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  • Bitdefender is a renowned antivirus software producer that decided to take a leap of faith and access the VPN market as well.
  • While their VPN is not really top-notch as a standalone solution, it does complete their professional security suites with that extra layer of privacy.
  • Check out this full review to get the complete picture and put things in perspective when it comes to the VPN designed by Bitdefender
  • Visit our VPN Hub as well to read the latest news and updates from this industry.
Bitdefender VPN review_

Bitdefender originally focused on dedicated antivirus software and later decided to also offer a VPN in their software package.

Some of their current antivirus packages include Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Total Security, and Bitdefender Internet Security.

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How we choose a VPN for you

Our team tests various VPN brands and we recommend them to our users by:

  1. Server park: over 20 000 servers around the world, high speeds and key-locations
  2. Privacy care: a lot of VPNs keep many user logs, so we scan for those that do not
  3. Fair prices: we choose the best affordable offers and always hunt for the best deals.



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The company recently added the VPN feature to its current antivirus packages.

Bitdefender VPN is spectacular, although, there are lots of things to improve on as a standalone VPN service. However, it is ideal for users with existing Bitdefender packages as it gives you secure and anonymous browsing.

Here’s what to expect from Bitdefender VPN:

  • Support for OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2 (new) VPN protocols
  • Secured Wi-Fi, especially on public networks
  • Compatible all major OS
  • Unblock geo-restricted content
  • Hide your IP address
  • Decent encryption
Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender VPN

Encrypted traffic and IP hiding for complete Bitdefender-powered online anonymity. (Subscription plan includes antivirus as well).
$73.98 Get it now

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Bitdefender VPN, nobody will have access to your online activity logs.

In other words, advertising agencies won’t be able to profile you so as to serve you personalized ads. Your ISP won’t be able to spy on you and then sell your browsing history to third-parties, as most of ISPs do.

Bitdefender VPN servers

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Bitdefender VPN offers a limited amount of servers for subscribers to access. This could be because they are relatively new in offering VPN services.

Yet in our view, this is a disadvantage depending on where you are; the available servers are far away and this can make the speed of the VPN connection much lower.

In addition, there could be congestion of servers which could cause a drop in performance. Notwithstanding, BitDefender servers did quite well on testing offering decent speeds for streaming and browsing.

Privacy and security

Privacy bitdefender vpn windows 10

It is quite unclear what the privacy and security measures are of the Bitdefender VPN service. For instance, it is unclear what encryption is utilized by Bitdefender or what privacy policy Bitdefender uses.

When we checked the terms and conditions, it was stated that the VPN does not forward users’ contact data or internet data to third parties.

But it is unclear to us whether users’ internet usage logs are stored. However, for the sake of simplicity, we assume that Bitdefender VPN does not keep logs.

As a service that guarantees the privacy of its users, we believe that this information must be transparent. This applies both to openness in the encryption that is used and openness in the logging policy that is used.

The fact that Bitdefender does not do this ensures that low points are scored in this review.

For a VPN service with clearly defined privacy security measures, you can try out CyberGhost VPN.

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VPN Compatibility

Bitdefender VPN windows 10 review

Bitdefender is available for all known operating systems most especially Windows OS. If you want to use Bitdefender VPN on other devices, such as a router, it is not possible despite the OpenVPN protocol that is used.

The necessary data to set up a connection with the Bitdefender OpenVPN servers is missing; hence, it is advisable to get the Bitdefender Box to secure these devices.

Check out Bitdefender Box

Installing BitdefenderVPN is simple when you install it on its own or install any BitDefender package; the VPN functionality is automatically added.

If you want to know what are the fastest VPNs for Windows 10, check out our ranking in this article.

Windows Installation

bitdefender vpn windows 10 install

If you are an existing Bitdefender customer, the appearance of the software will not be unknown to you. In the main screen, you can choose privacy on the left side.

In that overview, there is then the option to select VPN. Meanwhile, if you use either the free or premium VPN, you have the option of connecting to any VPN on the server list.

In the Bitdefender settings screen, you also have the option to automatically start the VPN connection when Windows starts up. This is an easy and convenient option.

Bitdefender Premium VPN Pricing

Bitdefender VPN

The free version of Bitdefender VPN can be used if you have a subscription to a Bitdefender software package such as Bitdefender Total Security suite.

However, there are many restrictions applied to this free VPN. Hence, you do not have a free server choice in the free version.

In addition, there is also a 200MB data limit. This data limit is virtually unworkable, as it is easily consumed when browsing.

The free version of Bitdefender VPN is sufficient if you want to use it, for example, to check your mail at the airport or for safe internet banking.

VPN gets blocked by your router? Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you.

To access Bitdefender premium VPN package you will need to upgrade to an extra package. The price for using the VPN servers is in itself very reasonable.

It is true that you have already paid for other features in the main package of Bitdefender; hence, if you need only the VPN service, then this is a costly service.

At the time of writing, the extra costs for the Premium VPN package are $ 49.99 every 12 months. But due to the cost of the Bitdefender package, you pay at least $ 73.98. This is still a reasonable price for a total security package.

Bitdefender VPN and geo-restricted sites

Sometimes, people want to stream media, watch online TV/radio, play online games, and even browse on some websites but they get restricted.

This may be due to geo-restrictions locks placed by the website owners. However, the only way to bypass this restriction is by using a VPN.

For example, it is not possible to watch the American version of Netflix in the Netherlands normally but with a VPN, you can easily spoof your location.

Because Netflix is trying to block VPN connections, it is always important to know whether your chosen VPN provider can indeed unblock access to the American version of Netflix.

Bitdefender can bypass imposed geo-restrictions on such major streaming sites.

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Bitdefender is still just starting up which is seen in the number of servers offered and their server speed. The cost of upgrading to the service is high considering the features they currently offer.

You are still obliged to purchase other Bitdefender suite packages before you can use the VPN services.

However, it is still a good service to use if you have an existing BitDefender subscription and want more privacy and anonymous browsing.

FAQ: Learn more about BitDefender VPN

  • Is the Bitdefender VPN any good?

This VPN provides decent encryption and performs basic tasks such as hiding your IP address. However, its security and privacy features are rather modest in comparison to its more advanced, standalone, full-scale VPN competitors such as PIA or CyberGhost.

  • Is VPN Free with Bitdefender?

The free version of Bitdefender VPN can be used if you have a subscription to a Bitdefender software package such as the Bitdefender Total Security suite. Otherwise, the extra costs for the Premium VPN package are $ 49.99 every 12 months.

  • Can I uninstall Bitdefender VPN?

Yes, you can simply locate the app on your PC and follow the regular uninstall process from the Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall a program. As an alternative, you can use a specialized tool to make sure you remove leftover files.

  • Does Bitdefender keep logs?

It is quite unclear what privacy policy Bitdefender uses when it comes to keeping logs. This lack of transparency tends to suggest a tacit admission that it does.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in May 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in June 2018 and was revamped and updated in December 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.