Cortana, Google Assistant and Alexa may soon work together

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Cortana may not be enjoying the same sort of success as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. As such, Microsoft has no plans to compete with Google and Alexa. However, the company does consider both these platforms as an opportunity for success.

Google’s digital assistant has established itself as a market leader in the AI-powered virtual assistant space. Microsoft was recently forced to shift its gears due to the fact that Cortana failed to establish itself in the market space. That is the reason why Microsoft now wants Cortana to work together with Alexa and Google’s Assistant.

Cortana’s Integration with Alexa & Google Assistant

Microsoft is following the same strategy that it has adopted for the past few years on mobile. The company decided to provide its services as apps across Google and Apple platforms, rather than competing directly with them. Cortana is now going to be the AI backbone of Microsoft’s products across its services.

The company has already started working on “Cortana and Alexa integration” in collaboration with Amazon. Microsoft is aiming high to expand this collaboration to Google Assistant as well.

However, no announcement has been made regarding any type of similar collaboration with Google. Despite being tightly integrated with Microsoft’s services, Cortana has a limited skill set as compared to Google Assistant and Alexa.

Microsoft initially used the platform of BUILD conference 2013 to showcase Cortana to the general public. Later on, Windows Phone got the voice-based assistant in 2014. The company introduced the standalone assistant for other platforms along with Windows 10.

Recently, Microsoft also announced new plans to integrate Cortana with its line of subscription services Office 365. The company is also planning for Search and Cortana to have their own separate locations in the taskbar. The change is expected to be incorporated in the next major update of Windows 10.

Well! It seems like the tech giant has a clear idea about its existing capabilities. Developing software and hardware is a bit challenging task for Microsoft. Microsoft is also well aware of the fact that bringing Cortana closer to other digital assistants is the only way to excel in the tech space.



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