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Many gamers have been especially concerned with the development of the open world game Crackdown 3 by Reagent Games. Previously, it was delayed to 2017 and is apparently still in development. Though it has been a long time since we last heard an update regarding the matter. There were rumors in the past weeks that the game might never see the light of the day and had been allegedly canceled.

Recently, Phil Spencer shut the rumors down once and for all. In response to whether Crackdown 3 was still in development, Spencer said,

@BeastFireTimdog Yep, @shannonloftis and team still working on it.”

“Yep, saw a build the other day, looked good. One thing I love about CD, you know it from a single frame, look is iconic”, Spencer further tweeted.

Microsoft Studio’s general manager also gave a lot of praise to the game in a recent interview claiming that the Crackdown 3 campaign would be worth the wait. She also added that player actions will have huge consequences, something never done before:

“Crackdown development has been going incredibly well. This new chapter both has Crackdown online mode and the traditional Crackdown campaign, which has multiplayer online. We want to launch our online beta soon, so that it’s not too far in advance of the complete campaign. We are more focused on the main campaign right now.”

The third installment in Microsoft’s series of open world shooters dates back to 2014 at the E3 conference and was officially unveiled for the very first time at E3 2015 but failed to appear at E3 2016.

There are also reports that Crackdown 3 is going to be released for Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title like the recently released ReCore, Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4. There is still no concrete information on a release date or when the purported open beta for multiplayer is taking place.

It was back in summer when the release of Crackdown 3 was confirmed to happen early next year, so there’s no denying that gamers were overwhelmed by the news given the massive success of the first two Xbox 360 installments. Amidst all let down caused by the cancellation of several titles this year, the reassurance that Crackdown 3 will materialize some time next year has definitely lifted the hopes of many gaming fanatics who have a good taste in shooting games.

If you’d like to see how one of the early builds looked, you can check out some Gamescom 2015 footage below.


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