Common Blasphemous bugs and how to fix them

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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Common Blasphemous bugs and how to fix them
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Blasphemous is an action-platformer that could only be described as punishing.

However, despite how simple a pixel-art platformer may seem, it isn’t safe from being riddled with bugs.

Apparently, most of them are the same bugs reported with the demo version.

A reason why they managed to make it to the live version was soon to follow:

They can’t be fixed yet. This version was pushed long before the demo came out. It will all be fixed in a post-release patch. Hopefully it comes soon.

How can I fix Blasphemous bugs?

1. Controller issues on high-frequency monitors

Many players have discovered they are unable to drop down a level.

Unfortunately, in a platformer, this is fundamentally a game-breaker,  since if you can’t drop down a level, then you cannot play.

Fortunately, all you need to do is deactivate V-Sync, and all issues should be solved.:

  1. To turn off V-Sync, go into the game options
    • If you are in-game, open your map screen where you can access the game options by pressing X or Square

As mentioned above, this issue seems to be common among users who have monitors that will go above 60 FPS, especially 144 Hz monitors.

2. You sometimes can’t climb ladders

Similar to the bug mentioned above, players are reporting that sometimes they can’t climb ladders.

There is no known fix for this bug.

3. Striking toxic drops with your attacks makes the screen shake

Normally the camera would shake for added effect when striking mobs, but this also happens with toxic drops which you should avoid.

Whether this is actually a bug or as designed is not yet known.

However, your graphics card’s driver might be the fault.

Try to uninstall your GPU driver and install the default one from Windows:

  1. Press Windows + R
  2. Type in hdwwiz.cpl
  3. Select Display adapter
  4. Right-click the one you need and select Uninstall
  5. Restart your PC and wait for it to install the default one

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You can update drivers manually if you are completely familiar with the drivers your PC requires.

These drivers are developed by device makers, and you can obtain them directly from the manufacturer of your PC on the official website.

Keep in mind that doing this on your own can take some time, and there is always an alternative to ensure the correct driver is installed.

A computer cannot manage video cards, computer programs, sound cards, or other hardware on its own; they must be managed by a driver. When a driver issue occurs, it’s good to try a tool dedicated for such cases.

DriverFix is a useful software for installing and updating drivers on your computer. After the installation, you only need to scan your PC. It will detect specific missing drivers and request your permission to install them.

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2. The game fails to transition through scenes

When entering a doorway to another level, the camera simply drops down and all you can do is exit the game and try again.

Until a patch will come out to fix this issue, your only choice is to re-load the game from a previous point.

4. Some mobs stay invincible

Ghosts will sometimes stay invincible if the spawning sound that accompanies them plays in a loop continuously.

Until a patch will come out to fix this issue, all you can do is re-load the game from a previous point.

5. You sometimes can’t avoid enemy damage

There are cases of players still receiving damage when struck by an enemy, despite the parry or dodge animation playing successfully.

More so, if two enemies synchronize their attacks at the same time, you cannot parry them.

Whether this second one is actually a bug or as designed is not yet known.

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