Microsoft leaks Chromium-based Edge browser screenshots

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leaked chromium edge browser screenshots

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Microsoft mistakenly tweeted a screenshot of the upcoming Chromium-based Edge browser. The leaks belong to the Canary build of the new browser.

News and rumors related to the abandoning of the current Edge browser have been doing rounds since December last year.

At that time Microsoft started planning to use Chromium rendering engines to rebuild the browser from scratch. However, it was just an announcement and nothing was officially confirmed until recently.

Edge on Chromium screenshots leaked

Recently, a Twitter user ADeltaX  encouraged a debate by sharing some installer screens for the new Edge browser that is going to be released very soon. It is yet not clear that how he got access to the leaked screenshots.leaked chromium edge browser

Some of the users quickly took the screenshots just before the Tweet was removed.

The leaks further continued when the Program Manager for Open Web and Browsers at Microsoft, Chris Heilmann mistakenly leaked his desktop’s screenshot having one icon for Chrome and two icons for the edge browser.

The word “CAN” across the golden colored icon shows that the icon belongs to the Chromium-based Edge browser‘s Canary build. You might not know about this build, it is actually a build that has the latest features that will be added to the Chrome browser.

Anyway, the tweet and any related images were quickly removed.

Microsoft has not yet shared any dates regarding the release of the upcoming browser but it seems like it will soon be available to the users.

By the way, are you planning to give Chromium-based Edge a chance? Do you prefer to stick to the good old Google Chrome? What do you think about the hybrid Edge browser? Do let us know in the comments below.



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