Memory Cleaner Software: 7 Best to Use on Windows 10 & 11

Optimize your PC using some of the best Windows memory cleaner

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Owning a good memory cleaner can make a huge overall difference in your system's productivity and performance.
  • Memory cleaner apps help boost your PC performance by deleting faulty files and duplicated content.
  • Choosing a good Windows memory cleaner can be a daunting task in today's oversaturated markets.
  • We did the research for you and suggested a series of PC memory cleaners that will surely help.

You are probably wondering what memory cleaner options to try, here is all you should know.

When you buy a new computer, it comes loaded with stuff that you don’t need that can take up memory and make it slower, and this isn’t how a brand-new machine should ordinarily behave.

Everybody wants a PC that delivers fast startup and runs operations at peak capacity, regardless of the brand or price of the machine.

However, you cannot escape the slow computer issue because it will happen over time or even soon as you upload your files from a hard drive or other storage devices.

What is the best way to clear memory?

You can either choose to do it manually, by closing background processes, or you can use one of the best-specialized memory cleaners:

  • Fortect – Universal repair tool
  • IObit Advanced System Care – Excellent speed-up feature
  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defense – Great for bloatware removal
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer – Powerful one-click PC optimizer
  • Advanced System Optimizer – Secure deletion and optimization
  • CCleaner – Great for add and driver update
  • Tweaking Windows Repair – Lightweight option

What is a memory cleaner?

Memory cleaners are apps that check your computer and fix the troublesome spots by defragmenting your hard drive, repairing the registry, and freeing up memory by getting rid of unnecessary and duplicate items on your computer – but some go the extra mile.

Cached RAM (also known as SRAM) is closely linked to your CPU and stores data frequently executed by it. The purpose is to provide accelerated and smooth access to commonly used programs by memory caching the recurrent instructions.

But sometimes, RAM cache can end up working against you rather than for you as these temporary files pile up and eventually slow down your PC or send CPU values through the roof when browsing the Internet.

Does Windows have a memory cleaner?

Yes, ti does. You could use Microsoft’s Windows Refresh tool that purges all apps and leaves your computer in a pristine state.

But there are other stronger tools that exist solely to help your computer get its groove back and work as if it has just undergone a factory reset.

What is the best memory cleaner for PC?

Fortect – Universal repair tool

Fortect is a universal tool to fix almost any type of Windows-related issue and malware threat.

The tool is capable of removing faulty files, deleting duplicate content, repairing or recovering initial registry settings, fixing DLL files, and much more.

It is one the easiest-to-use PC repair tools we have tested so far; all you need to do is install the program, run the initial scan, and let Fortect do its job.

It is one of the most effective tools to recover your Windows system, which is possible because of the massive database of official Windows registry files Fortect gets.

One handy feature is real-time monitoring which spots issues and solves them on the go.

Fortect is one of the best investments you can make to repair safely and restore your Windows OS or boost your PC performance by cleaning up the memory.

You should try it out if you want an excellent memory cleaner for Windows 10 and 11.

Important features:

  • Junk cleaning
  • Finding stability issues
  • Hardware repair


Keep your PC healthy and give Fortect a try.
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IObit Advanced System Care – Excellent speed-up feature

Buying a new computer is usually one of the solutions users think of when they’ve tried to deal with a slow computer and nothing works. But, thankfully, there are more robust solutions that can save you money, such as investing in a memory cleaner like IObit.

This app performs system repairs on your computer, cleans up your registry deeper than you can imagine, adds real-time optimization, and is affordable if you consider the premium performance it delivers.

The IObit Advanced SystemCare comes in the Free, Pro, and Ultimate types.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free features include essential protection, backup and restore, system optimization, and privacy protection, and its Speed Up feature removes junk files while defragmenting the registry.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is packed with extra features such as malware protection and real-time system optimization in addition to the free version.

The Ultimate Advanced SystemCare, on the other hand, includes security tools that protect your system from emerging malware and other threats.

