Best Xbox deals to buy [2020 Guide]

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Xbox black friday

Microsoft just published the list of Xbox deals for Black Friday 2019 revealing some of the goodies that you can get when the discount season begins.

You can save up to $100.00 for many Xbox bundles, purchase popular games at a discount price and more. Let’s dive in and see what’s new.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Sometimes, some of the deals listed in our guides may no longer be available by the time you hit the buy button. So, hurry up and grab them while they’re hot.


Here’s the Black Friday Xbox offer of 2018

Xbox One X 1TB Console


xbox one X

If you’ve got a huge game library, then you also need some extra storage space to save all your games and game related content.

Black Friday 2018 brings you the amazing Xbox One X 1TB console at a special price. Microsoft offers you an impressive $59.00 discount for the world’s most powerful gaming console.

Go to Microsoft’s website, build you bundle and hit the buy button. You can also find this amazing console on Amazon.

Xbox One S 1TB Console

If you purchase an Xbox One S 1TB console on Black Friday, you’ll also get a $70.00 discount. For example, you can get the Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Creators Bundle starting from $229.00 on Microsoft’s official website.

As a quick reminder, the bundle features the Xbox One S console with the following specs: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K streaming, wireless controller. The bundle also includes a full-game download of Minecraft as well as the Starter pack, Creators pack, and 1,000 Minecoins. Sounds pretty cool, right?

You can purchase the Xbox One S 1TB gaming console from Microsoft and you will also find it on Amazon.

    –  Check it now on Amazon

Xbox One Game Pass for only $1

Xbox One Game Pass black friday

Yes, you read that right. You can get one month of Game Pass for only one $1. You can access over 100 popular games and exclusive Xbox titles.

You’ll be able to play the newest games as soon as they’ve been launched, including recent blockbusters, indie titles and more.

Get the Pass now

$10.00 off for Xbox Design controllers

xbox controller black friday

Customizing your Xbox controller is a must if you want to impress your fellow gamers. The Xbox Design Lab now lets you personalize your wireless controller at a much better price.

You can take $10.00 off  of Xbox Design Lab controllers starting from November 22.

Take $20.00 off Xbox controllers

xbox controller black friday deals

If you want to purchase a regular Xbox controller, you’re going to save more money than if you bought an Xbox Design Lab controller.

This is because regular controllers get a $20.00 discount on Black Friday.

Go to the Xbox controllers page and select the model that you like.

Xbox Live Gold for $1


The Game Pass is not the only $1 deal that Microsoft has in store for you on Black Friday. You can also get one month of Xbox Live Gold for only $1, down from $9.99.

Of course, just as for the Game Pass, the offer is not valid for existing members.

Get the $1 Xbox Live Gold.

50% discount for Xbox gaming headsets

Xbox gaming headsets

Audio quality is very important for gamers. If you want to enhance your in-game audio experience, you need a reliable surround sound headset.

Microsoft offers a $35.00 discount for its Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Gaming Headset.

Speaking of gaming headsets, if this model doesn’t appeal to you, check out the headset buying guides listed below:

We’re sure Microsoft will reveal new Black Friday deals in the coming days. We’ll make sure to update this post as soon as new information is available.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.