Blu pulled Windows Phone from its website. Why?

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The strategy Microsoft used for Windows 10 Mobile was to let third-parties take responsibility for the hardware system instead of Nokia or Microsoft Mobile. However, recent data received from AdDuplex shows this was a faulty strategy that leads to unfavorable outcomes. Most recently, one example of this Blu removing any information regarding Windows Phone from its newly redesigned home page.

Previously, Blu released several white box Windows Reference Design devices which were rebranded. In doing so, Blu seems to have done more than other OEMs to support and promote these devices, such as making the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade available to these handsets.

However, the company’s interest in Windows Phone seems to have diminished, and many people think that the release of a third generation of handsets for Microsoft is less and less likely.

Microsoft‘s retirement from the Windows Phone network was a step that left behind a gap which is not easily filled. Though OEMs tried to solve this problem, it seems that Android devices have been better at taking advantage of the situation. Android‘s market share simply soared in the last years.

This happened because the combined brand between Nokia and Microsoft was the element that convinced people to buy the devices. Since Nokia left the deal and Microsoft doesn’t trust Windows phones, potential buyers aren’t interested in buying Windows Phones from different brands.

The future doesn’t look very different either. Satya Nadella declared last year that third party OEMs should step their game up a notch if they want people to pay attention to them again. It’s clear that if Microsoft still wants to have a mobile division, they should get the factories back to serious work as well.



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