Chec out these cool Christmas presents for Fortnite fans

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christmas gifts fortnite

Choosing Christmas presents for Fortnite fans can be as interesting as playing the game itself. For someone who has never played the game, here is a chance to get into the Fortnite world.

Gifting out the game in the spirit of Christmas can help you plant a smile on someone’s face. Let’s explore some exciting Fortnite presents to give this Christmas to a friend who is a fan of the game.



Gift Ideas: Christmas Presents for Fortnite Fans

Fortnite Backpack for Christmas

fortnite backpack

Everyone loves a backpack and almost everyone carries one. The Fortnite backpack offers an exceptional gift idea this Christmas season. The Fortnite backpack is made from a high-quality reflective material. It glows in the dark or on contact with sunlight.

The Fortnite backpack makes it easy to move valuable items around on camping trips, schooling, hiking, travels, and laptop bag.

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Fortnite Map Pillow

Wonder4 fortnite map pillow

Help someone experience a relaxed season this Christmas on the Fortnite map pillow as awesome Christmas presents for fortnight fans. The Fortnite map offers different cartoon design and made from top-quality materials to guarantee a blissful sleep.

It also has removable pillow covers plus hidden zippers for easy removable and maintenance. It’s comfortable and easy to wash.

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Fortnite Light up Boogie Bomb

fortnite light up boogie bomb

The Fortnite light up boogie bomb is just exactly the best Christmas presents for Fortnitefans. It is a music boogie bomb can dole out exciting music to get everyone dancing. The boogie bomb carries appealing lights that actually displays beautiful colors to light up the environment.

With the pull pin trigger, like with a real bomb you can control the light bomb to enjoy great tunes. It’s portable and fits entertainment with a couple of Fortnite fans community and friends.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition

Monopoly: Fortnite edition

The Monopoly game specifically comes as great Christmas presents for Fortnite fans designed for the Fortnite edition. Enjoy playing the favorite monopoly but this time with popular Fortnite characters in the game using the 27 Fortnite outfits. The game is best suitable for ages 13 and above, earning health points.

As small as two players and as much as 7 players can participate in the monopoly game.

Fortnite Game Mouse Pad

Fortnite game mouse pad

A washable and waterproof gaming mouse pad is lovely gift ideas for this holiday. It is made from muti-spandex of high quality to give make for easy navigation on the smooth optical surface. These Christmas presents are comfortable and provide a firm grip to allow much ease playing Fortnite game.

Fortnite mouse pad guarantees durability due to the stitched edge which prevents it from falling apart. Trusted and reliable during marathon sessions involving league of legend, call to duty or PUGB, etc.

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Fortnite Cotton Socks

fortnite funny socks

The lovely Fortnite 100% cotton socks with the inscription, ‘do not disturb, I am Fortnite’ is another nice loyalty tool to gift out. What qualifies it as the perfect Christmas present includes the comfort and warmth it provides this season.

Also, Fortnite fans can enjoy a variety of designs, colors, and sizes for male and females. Being an all-purpose breathable sock it could be worn with slippers, formal dressing, and sandals, casual or during sports.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.