5 Most Common Cox Error Codes & How to Quickly Fix Them

Most Cox issues could be fixed by resetting the Cox cable

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Key notes

  • Cox offers one of the best networking service providers.
  • Encountering an error code is inevitable on Cox due to server issues sometimes.
  • Accessing Cox services from outside the US requires pre-authorized permission before traveling.

Cox cable offers one of the most seamless services these days. However, one of the inevitable things with it is encountering the Cox error codes. It is all a matter of when and not if.

Often, the error codes appear at the worst possible times. Hence, most users are left frustrated when their favorite moments are cut short due to Cox cable problems.

Although, most of the errors can be fixed with minor tweaks to your Cox Contour DVR, Mini box, or the internet.

Also, the most recurring issues are usually related to internet outages, phone issues, and Wi-Fi issues.

Hence, this guide will identify the prominent Cox error codes, discuss them, and provide possible solutions to fix them.

Why am I getting an error on Cox?

  • Cable connection issues: This is one of the most prominent causes of the Cox error codes. Sometimes, it is inevitable to tamper with the connection settings of the cable. Maybe the cord is loose or removed accidentally, which will affect the performance of Cox. Hence, it could prompt an error code.
  • Wireless Router issues: Cox offers wireless unit routers to boost the performance of their gadgets. An issue with the router’s settings could distort the connection with other units. Since the network is essential for Cox to function, this will undoubtedly prompt error codes when you attempt to use Cox services.
  • Server issues: Sometimes, the cause of the error codes may then be due to a down server. Although this is quite rare, you cannot discard its possibility. Users must understand when a server issue affects all users by checking dedicated channels or with Support.
  • Mini box problems: This is a prominent cause of issues amongst Cox users. The problem here is often down to his configuration and connection of the cables. Once there’s an issue with that, the Cox Mini box will constantly prompt error codes.

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How do I fix the most common Cox errors?

1. Cox error code 107

The error code 107 means your account does not meet the minimum eligibility requirements to connect to the server. It also comes up when something on your account isn’t suitable for the TV. Also, it could be that your device is jailbroken.

To fix this, you need to call customer service and require help to bypass the jailbreak detection that causes the error code.

2. Cox error code 012

This error happens when there’s an issue with the Ethernet cable connection between the router and TV. Often, you will see a black, tiled, fuzzy, or blue screen.

Rebooting the cable box or tightening the cable connection will quickly fix this problem.

3. Cox error aaa-200

  1. Log in to your Cox account.
  2. Select My Profile and locate User accounts.
  3. Choose Manage Users.
  4. Select Secondary User and click Add User.
  5. Generate User ID & Password and fill in other credentials.
  6. Click Add Secondary User.

This Cox error code means there is a Panoramic Wi-Fi problem. The aaa-200 unexpected error usually occurs due to a breach per user account’s device limit.

The hotspot is limited to three devices per user. Hence, you need to add more users to the account to fix it.

4. Cox error app 1a09

Perform a long power cycle

  1. Power off the router and disconnect the cords.
  2. Unplug the modem and router from the power source for up to five minutes.
  3. Plug them back and restart.
  4. If there’s a reset button, press it before restarting your devices.

Contact Support

It is advisable to call in or reach out to the Support service for Cox to know if there are coverage problems. If that’s the case, your network issue is general. If there’s a temporary outage, they will give you a duration to fix it.

The error app 1a09 is one of the most popular errors on Cox. It pops up when there’s no network connection at all. It can also manifest itself as a Cox cable box error code on boot.

5. Cox error 15

Set the correct time and date

  1. Press the Windows+ R keys, input timedate.cpl, and click OK.
  2. Select the Internet Time tab and choose Change settings.
  3. Check the Synchronize with an internet time server, and change the server to time.windows.com.
  4. Select the Date and Time tab, and click Change time zone to ensure it is correct.

Contact Support to pre-authorize the device

If accessing Cox from blocked geolocation, this error might come up. Hence, you need permission before traveling so they will not bar your access.

Cox error 15 pops up when your request to the cox server is blocked. Often, this occurs when trying to access it from blocklisted geolocation. Also, if the request is considered malicious, access can be stopped.

How do I troubleshoot Cox cable?

  1. Power off the cable box and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  2. Leave it for 30 seconds to a minute.
  3. Plug them back and restart.

Is there a reset button on the Cox cable box?

No, you can only use the reset button on the Panoramic modem. The main Cox cable box does not have a reset button.

These are the most common error codes and their fixes on Cox cables. Always contact Support if there’s an issue, especially if the fix has failed.

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