This is a fantastic memory cleaner for Windows 10, but it is limited to three computers, which may be challenging when multiple computers exist. Otherwise, it installs pretty fast and doesn’t take forever to download.

You’ll get a more responsive and snappier computer due to the improvement IObit Advanced SystemCare brings to your PC’s performance.

Important features:

  • One-click to update
  • Large software database
  • Secure & Fast to download

IObit Advanced System Care

A Cleaner PC memory means faster response times and better potential for work and play. Get IObit Advanced System Care today!
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System Mechanic Ultimate Defense – Great for bloatware removal

This memory cleaner for Windows 10 is compatible with Windows versions from XP and later. It is also relatively priced, but unlike other IObit, this one lets you install it on multiple computers regardless of the number, though not for commercial use.

One tool you can run to refresh your computer and free up memory is a Repair Now button that displays when a problem is detected. Once you click on it, the fixing tool required for the specific problem is launched.

Another tool is CRUDD (Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers). This removes unnecessary files that jam your computer and eliminate any extra programs that are installed together with programs you add to your computer.

Other tools include LiveBoost to boost your CPU and RAM, plus ActiveCare, which performs analysis and repair on your system. You can also get an anti-malware tool if you upgrade to the Iolo System Mechanic Pro.

You also get PowerSense which adjusts power settings and processor modes on your computer automatically, and PC Accelerator, which aligns program files on the hard drive.

It also features AcceleWrite, which organizes how data is written on your storage drives, IntelliStatus, which shows information about your RAM and hard drive, and Stability Guard, which stops system threats.

A unique feature is the Privacy Shield suite, a privacy tool for Windows 10 that keeps your data safe from involuntary collection and sharing.

With this tool, you can disable services on Windows 10 that share your WiFi and collect your browsing habits and other details in a few mouse clicks.

Iolo System Mechanic boosts your computer’s speed, removes bloatware, repairs problems, declutters, and protects your privacy and security, leaving your computer feeling new.

Phoenix 360 is a comprehensive package comprising 7 software products, including Iolo System Mechanic.

Important features:

  • Clutter cleaner
  • Privacy and security protection
  • System repairs
  • Automated PC care

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Clean your PC’s memory today and make it run as if it were brand-new with Iolo System Mechanic.
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Ashampoo WinOptimizer – Powerful one-click PC optimizer

If you want a faster and more stable computer system, then Ashampoo WinOptimizer is an excellent choice as it frees up your system from junk data, plus has powerful modules that help you fix errors and boost your PC’s performance.

This memory cleaner for Windows 10 and 11 features a one-click optimizer that declutters hard drives. It also repairs corrupt shortcuts and deletes unwanted cookies or browsing history.

It also manages unnecessary services and autostarts entries to declutter your CPU and memory for other processes to run.

Through its defragmentation tool and ability to permanently erase files, your computer gets a full maintenance and optimization package all in one tool.

However, you just get three licenses which can be very limiting where there are multiple computers unless you get the Family Extension plan.

Also included with the Ashampoo memory cleaner is a backup manager and task scheduler, but it doesn’t have a desktop widget like Iolo’s, which lets you scan through the system’s information at a glance.

You have to open the whole app to check the status of your computer’s health.

Important features:

  • Window scaling and docking
  • Convenient cookie manager
  • Clean cleaner UI

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Your PC’s speed is limited by how you take care of it. Make it run fast again by using Ashampoo Winoptimizer!
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Advanced System Optimizer – Secure deletion and optimization

Advanced System Optimizer from Systweak is a multi-functional system performance and optimization software for Windows operating systems. This PC optimizer’s modules allow you to boost your PC’s speed, improve its security, change and optimize its settings, and customize and personalize your displays.

It is activated by a single mouse click. Furthermore, Advanced System Optimizer’s Registry Cleaner improves system stability by removing incorrect Registry entries, while Registry Optimizer defragments the Windows registry, allowing the system to perform more smoothly.

