Dead Rising 4 disappoints gamers, many reviews are negative

by Ivan Jenic
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Capcom launched Dead Rising 4 recently. Thousands of players already bought the first copies, recorded the first hours of gameplay, and soon after the first reviews poured in. Many more or less accredited websites have reviewed Dead Rising 4 during the course of last few days.

We’ve found an interesting thread on Reddit where one user gathered the most interesting reviews of the game. These reviews come from respectable sites, so we can say that the people who wrote them know what they’re talking about.

For those of you still thinking about buying Dead Rising 4, reading these reviews could be a deal breaker. So, read them carefully and let us know what you think about all these Dead Rising 4 reviews from all over the internet.

What others have said about Dead Rising 4

At first look, Dear Rising 4 reviews don’t look great in general. Some sites gave the game an exceptional, or an above average grade, while some went hard on Capcom, calling Dead Rising 4 the worst game of the series. So, let’s finally see what others have said about the game:

AngryCentaurGaming – Jeremy Penter – Wait For Sale:

In much the way an MMO needs to be balanced, at times especially with updates, so to does Dead Rising 4. Frank’s faster. Frank’s more deadly. Frank works better overall and does more damage to enemies, and yet it doesn’t feel like the entire game world at all has been upgraded with him, even with the new types of enemy AI. It has some issues with difficulty and they absolutely need to be fixed. I did find myself, at times, unengaged, because the game didn’t require it. […]  Is this a bad game? No, but it is one that’s less connected overall structurally, to the Dead Rising series, and more connected because the creators just sorta tell you it is.

CGMagazine – Elias Blondeau – 4 / 10 (XB1):

An unfunny and unfun mess of a game, Dead Rising 4 is a shambling corpse of a once-great franchise. Capcom would be wise to put it out of its misery.

COGconnected – Alex Everatt – 80 / 100 (XB1):

Dead Rising 4 took everything that was great about Dead Rising 3, removed the timer, and brought back the franchises most prominent protagonist in a big way. The game isn’t without it’s faults. You’re more than likely going to encounter the occasional glitch, some of which may require reloading a previous checkpoint. The lack of co-op in the main campaign is a huge disappointment, but the separate co-op campaign is an okay compromise (but why not include co-op in both modes?!). Dead Rising 4 is an absolute must for fans of Dead Rising, but if you’ve never played a Dead Rising game before, I would strongly suggest playing the first three Dead Rising games before, otherwise the story might be lost on you.

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GameSpot – Scott Butterworth – 7 / 10 (XB1):

Dead Rising’s core combat remains simplistic, but the expanded open world, compelling central mystery, and added combo weapons refresh the formula enough for some light, bloody fun.

Polygon – Arthur Gies – 8 / 10 (XB1):

Dead Rising 4 isn’t always smart, but it’s rarely boring

IGN – Brandin Tyrrel – 8.1 / 10 (XB1, PC):

Dead Rising 4 has the best core gameplay the series has ever seen. Its inventive and humorous ways to put down the dead are something I still haven’t tired of, and its surprisingly interesting plot is more than just a zombie-killing delivery system. Despite the technical blemishes that come with the series, its lack of co-op story mode play, and the fun-yet-unreliable multiplayer, Frank West’s return brings the series some fresh ideas, a ton of bloody mayhem, and a whole lot of cracking wise. Here’s hoping he sticks around for a while.

Worth Playing – Brian Dumlao – 8 / 10 (XB1):

In the end, Dead Rising 4 is a solid game that is an enjoyable experience for series fans and newcomers. The “use anything, make anything” mechanics that have made zombie-smashing so fun are still intact, and some changes only amplify the experience when dealing with the expansive world. While the story is good on its own, Frank’s presence provides a nice balance between silly and serious, and the multiplayer also finds a sweet spot. The title has some issues, but they aren’t enough to dampen the sheer fun this game provides. DR4 is a worthy pick-up this holiday season.

It is worth mentioning that Dead Rising 4 received mostly unfavorable reviews on Metacritic. The game has a 4.6 Metacritic score.

If you want to read even more reviews from the online sources, visit the Reddit thread from the link posted above.

As we usually don’t review games but focus on their problems and issues instead, we hope reading these reviews help you decide whether Dead Rising 4 is worth playing or not. Let us know what you think about the game in the comments below.


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