4 best Christmas LED light charging cables [iPhone, Android]

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If you’re still on the hunt for a nice Christmas gift that won’t break the bank, why don’t you get a USB Christmas light charger cable? It’s practical, you can use it to charge your phone from your Windows computer and light up your desk at the same time.

In this quick buying guide, we’ll list some of the most interesting Christmas light charger cords that you can purchase right now.

Hurry up and hit the buy button now — there are just a few days left until Christmas and you want your Christmas chargers to be delivered on time.

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What are the best Christmas light charger cords to buy?

Cewuidy LED Christmas lights

  • Comes with 10 LED Light multicolored lights that will illuminate when in use
  • When not charging, it can be used as a decorative light string
  • Portable and easy to use with any charging port
  • It is a fun gift for your family and friends
  • Doesn't seem to be built to last

This nice USB cable is 46-inch long which should be more than enough for most users. It packs 10 LED multicolored lights that will illuminate when you use the cable.

The cord is compatible with all iPhone models. Simply plug the cable into your computer, connect it to your iPhone and watch your desk light up.

Foxnovo Led iPhone charger cable

  • It flows faster when your device is near empty and slows down while it's full
  • resistant to wear-related damage so that prolong its life-span immensely
  • Each iPhone charging cable has a dual USB port
  • Shows you the current speed while charging
  • Certified by Apple
  • Not very Christmasy

If you love customized items with a lot of bling, but you don’t want to sacrifice your device’s safety because of it, then you can go ahead and use the Foxnovo Led iPhone charger cable.

This charging cable is recognized by Apple, and it will not only charge up your phone efficiently, but it will look good doing it as well.

More so, the LED lights flow based on how fast the device is charging, letting you know how much time it has left without even unlocking your phone.

Cactus LED charging cable

  • The perfect gift for your favorite cactus lover
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/6 /7 models
  • Durable, portable, and easy to use
  • Green LED cactus lights
  • Not very Christmas-themed

We really like this cactus LED charging cord. It throws a really nice and warm green light on your desk when you use it.

This 46-inch long colorful tech accessory is very durable and you can use it with any charging port. It will also brighten up your mood even when you’re feeling stressed.

Akiimy LED charging cable

  • When connected, the cable displays color-changing flowing led light
  • Soft and sturdy PVC covers make the led charging cable wear-proof
  • Uses 2nd generation ElectroLuminescence cold light technology
  • Low-loss and energy-saving performance
  • Support 2.4A fast charging
  • Can only be used for charging, not data transfer

If you love bright colors and flashy motifs, then the Akiimy LED charging cable is the right one for you.

It features powerful LED lights that will deliver a wonderful and colorful experience to your eyes, without sacrificing endurance.

Additionally, these lights are also power-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about wracking up the power bill when charging your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can easily hang your lights on a piece of furniture. Since your ideas are already festive, check out these best USB Christmas light charger cables for your desk.

  • Yes, you may use an extension cord for most indoor Christmas lights.

  • Yes, they can cause fires if electrical wires are faulty.

  • Of course there is, the thicker the wires inside the cable, the higher the transfer rate. The speeds can vary from 0.5 A to 2 A. Here’s a list with the best deals for charging cables.

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