk and beyond.

Other features include automation so you can finish tasks faster from sending client reminders and confirmations to monitoring clients’ account status and calculating sales tax. Online booking lets your clients view your schedule, book their next class online, and pay even before they arrive. It also generates the reports letting you track sales and revenue, attendance, retention levels and other tools so you can adjust your business plan.

You can also attract new customers by getting exposure and tracking your results. This best yoga software helps you create a seamless customer experience, and get the most out of it with more products and services.

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best yoga software

This is the best yoga software for independent yoga studios, providing a powerful and easy to use tool to help you grow your business.

Some of the advantages Tula offers is accepting payments, managing memberships, sharing your calendar, handling registrations, tracking credits, and recording attendances.

It features a sub, which your instructors can find at the click of a button, easy check-in with a simple search, online payments with a unique payment form, online registrations to sign up students for class right from your own website, electronic waivers to capture electronic signatures and store signed waivers, member management, special events handling, gift certificates, and multiple permission levels for employees to access your data.

For your website, Tula has widgets like calendars and payment forms, that you can add right into your own website. The best part is you don’t need to sign any contract as Tula software is compelling enough on its own so you need not feel locked into it. you can always export your most important studio data.

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best yoga software

ScheduleBliss is an app that lets your clients make purchases and book appointments, classes and events with your yoga studio from anywhere and anytime on their devices, especially for growing businesses.

It is simple, fast and powerful, plus helps streamline your client check-in, as you benefit from its advanced marketing and client retention tools. Other good things about this best yoga software is it accepts credit and debit purchases, plus keeps clients engaged through automated emails, online check-in and waitlisting.

Features include a powerful POS, multiple payment methods, gift cards, promo codes and discounts, client apps for devices, reports and marketing tools, memberships and autopay, powerful widgets and website integration tools, class/event and appointment scheduling, and you can migrate your data from another business management software vender easily, and hassle free.

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Salon Iris


best yoga software

Salon Iris yoga software simplifies the business side of running a studio, making it easy to manage single studios as well for multi-branch businesses, while taking care of bookkeeping, marketing, scheduling, client management, and inventory so you can do what you do best.

This software is designed to bring the business side of studio management into one single application, from its core application, to add-ons like payment processing, POS, and automated class and appointment reminders.

Benefits include easy booking and scheduling, personalized client experiences, targeted marketing campaigns, improving cash flow, and you’re not tied to your cash register. You also get to run your office like a pro, manage your payroll, offer bonuses and commissions, and set up employee schedules. It also sends alerts when you need to reorder hot items.

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best yoga software

This is an advanced, all in one fitness business software with an arm for Yoga studio management.

Some of the key benefits include ease of use with its intuitive tools, you can grow your yoga studio business (guaranteed), and saves you time, plus it is a smarter suite to help your yoga business thrive by letting you refocus your attention on your true passion.

ZenPlanner is simple, intuitive, easy to use, and has features that include simplified check-ins from any device, event management including registration, payment and communication, retail management in case you sell merchandise, simplified billing that is also automated through integrated payment processing partners so you get paid on time monthly, plus free onboarding sessions so you can know how best to use this tool based on your studio’s needs.

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best yoga software

This yoga software keeps your studio running in harmony with the intuitive cloud-based platform that manages memberships, marketing, billing and point of sale. You can manage all essentials of your yoga studio while minimizing the workload and overhead costs.

PerfectMind is the best yoga software that lets you create an extraordinary guest and member experience, boost new signup and retention rates, streamline business operations, and increase revenue without being bogged down in technology.

Clients can book and pay for classes and memberships online, and from any device, while you can track and increase client retention, and boost sales with the fast and secure, mobile friendly online store, using the intelligent POS app to sell merchandise, track inventory, and manage purchase and reordering.

Other features include integrated marketing, built-in reporting, easy staff administration of the system, alerts, integrated email, a website builder to customize your site, automated billing and collections, plus multiple location management for all your studio’s branches from a single interface.

Get PerfectMind yoga software

Did your best yoga software make the list? If not, which one are you currently using, or which one of these fits your studio’s needs? Let us know in the comments section below.


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