Blackwake issues: low FPS, game crashes, full screen issues, and more

by Madalina Dinita
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Blackwake is a recently launched  multiplayer naval first person shooter focused on teamwork and cooperation. As a player, you’ll fire cannons, sink enemy ships or take control over them with firearms and steel. This game truly offers you the opportunity to unleash the pirate within.

Blackwake also brings issues of its own, as players report. In this article, we’re going to list the most frequent Blackwake bugs reported by  gamers, as well as their corresponding solutions, if available.

Blackwake bugs

1. Low FPS

Players report that Blackwake is sometimes affected by low FPS issues, on both low and high end rigs. If you’re experiencing low FPS on high end computers, follow these troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure your Nvidia GPU is not in “Power saving mode” and set to max performance instead. For more information, check out Nvidia’s support page.
2. Gaming monitors above 60hz may cause crashing consistently if Vsync is turned off.
3. Try setting “-window-mode exclusive” as a launch option on Steam.
4. Try “-force-d3d9” as a launch option on Steam.

2. Servers freeze

Sometimes, the game disconnects but players are not informed about this and they appear to be still connected to servers. Blackwake’s devs have already pushed a quick patch to fix this issue, but it’s not a permanent solution.

The first problem is still here. Yesterday I could play with no problem. Today, i can’t connect to ANY server! I get in for 1 minute and then get disconnected.

Speaking of server issues, players also report that they can’t detect any servers in the server browser and the refresh button does nothing.

3. Sound issues

Steam users also report that sometimes there is no sound when starting up the game. Actions such as closing and launching the game again don’t fix this problem.

No sound starting up the game i restarted steam, checked if sound was off or all the way down, ran it in admin
has anyone had similar issues and its this game beacuse ive ran several other games all have sound music etc

4. Mouse won’t respond

Other players report that they can’t use their wireless mice to control their characters. The device is completely unresponsive, leaving them no option but to use the trackpad.

I’ve got a Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500 […] but once I get into a game, I can’t use it to look around, or to use the left or right mouse buttons – I have to use my trackpad. When I toggle the cursor with ‘T’, it will let me use it, but not in regular gameplay, which makes aiming with weapons incredibly difficult.

5. Game crashes

Using the microphone may cause Blackwake to crash. Other players report that although the game does not crash, it stutters all the time when they are using VOIP (squad and proximity).

whenever I try to use my mic, no matter which chat I use it in, the game goes unresponsive and crashes shortly after. Anyone else experience this issue so far?

Other common issues include:

  • Window minimizing when full screen, flickering when in windowed
  • Players cannot join factions
  • Blackwake breaks the connection to Wi-Fi
  • High GPU temperature.

If you’ve come across other Blackwake bugs, you can use this bug reports and technical issues thread on Steam to provide the game’s devs with more details about the problem you’ve encountered.


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