FIX: BSoD error 0x000000EA in Windows 10

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  • Blue Screen of Death errors are among the most common error messages.
  • They are usually the result of a fatal system error, such being the case of BSoD 0x000000EA.
  • To know more about these errors, check out our BSoD Fix Hub.
  • Even more troubleshooting guides can be found on the Windows 10 Errors page.
0x000000EA bsod windows 10 error
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BSOD is short for blue screen of death. This screen is one of the most dreaded sights you can have as a Windows user. For this guide, we will show you how to fix the 0x000000EA BSOD Windows 10 error.

It comes up in the middle of work, randomly or so it seems. The BSOD usually shows up with an error code, and for the 0x000000EA BSOD Windows 10 error, know that there is an issue with your processor chip or graphics card.

The 0x000000EA BSOD Windows 10 error mainly comes up when you overtask your graphics card by high-definition multimedia or games while it is handling another aplication.

Fortunately, the blue screen 0x00000ea error in Windows 10 can be resolved easily if you follow the solutions in this guide.

How do I fix the blue screen 0x00000ea error?

1. Update your graphics screen 0x00000ea fixed by updating graphics driver

  1. Press the Start button on your keyboard and search for Device Manager.
  2. From the search results, select Device Manager.
  3. When you get to the Device Manager window, you will see a list of installed devices.
    • Scroll down to Display Adapters and click on it to expand.
  4. Your graphics card will show up on the expanded list.
    • Right-click on it and hit Update Driver.
  5. On clicking this button, your computer will begin to look for updated versions of your drivers.
    • If the system finds any, it updates them.
  6. When the updating is complete, proceed to reboot your computer.
  7. Finally, visit the website of the graphics card manufacturer to download and install the very latest edition of your graphics driver.

After rebooting your system, use it normally. If the blue screen 0x00000ea error shows up again, your BIOS may be due for an upgrade.

2. Update your BIOS

  1. Trigger the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key and then pressing R.
  2. In Run, enter cmd and hit Enter to open a Command Prompt window.
  3. Enter the following in Command Prompt: wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion and press Enter to discover your BIOS version.get your bios version to update and fix the blue screen 0x00000ea
  4. Exit BIOS.
  5. Next, on a web browser, visit the website of your motherboard’s manufacturers to check the latest BIOS version.
  6. If yours is outdated, download this latest version onto your computer.
  7. Next, double-click on this downloaded EXE file and run it.
    • Follow the instructions in the wizard to complete this process.
  8. Finally, after successfully installing the BIOS update, restart your machine.

3. Troubleshoot overheating

  1. Check for open applications that may be tasking the CPU from task manager following the steps below:
    1. Press CTRL + ALT + ESC to launch Task Manager.
    2. Click on the Processes tab.
    3. Next, sort the processes in order of CPU usage by clicking on the CPU column.
    4. Look out for the processes with high CPU usage.
    5. If any, right-click on it and select End task.end tasks that overwork the cpu to fix the blue screen 0x00000ea

Also, confirm that dust or debris is not covering the computer’s vents. If it is, remove the particles using a blower.

The 0x000000EA BSOD Windows 10 error means that your graphics card is crashing, and the two main solutions are to update your graphics card, as well as your BIOS. In some cases, an overheating computer can throw the 0x000000EA BSOD Windows 10 error.

Did you try the solutions listed here? Tell us which of them helped you clear the blue screen 0x00000ea error by leaving us amessage in the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Blue Screen of Death errors

  • What can cause BSoD errors?

There are numerous causes of BSoD errors, and they are all both software and hardware-related.

  • Can I fix BSoD errors?

Yes, you can, either through manual troubleshooting steps or by using dedicated BSoD fix software.

  • How do I read the BSoD logs?

The first step to solving a BSoD is locating the BSoD logs and then interpreting them.

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