5 Best Browsers that Support JPEG 2000 [Ranked by Compatibilty]

Find out some great browsers that are compatible with JPEG 2000

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Key notes

  • JPEG 2000 is an image coding format that maintains image quality after compression.
  • The majority of browsers do not support JPEG 2000 because of its complex codec, but Safari for iOS and macOS offers full compatibility.
  • Users can open JPEG 2000 files in imaging editing programs like Adobe Photoshop but will need to covert the file to use them in other browsers.
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JPEG 2000, also known as JP2, is the successor to the regular JPEG which gives higher quality images and improved compression performance. Here are our picks for the best browsers that support JPEG 2000 ranked by compatibility.

Do all browsers support JPEG 2000?

No, most browsers do not support JPEG 2000. The image format debuted in the year 2000, hence the name, and was solely supported by Safari. Today not much has changed and most browsers still do not support JPEG 2000.

While JPEG 2000 offers a more flexible code stream, it requires a more complex and demanding code and thus needs more resources. This is the main reason why it is not adopted across other browsers.

JPEG 2000.

Major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do not support JPEG 2000, but a comparable alternative is the WebP format. WebKit supports JPEG 2000, so Webkit-based browsers might be compatible with the format.

How do I open a JPEG 2000?

JPEG 2000 files are compatible with most image editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop. To open a JPEG 2000 file, simply open up your image editing program and select your file to view.

To open JPEG 2000 files in a browser other than Safari, you’ll first need to convert it to another format like PNG or regular JPEG.

What are the best browsers that support JPEG 2000?

Safari – Ideal for iOS and macOS

Safari offers total support for JPEG 2000.

It may come as a surprise to some, but Safari provides the most support and compatibility for JPEG 2000. Safari provides support for the high-quality image format since Version 5 and has maintained compatibility up to the latest version of the browser.

Because JPEG 2000 is natively supported on mac OS, it is also compatible with Safari for iOS mobile devices. However, if you have Safari installed on your Windows, you may not be able to use JPEG 2000 files.

Safari claims to be the fastest browser on the market and offers top-notch security with advanced tracking protection and sandboxing.

Key features of Safari:

  • The most compatible for JPEG 2000
  • Cross-device syncing
  • Tracking protection

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GNOME Web browser support JPEG 2000.

GNOME Web browser (also known as Epiphany) is a popular WebKit browser for Elementary OS and Linux devices. The browser has a built-in ad blocker and offers tracking protection so users can browse securely. Because it’s based on Apple’s WebKit engine, it has a clean and simple interface, similar to Safari.

GNOME Web browser performs well with its lightweight design and simplicity. There are no widgets or extensions to bog down the browser. For more information on how to download GNOME Web (Epiphany) Browser to your PC, we have a guide for that.

Key features of GNOME Web:

  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Sleek and simple interface
  • lightweight


Dolphin Browser – Great for iOS users

Dolphin browser for iOS may be compatible with JPEG 2000.

Dolphin Browser is a web available for Android and iOS devices. This mobile browser offers tab management and the ability to install add-ons for a more customized browsing experience. Dolphin has unique features like social app integration and Sonar, a smart voice search function.

Dolphin is a WebKit-based browser and may be compatible with JPEG 2000 files. However, it’s unclear if the image format will work on Dolphin installed on Android devices and may only be supported on Dolphin on iOS.

Key features of Dolphin Browser:

  • Tab management
  • Social integration
  • Smart voice search

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Konqueror – Supports tabbed browsing

Konqueror may support JPEG 2000.

Konqueror is another well-known browser for Linux devices that is based on the WebKit engine. The browser was developed by KDE and includes a file manager.

Konqueror uses KHTML rendering and is compatible with the latest version of CSS and JavaScript. It also supports tabbed browsing and web shortcuts. If you want to know how to download and install Konqueror on Windows 10 or 11, we have a guide for that.

Key features of Konqueror:

  • Open-source
  • File manager
  • Web shortcuts

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Falkon – Light on PC resources

Falkon browser.

Falkon (formerly QupZilla) is another KDE web browser based on QT WebEngine. Although Falkon uses QT WebEngine rendering, it supports WebKit and thus may be compatible with JPEG 2000 files.

The alternative browser is known to be light on PC resources and includes a speed dial homepage and the ability to take screenshots from within the browser. Falkon has a sleek and simple interface making it user-friendly.

Key features of Falkon:

  • Supports WebKit
  • Uses fewer PC resources
  • User-friendly interface

Get Falkon

What is better PNG or JPEG 2000?

While JPEG 2000 provides and maintains high-quality images and real-time video footage, it’s not as compatible as PNG. PNG files are compatible with most if not all browsers and are far more efficient to transfer files online.

JPEG 2000 offers both lossy and lossless compression which is why it’s able to maintain a higher quality, whereas PNG only offers lossless compression. However, JPEG 2000 requires a complex codec and probably won’t be compatible across browsers anytime soon.

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best browsers for JPEG 2000 support. Overall, Safari is by far the best choice when it comes to JPEG 2000 files. Let us know in the comments if you use JPEG 2000.

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