How to day trade Penny Stocks? [Guide & Best Tools]

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
CEO & Founder
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  • Penny stock trading is attractive thanks to the low entry price and high volatility.
  • On this page, you'll learn how to trade Penny stocks as well as the best tools to make you a more profitable trader.
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Investors often get attracted to penny stocks because of their high volatility and low share prices.

That being said, sifting through penny stocks isn’t quite the baby steps to take for an investment portfolio.

According to the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission), penny stocks are securities that trade for less than $5 per share.

Penny stocks are speculative in nature but they are also cheap and great for traders with not much capital.

Useful steps to start day trading penny stocks:

  • Find a stockbroker: To start trading, you need a stockbroker. A simple search online will give you options, pick one who doesn’t have hidden charges.
  • Identify the best penny stocks: Use a market scanner to find a hot penny stock. Go for penny stocks with high volume.
  • Learn different strategies: Test different trading strategies and pick the best that works for you.
  • Practice risk management: They are known as “high-risk investment” for a reason, and they should be treated as such.
  • Execute multiple trades: Ensure you invest considerably in different penny stocks to diversify your trading portfolio.

The available software for trading penny stocks is called a trading platform.

Most trading platforms come with all tools you will need to find, analyze, and make excellent risk/reward trades that will fit your need.


What are the best tools for day trading on penny stocks?


stockstotrade StocksToTrade is a unique trading platform that comes equipped with all the tools you will need for the modern market.

It is a one-stop platform that gives you access to news feeds, algorithmic trading analysis, charting analysis, and scanner stock in one place. To try them out, take advantage of their free trial before making a purchase.

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Trading Alerts with is a multifunctional tool that’s partly a social network, educational resource, and an analytical resource tool. You can find members’ experiences in the penny stock trading universe.

They share their entry and exit points and commentaries. Not only would you learn to trade with; you’ll also get advice, and know-how to implement them.


Townsend Eze EMS

With over three decades under its belt, Eze EMS (formerly called Townsend RealTick) goes down as the best place to find reliable market data. It has an entirely customizable user interface and gives you access to custom tickers.

Joining a trading community is essential to succeed, Townsend RealTick can help out. The minimum funding requirement for Townsend RealTick is $10,000.

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Stock Rover

Largely regarded as one of the best Penny stock trading tools, Stock Rover is modern and slick. It offers top-notch fair value and margin of safety.

With this tool, you get 10-year historical data for earnings, financial, Morningstart analyst ratings, and dividend database. An advanced feature of Stock Rover is that it lets you correlate your portfolio and screen and balance dividends.

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Jigsaw Trading

If you’re into book order trading, then you should consider Jigsaw Trading. This tool provides economic indicators, resiting orders, the accurate, current price for multiple stocks, and much more.

Jigsaw offers a unique Tape tool, which lets you measure volume and volatility at one glance. Compared to other similar Penny stock trading tools, Jigsaw is inexpensive and easy to jump on, thanks to the training courses it provides.

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Just like every traded stock, day trading penny stocks could sometimes cause a significant drawdown to your investment.

If you feel confident in your trading system, it’s definitely worth your time to educate yourself a little more on how to day trade penny stocks and go for it.

Despite the risks involved in stock trading, penny stocks certainly present amazing potentials.