6 best cryptocurrency VPNs to protect your coins in 2019

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In the wake of the global financial crisis, when financial systems faced a turbulent time, and there was an all-time low trust in banks and regulators, many people were drawn to the promise of a viable currency that would work across the world, and that is free from centralized regulation.

Cryptocurrency continues to draw increasingly more people to itself, despite the global system taking shape in terms of stability. However, there’s no perfection when it comes to privacy, not perfection of cryptocurrencies, because with blockchain technology, users get pseudonyms, which if attached to personal data, can easily track both the users, and their transactions.

While interest in cryptocurrencies and their value continue to soar, governments have raised their concerns over regulation, which may hinder what is otherwise open trading of the currency all over the world.

With a VPN, however, there’s more extensive protection of privacy, plus, users can evade most obstacles in accessing these cryptocurrencies across the globe.

A VPN lets computers connect through a remote server via tunnels that encrypt data from both ends, thus information transmitted is protected from monitoring by third parties. Similarly, users can hide their IP address because VPNs provide IP addresses different from the user’s actual one, making it hard for anyone to get personal data that can be linked to blockchain records.

It also gives a higher level of security, further strengthened by using a different digital wallet for payments, encrypting wallets to make it harder to access your transactions, and keeps payment addresses private.

Where countries are banning cryptocurrency trading, to some extent, geo-blocking is used to enforce geoIP bans which restrict content from such regions based on IP addresses of the same users. VPNs can bypass such geoIP bans using IP addresses from regions that aren’t blocked.

What you need to look out for in the best cryptocurrency VPN is a watertight approach to security, good performance levels and speeds, plus a variety of user-friendly native apps. Check out our top picks for the best cryptocurrency VPN to use in 2018.

Best VPN software for cryptocurrency


CyberGhost VPN (recommended)

cryptocurrency VPN

CyberGhost is not just a reliable VPN, it’s also pretty fast in terms of performance with above average speeds, a huge server network of over 1200 servers in more than 50 locations, plus it supports a maximum of 5 devices simultaneously.

This VPN comes with 256-bit encryption with protocols such as OpenVPN and automatic kill switch. Other features include zero-logging, an ad-blocker, antimalware, and also a tool that blocks online tracking.

With CyberGhost you get a 7-day free trial so you can test run the service prior to subscribing, and if you like it, you can even pay via cryptocurrency or bitcoin, and use it for your trading purposes.

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NordVPN (suggested)

nordvpn discount

Touted as the most secure VPN, NordVPN has a very strong security with a kill switch, and huge server network of over 3200 servers in 60 locations, plus support for up to 6 devices at the same time.

It has one of the largest networks based on servers and locations, plus great speeds and performance. However, security is the most important quality to find in a VPN besides these two, which is why NordVPN has 256-bit encryption inclusive of other standard security protocols.

The unique feature with this cryptocurrency VPN is the double VPN technology, which is like using two VPNs, as it routes your connection via two separate servers and Onion over VPN among other protocols.

You can use the free trial to give it a go, and, you can pay for it via Bitcoin.

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Private Internet Access VPN

fastest VPN for Windows 10

PIA is an affordable VPN with a simple user interface so it’s great for beginners, only that if you’re using the app, you only pick specific countries, not servers, which can be pretty limiting. It’s actually a more basic VPN compared to its counterparts, but it makes for a solid choice if you’re looking for a less pricey VPN.

Features include kill switch, peer to peer sharing, AES-256 bit encryption, a server network of over 3000 servers in 25 countries, and multiple platform support, including Windows.

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airvpn final fantasy 14

This is the best VPN if you’re looking for good performance at a great price. As a cryptocurrency VPN, this one has a sizeable server network of 216 in 19 countries, which compared to its counterparts is pretty low, but it supports up to 5 devices at the same time.

The benefits of using this VPN include good solid performance, and good security, despite the scarce server network, and it is also based on OpenVPN.

Cryptocurrency users will love the fact that besides Bitcoin, this VPN also accepts Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and many others.

Features include support for OpenVPN over SSH, SSL and over Tor, 4096 bit RSA encryption, and zero logging of your online activity.

It is reasonably priced and you can use its three day plan to test run the service.

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ExpressVPN DNS errors

This all round cryptocurrency VPN has a wide server selection of over 1500 servers in 148 locations, and a variety of 30,000 IP addresses to use on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Among its advantages is its speedy performance, great user experience, and you can run a speed test to determine which is the fastest server available for you to use, which means you don’t have to keep checking for one randomly.

ExpressVPN also has a nice user interface, and 24/7 tech support via messaging-based chat, which is useful when you need some assistance while using your VPN.

Other features that are important when using cryptocurrency include the kill switch, peer to peer sharing, AES-256 bit encryption, zero knowledge DNS solution, and you can choose the protocol you want to use.

However, it doesn’t have a free plan or free trial, but you can buy it via cryptocurrency, though it is a bit pricey.

Get ExpressVPN



vpn for Battlefield 4

While this service is aimed at torrent users, it still has a huge server network with over 3000 servers in more than 50 locations and support for up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Although it delivers average speeds, its security is one of the best you can get for a cryptocurrency VPN, with features such as Perfect Forward Secrecy, stealth VPN to evade deep packet inspection, ad and malware blocking, and strong encryption.

It also accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin, but it has no free plan or free trial, though the plans are pretty affordable.

Get TorGuard


Even if the value of many crypto coins plummeted in recent months, this does not mean that you should let your guard down. There are still many hackers out there trying to get their hands on your coins.

A reliable VPN tool can help you to protect your hard-earned crypto coins offering you peace of mind. So, even if you stopped mining, as you long as you still have some coins stored on your computer, it is worth installing a good VPN solution — just in case.

Is there a VPN you use with cryptocurrency that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.


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