How to Cast Windows 11 to a TV [Wireless Screen Mirroring]

An HDMI cable may be the quickest solution

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  • Due to the larger display size, several users have been looking for ways to share screens on the Windows 11 PC with their TV.
  • We have listed the three ways to cast your Windows 11 screen to a TV, and it should work even if you don't own a smart TV.
  • Also, find out the best screen mirroring software for Windows 11.

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No doubt, playing a game, watching a movie, or going through a presentation on a larger display has its fair share of benefits. To do that, read this guide to discover how to screen share Windows 11 to TV.

Most of us either use a laptop or a desktop with a 22″ monitor. But when it comes to TVs, researchers suggest that people tend to buy ones with a larger screen, somewhere between 45″ to 65″.

So why not share your Windows 11 desktop screen with the TV and make the most of your investment? In the following sections, we will walk you through how you can share the screen between the two devices.

How do I mirror my Windows 11 to my TV?

  1. Click the Start menu and type Bluetooth, then select the Bluetooth and other devices settings.
    Bluetooth settings
  2. Select the Add device button.
    windows 11 share screen to tv
  3. Click on Wireless display or dock.
    windows 11 share screen to tv
  4. Select your TV when its name displays and select the option to Allow on your TV if prompted, and your PC screen should be mirrored.

Screen mirroring to Samsung TV from Windows 11 will also work using the steps above.

Does Windows 11 support Miracast?

Connecting the screen of your Windows 11 computer to various peripherals may be accomplished in several ways. However, now that Miracast is supported, wirelessly streaming content from your personal computer to an intelligent television has never been simpler.

project your windows to tv screen

Because the technology is built into Windows 11, you will never need to download and set up the application on your own manually.

The process of wirelessly projecting the screen of your computer to a TV, projector, or any other device of this kind that supports screen casting is not only speedy but also simple and risk-free.

Can I share the Windows 11’s screen with any TV?

You can use the screen share feature on any TV, whether a smart device or not. Though most smart TVs support the feature, the regular ones too can be used, given they have an available HDMI port.

There are three ways to screen share Windows 11 to a TV, which would cater to most users. Read them all and choose the one that you find the most suitable and convenient.

How do I cast Windows 11 screen to the TV?

Note icon
The screenshots for various methods are only from a Windows 11 PC. The ones from the TV are missing since each interface differs. However, once acquainted with the process, you can screen share on or from any device.

1. Use an HDMI cable

The easiest method, which would work in most cases, is to use an HDMI cable. HDMI, the High-Definition Multimedia Interface, transfers digital (audio and video) signals across devices. So make sure you use a high-speed HDMI cable.

hdmi cable
HDMI cable

Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the PC and the other one into the TV. The specific port on the TV should have HDMI mentioned, so identifying it wouldn’t be difficult.

hdmi port on a tv
HDMI port on the TV

Once done with the connections, change the mode to HDMI on the TV, and screen sharing between it and Windows 11 should work.

2. Connect using Miracast

Note icon
This method will use the Bluetooth functionality of both the TV and the Windows 11 PC. So before you proceed, make sure that Bluetooth is available and enabled on both devices. Also, make sure that the smart TV and your PC supports Miracast.
  1. Press Windows + I to launch the Settings app, and select the Bluetooth & devices tab from the list of options in the navigation pane on the Bluetooth and devices how to screen share windows 11 to tv
  2. Next, click on the Add device button next to Devices.Add device
  3. Select Wireless display or dock from the three options in the Add a device window.Wireless display or dock to how to screen share windows 11 to tv
  4. Click on your smart TV to connect once it appears.

Miracast helps enable your smartphone or Windows computer to mirror its screen to the TV. This doesn’t require a separate network and works effortlessly between two compatible devices.

The feature only mirrors, or in simple words duplicates, the screen and therefore is not as versatile as Chromecast or other similar products.

Once done with the process, you should be able to share Windows 11 screen with a compatible TV.

3. Use a third-party software

A more straightforward way to perform screen mirroring from Windows 11 to an LG TV is with a dedicated app. An error-free option that mirrors without losing image quality in the process is ApowerMirror.

apowermirror product example of mirroring windows on tv

The process is straightforward. You have to download the dedicated application on your PC and TV. Then make sure your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Open the app on your TV. It will automatically generate a PIN code. Then, on your PC app, open the TV tab, enter that code, and you’re good to go. It’s a great wireless option. Note that you can also screen share Windows 11 to a Samsung TV with this app.


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4. Use the Cast to Device feature to share your Windows 11 screen with a TV

Another method you can use to cast your Windows 11 is via Network Discovery. This two-part process enables network discovery and casting of the desired file. If you already have the former turned on, directly head to the second section from the start.

Do remember that this method won’t work on all devices, which is why it’s been listed the last. However, if the first two don’t work to screen mirror your PC to your TV, you may as well give this one a try.

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1. First you need to enable Network Discovery. If it is already turned on, head directly to step 8.

2. Press Windows + S to launch the Search menu, enter Control Panel in the text field at the top, and click on the relevant search result.

launch Control Panel to how to screen share windows 11 to tv

3. Select Network and Internet from the options listed here.

Network and Internet

4. Next, click on Network and Sharing Center.

Network and sharing center to how to screen share windows 11 to tv

5. Click on Change advanced sharing settings from the options listed on the left.

Change advance sharing settings

6. Go to Private network, select the Turn on network discovery option, and tick the Turn on automatic setup of network connected devices checkbox.

Turn on network sharing to how to screen share windows 11 to tv

7. Next, select the Turn on file and printer sharing option and click on Save changes at the bottom. 

After you have enabled network discovery, head to the next step to screen share Windows 11 to TV.

Turn on file and printer shairng

8. Right-click on the file you want to cast and select Show more options from the context menu. Alternatively, you can select the file and hit Shift + F10 to launch the classic context menu.

Show more options

9. Now, hover the cursor over Cast to Device and select the desired one from the list of options that appear in the flyout menu.

Cast to device to how to screen share windows 11 to tv

10. The selected file should now be visible on the chosen device. 

Are there any software tools to share my Windows 11’s screen with the TV?

Many mirroring software solutions are available in the market that eases and streamline the whole process of screen sharing or mirroring.

Besides, you may learn how to use your Windows 11 PC as a Chromecast. It’s perfect for those looking for a more straightforward and versatile option.

What is the best way to screen mirror my Windows 11 to a TV?

In this article, we have spoken of 4 different ways to cast your computer screen onto a TV. You could pick what feels most appropriate to you.

We recommend using the Cast to Device feature, third-party software, Miracast, and an HDMI cable.

That’s all there is to screen-sharing Windows 11 to a TV. No matter which device you use, one of the above methods should work.

Also, you may need to learn how to mirror your iPhone/iPad screen to a Windows PC. Though the article is for Windows 10, it should also work fine on the latest iteration.

Now you should be able to share your laptop screen with your TV on Windows 11.

Tell us which method worked or whether you used software for screen sharing from Windows 11 to the TV. Use the comments area below in that regard.

Still experiencing issues?


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