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CCleaner is a system utility with which you can scan and delete lots of files with. However, are CCleaner’s scans taking a little too long for you? The software’s scan times can vary depending on how much HDD storage you have, but there are still a few ways you can configure the utility. Here are a few tips to speed up CCleaner’s scanning and deletion.

Select Fewer File Categories

The obvious way to speed up CCleaner’s scanning and deletion is simply to reduce the number of items it scans for. The software’s Cleaner tool includes Windows and Applications tabs that list various programs to scan and items to delete. So deselect less essential selected check boxes to reduce how many files categories the program scans for. Note that Temporary Internet Files can slow down CCleaner scans considerably, so deselect that check box if nothing else.

Configure the Secure Deletion Setting

  • To further configure CCleaner, check out the Secure Deletion setting by clicking Options > Settings.

ccleaner software6

  • You can select a couple of Secure Deletion options in Ccleaner. If Secure file deletion is selected, you can speed up CCleaner by clicking Simple Overwrite on the option’s drop-down menu if it currently has a higher overwrite setting.
  • Alternatively, select Normal file deletion to maximize the scan speed instead.

Keep More Cookies

Cookies aren’t just delicious biscuits. They’re also website configuration files. You can speed up CCleaner by keeping cookies as follows.

  • Select Options > Cookies to open the list of cookies shown below.

ccleaner software2

  • Hold the Ctrl key and select all cookies on the left column.
  • Then press the blue right arrow button to move the cookies to the Cookies to Keep column.

Reduce Temporary web File Space

A File Explorer folder includes temporary internet files that can take up a lot of disk space and slow down CCleaner scans. You can reduce the amount of disk storage space allocated for temporary internet files as follows.

  • Enter ‘Internet Explorer’ in Cortana and open the IE browser.
  • Click the Tools button and Internet Options.
  • Then press the Settings button to open the window shown in the snapshot directly below.

ccleaner software5

  • That window includes a Disk space to use setting. If that option is at 1,024 MB, enter a value less than 250 in the Disk space to use text box.
  • Press OK to close the window and exit IE.

Reduce Restore Point Storage Space

  • Reducing Restore Point storage space can also speed up CCleaner. Enter ‘system’ in your Cortana search box and select Create a restore point to open the window below.

ccleaner software4

  • Press the Configure button to open the window below.

ccleaner software3

  • Now drag the Max Usage bar further to the left to minimize the Restore Point storage to the minimum required.
  • Press the Apply button and click OK to close the window.

Run CCleaner in Safe Mode

CCleaner might also be a little faster in Safe Mode. You can run CCleaner in Safe Mode as follows.

  • Press and hold the Shift key and click Restart to open the troubleshooting options.
  • Then select Troubleshoot from the menu.
  • Select Advanced options and Windows Startup Settings.
  • Next, press the Restart button.
  • Now select Safe Mode from Advanced Boot Options.
  • Then you can open CCleaner in Safe Mode as you would usually.

So those are a few ways you can turbocharge CCleaner. Now the software will scan and delete at least a little quicker than before. Check out this Windows Report article for some more CCleaner tips.


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