11 board games to buy for Christmas in 2018

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It’s the best time of the year to shop for the best board games for Christmas. Deals are pouring in and there could be no better time than now to grab them. Board games are a perfect way to perk up the dull winter evenings with friends and family. While it would be a fun session with the loved ones, it’s a perfect form of brain exercise as well.

There is no dearth of board games, and it can be quite puzzling to choose the right one. So, we handpicked some of the best board games to buy for Christmas and make it easier for you.

Board Games to Buy as Christmas Gifts


King of Tokyo

Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

Players pose as gigantic monsters, roll the dices to combat the opponent, and eventually become the King of Tokyo. From kids to adults, this game intrigues all with its thrilling strategy, and colorful artwork.

Collect energy with special cards, heal or hit the monsters down, invest your energy to gain special powers, and do a lot more with this fun dice rolling game.

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Beasts of Balance

Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

Balancing is an art and requires a lot of patience. That’s what the Beasts of Balance all about, as it tests your restraint to the T. This addictive game is a perfect example of a mix of physical and digital gameplay.

Once the tower is made, it can be created into a digital world full of life on your phones, tablets or TVs. Unique, interesting, and compelling for all ages, it simply captures the imagination of the players.

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Scrabble 70th Anniversary Edition

Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

There’s rarely any childhood memory without Scrabble. It’s the quintessential word game that’s been helping to learn new words mixed with fun. This time, Scrabble has launched their stylish new addition celebrating their 70th anniversary.

The game sports a sleek board with golden and black tiles featuring gold letters. Wordplay is not just fun, but it’s about style too with this chic game that makes for the Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas.

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Game for Fame

Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

Game for Fame is for those who love to play in teams. It’s a fight for fame and fortune using the Money Maker Card. It features a wide range of amusing challenges that will tickle the funny bones of the players.

The rules are simple with no mundane instructions and require no special skills to win.


Scotland Yard

Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

Scotland Yard is for those with the detective’s nerves. It offers some brain-tickling cases to be cracked. Mister X is a fugitive on the streets of London. The detective (player) needs to recreate his escape way in a way that he is recaptured at the earliest.

It’s a thrilling chase around London that brings players of all ages, together.



Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

The logo board game is not just about logos, but a lot more. It’s a fun ride with different products, flavors, characters, advertising, and all that you have grown up knowing.

From the clothes in your closet to the kitchen utilities, the range is unimaginably big. Filled with logos of everyday essentials, it’s one of the best board games to buy this Christmas.

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Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

Expanding the kingdom is the ultimate goal for the players in Kingdomino. The player poses as the Lord seeking new lands and for this, they need to explore all the lands, lakes, creeks, and wheat fields to find the right plots.

The challenge here is to overcome the opponents (the other lords vying for this land) on the way. As the player completes a 5×5 grid, the game ends.



Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

As the name suggests, it’s a growing tension as the game progresses. As the questions are thrown, the players may not be able to answer immediately despite having it on the tip of their tongue. For instance, “name 5 famous actors from 90s in 15s”, or “which are the top 10 countries in size”, and so on.

With 200 cards and 400 subjects to play with, Tension is one of the best board games to buy this Christmas and keep the kids busy.



Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

Photosynthesis is one of the easiest board games to play that’s perfect for any age. The player is the mother nature who takes care of a forest containing trees of all sizes. These trees are ready to plant.

The challenge is to find the right place to so and grow the plants, as the moving sun changes the way shadows form on the planted trees.

The aim is to create a strategy where your planted trees do not affect other players. What better than this strategy game to perk up your Christmas?

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The London Board Game

Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

The London Board Game is based on the intricacies of the London Underground system. The goal is to visit the six famous spots of London that includes places like the statue of Eros (Piccadilly Circus), and the V&A museum (South Kensington), and then return to the mainline station.

Whoever returns first is the winner. So, those with a penchant for races will find this one of the best board games for Christmas.

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Trivial Pursuit

Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas in 2018

Trivial Pursuit is the flagbearer of the Trivia games where the aim is to collect a pie of each color. The colors represent different question categories. The circular tracks on the board are filled with these colors. As the dice rolls and the player stops on a color, they are asked a question from the related category. If the answer is correct, the player wins a pie of that color. With around 2400 questions to answer, this is one of the best board games for Christmas in 2018.

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Board games are fun, especially when played with friends and family. These games do not just challenge you mentally, but also create a bond over a game session.

So, check the list above for the best board games to buy for Christmas and brighten up the festive evenings with your gamer friends and loved ones.



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