Fix: Unable to Change Static IP Address and DNS Server in Windows 10

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Windows 10 Technical Preview could sometimes be very bug-prone. This time, one user complained that an unexpected error occurs when he wants to open Network Connection properties on an Ethernet or WLAN network in order to change a static IP address or change DNS Server.
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One of Microsoft Support Engineers said that Microsoft is aware of that problem, but specific solution still isn’t available in yet. Microsoft will try to fix this in future builds, but in the meantime you could try some alternative methods for fixing this issue.

How to Configure Your IP Adress

  1. Go to Search and type cmd
  2. Open an Elevated (Administrative) Command Prompt
  3. Enter the following line and press Enter: Ipconfig

How to set a static IP address

You can manually change your IP Address with New-NetIPAddress cmdlet in PowerShell. In order to change your static IP adreess, open PowerShell and apply the following command:

New-NetIPAddress [-IPAddress] <String> -InterfaceAlias <String> [-AddressFamily <AddressFamily> ] [-AsJob] [-CimSession <CimSession[]> ] [-DefaultGateway <String> ] [-PolicyStore <String> ] [-PreferredLifetime <TimeSpan> ] [-PrefixLength <Byte> ] [-SkipAsSource <Boolean> ] [-ThrottleLimit <Int32> ] [-Type <Type> ] [-ValidLifetime <TimeSpan> ] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [ <CommonParameters>]

As you can see New-NetIPAddress has a lot of parameters, and here’s an explanation for some of them:

  • AdressFamily – Specifies an IP Adress family, acceptable values for this string are: –IPv4 and — IPv6
  • CimSession – Runs the cmdlet on the remote computer
  • DefaultGateway – Specifies the Default Gateway of IPv4 or IPv6 address

If you don’t understand something, or you want to check the meaning of other parameters, here’s a complete documentation of New-NetIPAddress cmdlet.

How to Change DNS Server

To change your DNS Server information, enter the following command in Powershell:

Set-DnsClientServerAddress [-InterfaceAlias] <String[]> [-AsJob] [-CimSession <CimSession[]> ] [-PassThru] [-ResetServerAddresses] [-ServerAddresses <String[]> ] [-ThrottleLimit <Int32> ] [-Validate] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [ <CommonParameters>]

Here’s a complete documentation of Set-DnsClientServerAddress.

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That would be all, we hope that Microsoft will fix the issue with Network connection properties in the future, until then these workaround should work fine.

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