Halo Wars 2 issues: Game freezes, disconnects, sound issues, and more

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Xbox One and PC gamers can now play Halo Wars 2 and engage in fierce battles. As a player, you’ll choose one of the two available armies and command it from a bird’s-eye view perspective. You can join humanity’s main military army, the United Nations Space Command, or the new alien faction, the Banished. If you prefer to play with your friends, you can launch one of the many multiplayer modes that can host up to six players.

Like pretty much every other game on the market, Halo Wars 2 is affected by a series of technical issues that can severely hinder the gaming experience. In this article, we’re going to list the most common Halo Wars 2 bugs reported by players as well as their corresponding workarounds, if available.

Halo Wars 2 bugs

No sound

Players report they can’t hear any game sound unless they plug in a pair of ear buds. This issue occurs mostly on the Xbox One. For more information on how to troubleshoot sound on your Xbox One console, follow the instructions available on this support page.

today i brought an Xbox One s for Halo Wars 2; now i usually play games on my pc so i plugged the xbox power port in, put the hdmi from xbox to monitor. loaded up the game but hear no sounds. i plug headphones into the back of my monitor (some apple ear buds) and i can hear audio. this is not what i want. […] i know for a fact audio can play from my monitor because thats usually how ive been listening to music / playing game

Halo Wars 2 disconnects

Players also report that server connections are not very stable, ultimately resulting in Halo Wars 2 often disconnecting on both the Xbox One and PC.

Alright im getting sick of this now. Another disconnection as were killing final bases after THIRTY MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY… Makes me not want to play or support the game anymore. This is an every game problem. Literally every time i go into an online game, it freezes and disconnects… Whether its 50 seconds in or 50 minutes.. It freezes so unpredictably. Ruins my fun. Ruins the game. Another waste of EIGHTY dollars.


Halo Wars 2 is also affected by low FPS issues. If you’re experiencing FPS issues, make sure you’ve installed the latest OS and driver updates on your console or PC.

its really quite annoying cause id like to play a full game but its just not playable with these framrates and with the dropouts

Multiplayer is unplayable

Many fans report that multiplayer is unplayable due to various issues, including stuttering, crashes, disconnects, and more. It appears that absolutely all the issues listed above are present in multiplayer mode at the same time.

Same problems (massive stutters, slow performance, lags) on my side too, especially in Blitz. The beta was great with good performance. Matches against die AI are also no problem right now. Just multiplayer.

Halo Wars 2 freezes and crashes

Unfortunately, there are many game-breaking issues affecting Halo War 2. Players report that the game freezes and then closes itself, or simply remains frozen requiring a restart to fix the problem.

Also my game crashed a couple times but I didn’t get any crash report. Just freezes and closes itself or freezes.

These are the most frequent Halo Wars 2 issues reported by gamers. As you can see, for the time being, there aren’t many workarounds available to fix the bugs listed above. If you’ve come across any solutions to fix them, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.