Here Are The Best Ways to Block Ads on a Smart TV

Modifying the network settings blocks ads in no time

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  • There are built-in settings on the smart TV that collect data to show such ads.
  • If you want to block ads on a smart TV, change the DNS server or block individual ad links via the router.
how to block ads on Smart TV
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If you have noticed, the cost of smart TVs has considerably come down in the last few years. The reason, manufacturers are now relying on ads to generate revenue. But is there a way users can block ads on a smart TV?

While there appear to be many, not all work, and some are tricky enough that users consider themselves better off watching the ads. So, we found it our responsibility to bring to you the easiest ways to block ads on a smart TV. Read ahead to find out.

Do all smart TVs have ads?

While most smart TVs have ads, we hope it’s not the case with every manufacturer. But also the major ones, and even TV service providers like Roku, do display ads to viewers. A while back, Roku ran an ad for a bed during the live telecast of an NFL game.

Source: Reddit

Major manufacturers, including Vizio, Samsung, LG, and TCL, show ads to viewers based on the data collected about their viewing patterns, location, and other critical information.

While gone are the days when we had to sit through long ad breaks, the occasional pops ups are just as invasive and problematic.

Do smart TVs collect data?

This may come as a shocker to many, but the answer is Yes. Some smart TVs have a built-in feature called Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), which gathers information about the channels being viewed and at what time.

But why exactly would a TV store or share information? To sell it to advertisers for placing targeted ads. So smart TVs not only collect data but are also sharing it with potential advertisers. The next time you set up a smart TV, read the terms and conditions properly.

How do I block ads on a smart TV?

1. Change the DNS server

  1. On your smart TV, head to Advanced network settings. There is an option for it on all TV, be it any manufacturer.
  2. Now, choose DNS server and set it to manual.manual dns
  3. Enter the following values as the DNS server, and save the changes:
    • Preferred DNS server:
    • Alternate DNS server (if asked):

The DNS server we used earlier belongs to AdGuard, a dedicated tool specializing in blocking ads and ensuring security over the web. You can also install the AdGuard app for your Android TV from the official website and set it up.

2. Modify the smart TV settings

How can I block ads on Android TV?

You don’t need a specialized ad blocker for your Android TV. You can get rid of ads using the TV’s built-in settings, by turning off Add Personalization.

1. Open your Android TV.

2. Access the home screen.

3. Go to Settings.

Expert tip:


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4. Select Device Preferences, then About.

about section android tv

5. Navigate to Legal information, and then click on Ads.

6. Turn off Ad personalization.

Note icon NOTE
This method will work only if your smart TV is connected to the Internet via a router. And make sure you are making changes to the same router the TV is connected to.
  1. Access the router settings on a PC since it is usually more convenient. For most routers, you will have to head to the following address:
  2. Enter the username and password to sign in.
  3. Locate the Filter settings, enter the URLs for the ad you usually see on the TV, and enter them here. Just make sure that you are blacklisting and not whitelisting them.filter url to block ads smart tv

This is another trick that works, and since the blocking is via the router, the effects will reflect across devices. Here are some of the links you need to block for specific manufacturers, as shared by a user on Reddit:





For Roku TV and a few others, to block ads on a smart TV, you will have to disable the Use Information From TV Inputs feature in the settings.

4. Check if there’s an ad-free plan

Many streaming and TV services have an ad-free plan, though it’s usually costlier than the regular one. But if you want to get rid of ads on a smart TV once and for all, it would be an ideal method.

Remember, these plans are often limited to specific countries, so you must check that.

These were some of the best ways to block ads on a smart TV. Of course, all the methods can also block ads on a Panasonic Smart TV or any other manufacturer.

And for those wondering, you could always cast Windows 11 to a smart TV and watch your favorite shows on a bigger screen.

If you found this information helpful, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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