5 best browsers with least data consumption [Mobile/Desktop]

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  • Browsers that use less data can help you make the most out of your mobile or overall available bandwidth.
  • Some fully featured browsers also have a mini version, which is a low data browser.
  • You can find alternative (official) versions of Opera or Firefox that take less space on your devices.  
  • On the other hand, Puffin might be the best browser to save data due to its saving algorithms. 
Browser with low resource usage

Strugling with your current browser? Upgrade to a better one: OperaYou deserve a better browser! 350 million people use Opera daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience that comes with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption and great design. Here's what Opera can do:

  • Easy migration: use the Opera assistant to transfer exiting data, such as bookmarks, passwords, etc.
  • Optimize resource usage: your RAM memory is used more efficiently than in other browsers
  • Enhanced privacy: free and unlimited VPN integrated
  • No ads: built-in Ad Blocker speeds up loading of pages and protects against data-mining
  • Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gaming
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Slow web page loading is still one of the most annoying aspects of using the browser. Modern websites can contain a lot of images, and even videos that not only slow down the loading speed but also consume a lot of mobile data.

The website load time depends on both your network speed as well as server optimization.

While you can’t help how a website is optimized, you can certainly install browsers with the least data consumption to tackle the high data usage issue.

In this article, we explore the best browsers with the least bandwidth impact to help you resolve the high data usage problem with mobile and desktop browsers.

What are the best browsers with the least data consumption?


browsers with the least data consumption

Opera and Opera Mini are one of the first browsers to have integrated data saving features built into it.

The built-in adblocker helps in saving bandwidth by preventing unnecessary ads and pop-ups from loading.

Additionally, the browser also features built-in messenger apps on the edge of the browser to help you chat and browse at the same.

The users can customize the browser with dark and light themes, keyboard shortcuts and other options.

Key features of Opera browser:

  • Intuitive tabs make multitasking easier
  • Built-in adblocker to block pop-up ads and videos
  • Extension support
  • Built-in VPN for secure and private surfing.


Use this browser today and take advantage of the latest advancements in online security and privacy, with lighting speeds.

Get it freeVisit website

Opera Mini

browsers with the least data consumption

Opera Mini is one of the most popular web browser available on Android platform with low CPU resource usage. The browser can save up to 90% of your data when browsing the web.

With a revamped look, user-friendly experience, and more functionalities, the latest version of Opera Mini allows you to customize your browse’s layout, themes, navigation and more.

Key features of Opera Mini:

  • Built-in adblocker to save data
  • Browser customization with custom layout, themes, and more
  • Save news stories and web pages for offline reading.
  • Browse faster on slow networks

Download Opera Mini

Puffin Web Browser

browsers with the least data consumption

In a test by Pingdom, Puffin browser for Android devices offered fastest loading speed. The browser also used around 30% less data when loading common websites like Google, Reddit and Buzzfeed.

Puffin browser speeds up mobile browsing by shifting the workload from the resource-limited devices to the cloud server.

It helps in running resource-heavy webpages run fast and smooth on your phones and tablets.

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One unique feature of the browser is its ability to download files to your cloud drives without using the third-party apps.

Key features of Puffin browser:

  • Saves up to 90% data with its proprietary compression algorithm
  • Download to cloud feature to download files directly to your cloud storage
  • Enables you to emulate a game controller on your phone with keyboard shortcut customization

Download Puffin

Firefox Focus

browsers with the least data consumption

Firefox Focus is a popular browser developed by Mozilla. It’s especially designed for mobile phones and with the user privacy in mind.

So the browser focuses on user privacy by automatically blocking a wide range of online trackers.

It also allows you to easily erase your browsing history, password, and cookies, so you will not be tracked by the ad servers.

The removal of web tracks and ads helps the web pages load faster on the browser.

Key features of Firefox Focus:

  • Blocks a wide range of common Web trackers automatically
  • Enables you to erase your history, password, and cookies
  • Faster browsing and web page loading with adblocking
  • Can be used as a content blocker for Safari on iOS devices

Download Firefox Focus for iOS / for Android


browsers with the least data consumption

Firefox needs no introduction, but if you are wondering whether it can help you save some data when browsing the data, yes, it uses less bandwidth than Chrome does.

Firefox supports DNS over HTTPS that helps keep internet service providers from selling your data.

Compared to Chromium browsers, Firefox offers an autoplay blocking feature that blocks videos that starts playing automatically whenever you load a webpage.

Key features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • DoH support for extract protection.
  • Built-in Dark and Light Mode support.
  • Picture-in-Picture to pop a video of the browser
  • Built-in ad tracker and multi-language support

Download Firefox

The web browsers listed in this article can not only help you reduce data usage but also stop high CPU usage from browsers by blocking trackers and ads.

This can also fix slow web page loading issues with your smartphone and PC. Go through the list and let us know your favorite browser in the comments below.

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