Protect yourself from web miners with the Anti-WebMiner for Windows

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We have seen a slew of anti-virus products that help Microsoft Windows users keep the cyber threats and other malware attacks at bay. Today we will talk about Anti-WebMiner, a program that help you protect the system against various web mining scripts.

Web mining is a process wherein the cryptocurrencies in the system will be mined from the web browser. This is accomplished by a JavaScript that runs on sites that users visited and it makes use of hosts computing resources.


Mining per say is not actually an illegal practice, but doing so without the users content is simply not ethical. If the user is alright with sharing his computer resource then its fine. Let us get started and see how effective tis he Anti-WebMiner for Windows. The program in itself is not heavy and can be used to run and block known mining domains by referring to the operating system’s Hosts file.

The application user interface is pretty straightforward with an Install button. The Anti-WebMiner acts like a shield and redirects from the known mining domains which are notorious for loading scripts. The application can be run by clicking on the install button and this will also add the domains to the Windows Hosts file so that the domains will no longer be able to inject the JavaScript.

That being said, one can also remove the host entries by simply uninstalling the Anti-WebMiner. However, uninstall will only remove the entries of the program added to the host files while the other entries will be left intact. One can also manually add and remove the entries for the host files to block the web miners.

Thankfully the developer maintains the list of supported Hosts files on GitHub and the program will automatically pick up the new mining domains and changes to the existing ones. In a nutshell, the Anti-WebMiner is easy to use program that will prevent web miners from accessing your computing resources by using mining scripts.



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