CPUMon is a powerful PC performance optimizer

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There comes a time in the life of every PC owner when their machine just doesn’t perform as well as it once used to, requiring performance optimization to counteract all the junk files and clustered data the system accumulates over time. There are many solutions that can deal with such a problem and one of them is CPUMon.

Keeping performance in check

Many might think that the task manager functionality within Windows 10 is enough to deal with performance-related diagnostics and fixes, but most agree its bulky interface and layout takes up too much screen space when used. In this regard, CPUMon’s biggest advantage is its small, efficient size. It works in a completely different way in contrast with the Windows 10 Task Manager performance review tool, running without creating too many distractions from other tasks.

Diversity is key

CPUMon comes with an array of settings for its various visual setting including its array of transparency options that allow it to blend in with the background. CPUMon’s developers made sure to offer a broad palette of choices so that users can get a perfect blend of transparency and non-transparency. Too much of the former will cause the graphs and important information displayed by the software to not be visible while too much of the latter can bring the software to the foreground and have it be a nuisance.

You can download CPUMon from Den4B.



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