5 of the best browser sound editors for online editing

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  • Browser sound editors are web apps you can edit music files within browsers.
  • There are various Firefox and Chrome audio editors you can utilize in those browsers.
  • The best browser sound editors are great alternatives to audio-editing software.
  • Some of the best browser sound editors are online versions of desktop software audio trimmers and editing tools.
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Most users will utilize sound-editing software, such as Audacity, for editing audio clips. However, there are also various online audio editors you can utilize within web browsers.

Those browser sound editors are freely available and are fine for basic audio editing. Check out these online audio editors.

What are the best browser sound editors?

TwistedWave Online Audio Editor

TwistedWave browser sound editor

TwistedWave Online is a browser-based version of the TwistedWave software. Unlike some of the alternatives, this sound editor opens in a separate window outside your browser.

That makes it feel more like a separate app as users can maximize and resize its editor window.

This browser sound editor has comparable features to the TwistedWave software.

It packs in a wide variety of VST effects along with other important ones for fading, crossfade, changing pitch speed, amplification, etc. Its users can also trim silences and convert clips to stereo.

Other features

  • Enables users to export their clips to Google Drive or SoundCloud
  • It includes a Convert Sampling Rate tool
  • Users can drag-and-drop audio files to edit into TwistedWave
  • TwistedWave’s Analyze option provides detailed statistics for audio clips

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Sodaphonic browser sound editor

Sodaphonic is a straightforward browser sound editor for basic audio editing.

Although it doesn’t have as many editing options as some of the alternatives here, users can still apply 11 effects to their music clips with it.

Sodaphonic also enables you to trim, cut, erase, and paste parts of audio clips.

Other features

  • It users can import music files from DropBox and Google Drive
  • Sodaphonic includes a built-in audio recorder for recording new clips
  • This browser sound editor has several keyboard shortcuts

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Beautiful Audio Editor

Beautiful Audio Editor browser sound editor

Beautiful Audio Editor is one of the most feature-rich browser sound editors for Chrome and Firefox.

This is a browser app you can add to Chrome by clicking Add to Chrome on the Beautiful Audio Editor app page. You can also click Demo on the Beautiful Audio Editor page to try it out.

Beautiful Audio Editor enables users to apply 12 different effects to their sound clips. Users can select effects like Dynamic Compressor (for weakening loud parts), revert, peaking (to boost range frequencies), and gain.

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This sound editor includes a good choice of frequency effects.

This browser sound editor also enables users to fade volume with volume envelopes. Its users can add control points to envelope areas with which to fade volume.

That’s a great Beautiful Audio Editor feature for generating fade-ins and outs within musical clips.

Other features

  • Its Edit Mode toolbar includes duplicate switches for duplicating sections
  • Users can split sections in tracks Beautiful Audio’s Editor’s split button
  • Beautiful Audio Editor’s usability is enhanced with its various keyboard shortcuts
  • This sound editor also supports multi-track editing

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Bear Audio Tool

Bear Audio Tool browser sound editor

Bear Audio Tool is a handy browser sound editor for some quick audio editing. With it, you can trim down, cut, merge, and rearrange MP3, WAV, and OGG sound clips.

It also incorporates fade-in, fade-out, and high-pitched options for editing music.

Other features

  • It enables users to open audio files with URL links
  • Bear Audio Tool includes a free sound material clip library
  • Users can drag-and-drop clips into Bear Audio Tools
  • This sound editor enables users to export clips with six alternative formats

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Audacity Audio Editor Online

Audacity Audio Editor Online browser sound editor

Audacity is one of the best freeware software sound editors for Windows. You can also edit your clips with Audacity Audio Editor Online in your browser.

Audacity editor online has a very similar UI design to its software counterpart and shares many of the same features.

The Audacity Audio Editor Online menu includes a wide range of effects to apply to clips (along with additional plugins).

It enables users to edit and mix a large number of tracks, fade the volume up and down, and alter single sample points. This editor also incorporates four different analysis modes.

Other features

  • Users can open files from and save them to Google Drive
  • Audacity audio editor online users can select two alternative input modes
  • This browser sound editor supports plug-ins like Nyquist, VST, and LADSPA
  • It also incorporates a built-in file manager tool

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The above browser sound editors are very accessible ones that are easy to utilize and pack in numerous editing options and tools for editing audio files.

They’re more than adequate for basic editing, and some of them pack in more advanced music creation tools.

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