5+ best Windows 10/11 board games to play with friends

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The Windows 8, Windows 10 touch interface is perfect to play these board games. Check out our list of the best board games that you can play with your friends.

Before video games, in an “era” were every home didn’t own a computer, children and parents alike used to entertain themselves with board games. Board games are physical games made of cards and other components that require players to display imagination while interacting with their opponents.

Board games are also considerate desirable because they teach important social skills to the younger audience. However with the advancement of technology, board games have of course moved to the online environment as well. That’s why Windows 8Windows 10 or Windows RT users have the opportunity of finding some of the most recent and engaging board game apps in the Windows app store.

Play these board games on Windows 10, Windows 8

  1. Dominion [No longer supported]
  2. Ludo
  3. Mancala Master
  4. Don’t get angry
  5. Snakes and Ladders Wave [No longer supported]
  6. Mind Pursuit
  7. Bingo!

1. Dominion

dominion windows 8 board game

Enjoy a classic board game experience right here on your Windows 8Windows 10 machine. Dominion is a game about monarchs and as it is known kings always want to expand their kingdoms. Players have to buy cards in order to build up their decks, thus becoming more powerful and more feared.

There are 500 cards in a deck and three large piles of treasure cards which translate into copper, silver and gold. Victory cards are also available and give off: provinces, duchies and estates. Players also have 250 Kingdom Cards and 30 curse cards. The game can be played with players using one action card.

By following the direction of the card, they can draw other cards, or gain currency so they purchase goods or gain other extra actions. The game can develop into a very complicated one in no time. Dominion is fully optimized for moulti-touch PCs so playing it will be a breeze.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Dominion is no longer available for download in the Microsoft Store.

2. Ludo [Free]

ludo windows 8 board game

Ludo is one of those classic board games with pretty simple rules such as Tock and Sorry! for which you need two or four players. The game play can be summarized like this: players race their tokens to the finish line.

And if they get there or not depends all on dice rolls. For those who haven’t played this game before, the app will prove really useful as it will teach them how to get the hang on things, as possible moves are highlighted according to the dice rolls. It’s guaranteed fun for the entire family.

3. Mancala Master [Free]

mancala windows 8 board game

Mancala is an ancient board game that has been passed from generation to generation. Mancala consists of a board with two rows of six holes and two long “Mancalas” positioned at the end. The player’s Mancala is located on the right side of the board. At the beginning of the game each opponent will have 3 stones placed in the 6 holes, with the Mancalas empty.

Now they will have to collect as many stones in their Mancala as possible. How to do this? By grabbing all the stones in one hole and dropping them, one by one in succeeding holes in counter-clockwise direction. Players can put their stones in their Macala(it counts as a hole) but not in their opponent’s .

The stones can be places in the holes of their opponent’s side. If the last stone drops in one of the player’s hole they get to keep that stone plus the one of the opponent’s from the opposite pocket. The players goes on to place them in the Macala.

4. Don’t get angry [Free]

don't get angry windows 8 board game

Another classic game to be played on a rainy day with family. Don’t Get Angry can be played by two to four players and every move somebody makes its decided by a die throw. The aim of the game is to move all four pieces in a clockwise direction from the starting field towards the target fields according to the score that comes up on the dice.

The game is won by whoever moves all the four pieces in the respective target fields. Grab the pop corn and enjoy the fun!

5. Snakes and Ladders Wave [Free]

snakes and ladders windows 8 board game

Snakes and Ladders has a simple purpose to it: the winner will reach the end of the board by moving most quickly from square 1 to square 100. To advance the board, of course players will have to throw dice.

If you’re lucky you will be able to advance quickly via ladders and if you are unlucky you’ll have to slide downwards as to avoid the snakes. Try it, it’s one of the game board with the most simple set of rules.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Snakes and Ladders is no longer available for download in the Microsoft Store.

6. Mind Pursuit [Free]

mind pursuit windows 8 board game

Not your classic board-game but it can be viewed as such. This is more of a trivia game, and by roll of a dice you advance on the board and get questions asked to you. Each player has a differently colored pawn which must reach the end of the line.

7. Bingo!

play Bingo! windows 10

Bingo! is an addictive board game that will keep you and your friends hooked for hours on end. Here are some of its key features:

  • You’ll get super bonuses simply for signing-in daily
  • Compete with players all around the world
  • There are more than 30 Bingo rooms available.various themed rooms and winning patterns!
  • Huge Jackpot prizes.

Other Windows 8, Windows 10 board games

There aren’t a lot of old school board games available for Windows 10Windows 8, but some game theoreticians classifies simpler games like Backgammon (a list of the most interesting Windows 8, Windows 10 apps can be found here), Checkers (click here), Chess (here), Scrabble others as board games. You can try these out as well.

Also for those wanting to be kept up to date with the most exciting news from the world of board games these Windows 8, Windows 10 apps should come quite in handy.

Board Game News and More [Free]

board game news windows 8

This app gathers up all the information related to board games from Twitter and around the web through Bing News, BoardGameGeek.com, YouTube and Flickr. Stay up to date with the latest information with this news-feed like application.

UPDATE: BoardGame News is no longer supported in the Microsoft Store.

Ancient board games [Free]

windows 8 board game ancient

Interested in the history of the board game? If you are a fan of such entertainment you probably know that board games are as old as time. They were played in India and the Arab world and most likely held a very important religious significance. Learn about the histories of your favorite games from Chaupat to Mancala with this engaging Windows 8, Windows 10 app.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the app is no longer available in the Microsoft Store.


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