Get these USB Christmas light charger cables to brighten up your desk

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If you’re still on the hunt for a nice Christmas gift that won’t break the bank, why don’t you get a USB Christmas light charger cable? It’s practical, you can use it to charge your phone from your Windows computer and light up your desk at the same time.

In this quick buying guide, we’ll list some of the most interesting Christmas light charger cords  that you can purchase right now. Hurry up and hit the buy button now — there are just a few days left until Christmas and you want your Christmas chargers to be delivered on time.

Christmas light charger cords to get this year


LED Christmas Lights USB and bulb charger

Christmas Light charging cable

This nice USB cable is 46-inch long which should be more than enough for most users. It packs 10 LED multicolored lights that will illuminate when you use the cable.

The cord is compatible with all iPhone models. Simply plug the cable to your computer, connect it to your iPhone and watch your desk light up.

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Multi-color power charger cord

Christmas power charger cord

This cool Christmas charging cable consists of two entwined colors that do no flash when in use. There are three cord models available: yellow-green, blue-green and blue-red.

The cable is compatible with certain iPhone and iPad models. You need to have your own  A/C adapter as the adapter is not included in the package.

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Cactus LED charging cable

Cactus LED charging cord

We really like this cactus LED charging cord. It throws a really nice and warm green light on your desk when you use it.

This 46-inch long colorful tech accessory is very durable and you can use it with any charging port. It will also brighten up your mood even when you’re feeling stressed.

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Glowing micro USB charging cable

Glowing USB charging cable

If you prefer minimalist design ideas, then this is the perfect Christmas charging cable for you. You can use to charge your devices from your computer as well as transfer data.

The cable shows a fluent light effect that slows down as the battery is charging. When there’s no light effect on the cable, this means that your phone battery is 100% charged.

Get it now from Amazon

It’s time to brighten up your desk! Get one of these charging cables before Christmas.



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