Chrome Incognito vs Safari Private Browsing: Who Wins? [Detailed Comparison]

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Key notes

  • Incognito or private browsing offers a way to surf the net with increased security on your computer. 
  • When using a private Chrome or Safari browser, your history and browsing sessions are not logged.
  • For more comprehensive browsing security, we recommend that you use a privacy-oriented browser.
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The web holds essential information on all subjects, making surfing the internet invaluable to our daily routines.

There are thousands of resources to answer our teeming questions, from music to sports to politics to tech. However, leaving digital footprints and being exploited of sensitive info on the web has raised concerns in recent years.

Browsers adopt incognito or private modes to ensure that we are not tracked and that our information is safe.

This article compares Google Chrome’s incognito mode against Safari private browsing. We like to show you how they stack up against each other and help you determine which is the better way to go.

This feature is a valuable part of your browser, and it takes only a few steps to start a private browsing session.

Chrome incognito vs Safari private browsing; which do I use?

Google Chrome Incognito Mode

chrome incognito vs safari private browsing

Before using the Google Chrome incognito mode to perform any work, be sure you understand what is or isn’t recorded.

Although this private mode prevents Chrome from saving files that you download, they are still stored on your local computer once you exit it.

Google Chrome also saves all of your bookmarks and your accessibility and preferences settings.

The incognito option disables storing your browsing history by your web browser. However, your activities and location may still be exposed to the following:

  • Your system administrators (if you are on a public network)
  • Your ISP (Internet service provider)
  • The firms behind the resources and  advertisements used on the websites you visit

Incognito mode in Chrome also allows search engines, internet providers, and online services to see:

  • Your geographical location using your IP address 
  • Activities performed on a web service
  • The user identity if you have signed up for some service with your email

Even if you have a VPN, you will still have this level of exposure. As long as you are logged in to your Google account, the browser remembers your location.  

In fact, the location restrictions you have on your Google account will still apply if the same accounts are logged into an incognito browser. 

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Safari Private Browsing

Many individuals have trusted Apple’s ecosystem, which includes a wide range of items tied to a single account. Kind of similar to Chrome, which is connected by a single email account. 

This singular account model is critical, as it connects your preferences, bookmarks, and searches across devices and services. 

The ability to use them across a range of products is time-conserving. But the real question is if a private browser mode is worth it if it doesn’t hide your tracks?

On the plus side, Safari’s private browsing mode does not record your search history, but it comes with certain downsides:

  • Services and websites you use may still see your IP address
  • Your search history is still visible to the service provider
  • Your internet activities will still be visible to your network administrator
chrome incognito vs safari private browsing

Unfortunately, it does not stop here. Your privacy on a particular device may be preserved, but it won’t hide the user’s behavior or prevent you from identity theft.

Your internet protocol (IP) address will be revealed, allowing third parties to monitor your online activities.

Above all, it will not prevent websites from employing near-perfect browser fingerprinting methods to identify you.

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The verdict: Is incognito better than private browsing?

Chrome and Safari private browser mode serve the same purpose.  They prohibit your device from storing any browser history or data linked with a specific browsing session. 

This means that anybody else who uses your smartphone, computer, or whatever device you have used won’t be able to know what web services you had visited or what Google searches you performed.

However, none of them is the solution to total internet protection. So we can say they are very similar, and in this chrome incognito vs safari private browsing comparison, there is not much to tear them apart.

Does private browsing show up on other devices?

When you launch in a private browsing session, your local computer shops logging history and browser session. This means that at the end of the session when you close the window, it will all be lost.

This is also true for all your autofill information. Since they are lost after the session, if you switch devices, you will not be able to transfer them.

Can private browsing be traced on Wifi?

Just like we mentioned above, your browsing history and auto-fills are not logged in private mode. But this only applies to the computer you use for surfing.

chrome incognito vs safari private browsing

Your browsing habits are still logged by your Wifi routers. This implies that an admin may still be able to access your history even though it no longer exists on your computer.

Is private browsing safe?

Browsing in private mode is safe, and relatively a better option than normal surfing if privacy and security are your concerns. It gives you a degree of anonymity. If you use public computers, it will ensure that your credentials are not logged on the computer.

However, if you are on public networks, you must note that the network admin will still be able to access your browsing trends and history.

Modern browsers however can make your browsing experience safer and more protected. We like to recommend Opera One because it comes with a built-in VPN. This means your browser location is masked, a feature that private/incognito browsing will not offer.

Combining its private mode, and VPN makes it the most secure browser option.

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How to turn on private browsing in Chrome?

1. Use the private browsing shortcut

  1. Click on the Start menu.
  2. Type Chrome in the search field.
  3. From the options beneath the Google Chrome app, select the New Incognito window option.

2. Open new incognito window

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the ellipsis at the top right of the browser.
  3. From the options list, select the option for New Incognito window.
    chrome incognito vs safari private browsing

How to turn on private browsing in Safari

  1. At the top left corner of your computer, click on the Safari File menu.
  2. Then from the dropdown menu, click on New Private Window.
    chrome incognito vs safari private browsing

That is it for this chrome incognito vs safari private browsing comparison. They both are among the best browsers you have on the market. However, their private modes may not be all you need to stay safe.

But you may not be offered 100% privacy and protection using any of them; you can ensure your IP is protected and your data is not stolen by using a good VPN or a browser with a built-in VPN.

Which browser do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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