Set up a credit card terminal on Windows 10/11

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Credit card terminals are an excellent way to make payments and manage finances on the go.
  • The guide below will show you how to turn a Windows 10 tablet into a credit card terminal.
  • To read more on the subject, check out our dedicated Credit Card Reader Hub.
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Mobile Credit Card Terminal windows 10
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Your Windows 10 tablet or device can become a mobile credit card terminal with the right app, read below to find how you can do it

When credit cards first came along they were regarded as the best thing that ever happened: our money was safe, we never had any issues with carrying lots of bills or coins along with us and they were very convenient.

Nowadays, the credit card is slowly but surely integrated into mobile device. This way, we move closer to a smartphone or tablet that can help us do anything.

Although the concept isn’t new and its features are already known from the other mobile apps that we can use to pay anything with, this Windows 10 app offers its users lots of features and a high level of security, so they can transform their Windows 10 devices into credit card terminals.

How do I turn my device into a credit card terminal?

1. Use a dedicated virtual credit card app

Technology has evolved a lot, and virtual banks have begun appearing everywhere. However, with all of this freedom of choice, it becomes harder and harder to weed out which are the most reliable of them all.

That being said, we recommend Revolut, a Virtual banking service that provides you with all of the utility of an actual bank, but without any of the associated headaches.

Simply install the app, register for a free account, and you are set. As an added bonus, you will receive an actual physical card within several working days.

The fact that you can make payments and transfers to and from contacts with just a few finger taps are just some of the reasons why this service is regarded as one of the best virtual credit card apps in the world.

Of course, just because the app is simple to install and use doesn’t mean that it isn’t secure. Accessing the app is done via a PIN code at all times, and transfers and payments can be set to only be done via confirmation.

As for turning your device into a terminal, if your have a smartphone that supports NFC, then you won’t even need the physical credit card to make your payments.



Turn your Windows 10 tablet into an efficient credit card terminal with the help of this amazing virtual credit card service.

2. Credit card terminal alternatives

You can also think about other apps that may serve you as a credit card terminal: Credit Card Reader (mobile only). Even if it doesn’t support your PC, it works like a charm on Windows mobile devices.

It has some interesting features as:

  • Calculates tax rate
  • Allow customers to include tip
  • Export data to Excel
  • Next day funding

Download Credit Card Reader