To clean and optimize your hard drives, the application offers more powerful tools such as System Cleaner, Disk Optimizer, Disk Tools, and Disk Explorer.

When you finish running any program on your system, the Memory Optimizer ensures that memory is correctly allocated. There is even a Game Optimizer, which provides a unique environment in which games may run efficiently.

Secure Remove is a function that allows you to delete files and folders safely and permanently. It really implements a mechanism developed by the United States Department of Defense. Secure Delete deletes any private or sensitive information permanently, and no program can restore any files or folders erased with Secure Delete.

There are certain drawbacks to the software, such as the lack of a progress meter and the invasive reboot request for your PC. To minimize conflicts or unexpected PC reboots, we recommend using each feature independently. This way, you may utilize it without the risk of crashes or freezing.

Advanced System Optimizer

Robust RAM cleaner, defragmenter, and secure file deletion and disk optimization.
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CCleaner – Great for add and driver update

With CCleaner software, cleaning your PC is like riding a bike. You can free up your memory simply by erasing unwanted or secret files. 

As time goes by, you can experience some issues regarding your computer performance. And that is because your disk space becomes busier; thus, the system can be affected by broken files or settings. 

Therefore, the functionalities of CCleaner can instantly resolve such problems by quickly scanning your system. It takes a few clicks to check the registry and clean unnecessary files afterward.

If you want your computer to be faster and eliminate old files that slow down your performance, you can get this software to clean up the clutter. You only have to press a few buttons and control your computer resources. 

Plus, the software promises features that can improve your digital experience by cleaning junk files, running health checks, automatically cleaning history, real-time virus monitoring, and so on.

You can also take advantage of the free version of CCleaner and enjoy the above benefits. Also, consider the pro version if your PC is getting slower and it’s time for a change. 

Important features:

  • Updates apps for security issues
  • Cleans memory all the way 
  • Safeguards against junk files
  • Erase browser history when you close  
  • Protects online identity 
  • Improves computer speed 


If you start thinking about alternatives for your slow computer, act smart and try out CCleaner to resolve fast.
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Tweaking Windows Repair – Lightweight option

Even though Tweaking Windows Repair might seem to be outdated software at first glance, rest assured that it uses the latest advancements in computer analytics and problem-solving.

An old-school look allows it to focus all its power and delivery with just a few clicks of the mouse. This look also means that it consumes fewer resources than other software options.

This software can fix BSoD issues, resolve corrupt or missing DLL files, resolve problems with Windows Update, and maintain your system’s stability.

The program is available in both a free and a Pro version. However, the Pro version is what you truly need if you are interested in deep-cleaning your PC’s system.

Important features:

  • Streamlined, updated interface
  • Missing packages registry cleanup
  • Windows Services Tool

Tweaking Windows Repair

Never worry about your system’s cleaning by installing and using this powerful software today.
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Do memory cleaner programs work?

Yes, memory cleaner programs can be effective, and we will show you the best available options.

However, it would help if you had in mind that you may introduce malware into your computer by using certain dubious cleaner freeware. So, it would help if you were mindful only to try highly recommended ones.

Let us take you through our top recommendations, many of which are also excellent memory cleaner options for gaming.

Do phone app cleaners actually work?

They do, indeed. Finding phone cleaning applications that genuinely deliver on their claims is the problem.

A poor cleanup program only wastes storage space at best. At worst, it may corrupt you with adware or malware. However, not all mobile cleaning applications are pointless.

If you want to check how to check your RAM on Windows 11 PC, you can read our awesome guide.

If you’re looking for a tool that scans and deletes trash files on Windows devices, go no further; we’ve got the greatest software to help you out.

These tools mentioned are some of the best PC memory cleaner options and are also great memory cleaner options for Mac.

Ready to free up some space on your computer? Let us know which memory cleaner for Windows 10 and 11 you can’t wait to use by leaving a comment in the section below.

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