ByteFence vs Malwarebytes: Which is more secure?

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Key notes

  • In this ByteFence vs Malwarebytes guide, we compare two malware removal tools in terms of features, affordability, and more.
  • Malwarebytes is a popular antivirus solution with a free and premium version offering advanced security.
  • ByteFence Pro version offers basic antivirus protection and some nifty adjustments.
  • Is Malwarebytes premium worth it over ByteFence? We'll answer in this detailed guide.
ByteFence and Malwarebytes
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Malwarebytes is one of the most popular virus removal software available on both Windows and macOS platforms. You can even get it for Android and iOS running devices. However, there are quite a few security features launched with tall claims and we are convinced that you want to know more. 

ByteFence is a relatively new antivirus solution available for the Windows platform only. However, there are times when some Mac users may find the tool installed as a bundle with other freeware. 

So, is ByteFence good enough as a security solution, or should you consider Malwarebytes instead? We answer all the questions in this detailed ByteFence vs Malwarebytes comparison.


ByteFence vs Malwarebytes: Which is a better antivirus?


ByteFence is a security program that offers scanning and removal of Trojans, worms, spyware, crapware, and other potential threats to your computer. 

It is developed by Byte Technologies and comes in a free basic and pro version. Unfortunately, ByteFence is only available on Windows PCs. 

Features of ByteFence 

ByteFence is available in free trial and Pro version. The free version only offers scanning features. So, you can scan for crapware, malware, and more in real-time. However, to remove the malware, a subscription to the Pro version is required. 

ByteFence offers a straightforward user interface. You may access the Scan, Browsers, Settings, and Status tab from the home screen. There are three scan options – Full Scan, Quick Scan, and manual Folder and Files scan. 

Moving on, in the Browsers tab, you can check and clean Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browser. All the security-related features are tucked in the Settings

Do not hesitate to enable real-time protection, create scanning schedules, add and remove URLs from the whitelist, and check the files moved to the Quarantine tab. 

Furthermore, there is a Gamer Mode. Enabling it will automatically disable various features to free up system resources and allocate them to your game. 

The tuneup tab features some system cleaning tool that is supposed to fix system issues by cleaning junk files and other leftover data.


Malwarebytes probably needs no introduction. It’s one of the most popular and highly reliable security solutions known for deep scanning and removing malicious programs without impacting your system performance.

Malwarebytes is available on all the major desktop and mobile platforms. You can run the same tool on your desktop as well as handheld devices. It comes in multiple versions, including a basic free version. 

Features of Malwarebytes 

During installation, Malwarebytes offers to install its Browser Guard, an extension for the browser. You can skip or install it along with the virus removal tool. 

It features real-time protection that helps you find and remove malware, viruses, and other threats from your computer and smartphone.

Furthermore, it can also protect you from online scams and suspicious websites with its Web Protection feature. It looks for malicious links and blocks phishing scams to protect your personal and financial details.

Real-time protection also consists of ransomware protection and exploit protection features. Ransomware protection blocks malware that locks you out of your device or files.

Exploit Protection blocks malware that takes advantage of bugs and vulnerabilities in a system.

All the protection layers are enabled by default. However, you can disable them individually if you want. The real-time dashboard shows malware stats of your computer.

Malwarebytes VPN is a built-in feature available for premium users that protects your privacy, secures your Wi-Fi connection, and offers better speed than other VPNs.

It is also extremely gentle on your system hardware. It works in the background without hogging your system resources or spams you with offers and notifications. 

If you are bored with the default theme, it comes with a Light and Dark theme. You can access it from the Display tab in Settings.

The service is known to sometimes cause high memory problems that affect your computer. However, if that’s your case too, learn how to solve Malwarebytes memory issues in no time.

ByteDefence vs Malwarebytes update definition 

ByteDefence, by default, downloads and installs the latest virus definition. This helps in keeping your PC safe with up-to-date threat monitoring. 

Application update for Malwarebytes is also enabled by default. If you don’t want to install automatic updates, you can disable them from the Settings tab. Of course, if you want, you can check for updates manually.

Feel free to customize how often Malwarebytes checks for threat intelligence updates. With both tools, you don’t have to worry about the latest updates, as the software will download and install the latest updates. 

Compatibility with antivirus programs

ByteFence claims to work with third-party programs without any issues. Microsoft Windows 10 automatically disables some Windows Defender features when a third-party antivirus program is installed.

Malwarebytes’ free version works with third-party antivirus programs. However, the premium version with additional features may require some tweaks to make it work without conflict.

Different between free and premium versions

Malwarebytes offers a free version with a functional trial useful for checking out the premium features. ByteFence, on the other hand, has a very basic free version but a functional trial of 14 days.

Malwarebytes free vs premium version 

FeaturesMalwarebytes FreeMalwarebytes Premium
On-demand scan and malware removalYesYes
Real-time malware detectionNoYes
Ransomware protectionNoYes
Web protectionNoYes
Exploit protectionNoYes
Game modeNoYes
Scan schedulingNoYes

ByteFence Free vs Pro version

FeaturesByteFence FreeByteFence Pro
Scans for MalwareYesYes
Real-time scans for MalwareNoYes
Removes MalwareNoYes



Malwarebytes is an exceptional antivirus solution available on all the major consumer platforms. The free version is pretty basic but works well.

The Premium version comes with advanced features such as web protection, real-time malware detection, ransomware protection, and more. 

Intuitive user interface
Effective on all types of malware and viruses
Cross platform support
Free version limited by features


ByteFence is not a household name when it comes to virus removal utility. With the free version, you can scan for potential threats.

However, to remove malware and viruses, a Pro version subscription is required, defeating the purpose of using an antivirus.

Game Mode
Tuneup utility to improve system performance
Advanced settings
Pretty unusable free version
Premium version has limited features
Tip icon Tip
To summarize, if you have to choose between Malwarebytes and ByteFence, Malwarebytes should be your choice by default. It offers a free version that can scan for potential threats and remove them from your computer.

ByteFence not only has an ineffectual free version, but the paid version is also nothing exciting. Even more, the marketing practices of the company are not the best.

Reportedly, it gets installed as bundled software with other freeware and changes system settings such as browser default search engine and more. 

Since your want increased protection for your PC, also check out this Microsoft Security Essentials vs. third-party antivirus tools guide. You’ll see the most important differences between these top antivirus programs and the default platform in order to make an informed choice.

And if any of the antivirus tools you chose is blocking the camera, don’t worry as there are a few solutions that can correct this inconvenience in no time.

Do you have any experience with these tools? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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