Dead Rising 4 issues: game crashes, X-Fists DLC won’t download, and more

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Dead Rising 4 is now out, just in time for the holiday season. A mysterious outbreak has overcome the town of Willamette with dangerous and deadly predators. Frank West returns to investigate the source, but he’s got some competition. A  new breed of zombies is after the same evidence. Frank needs to outsmart them if he wants to survive.

Apart from this new story line, Dead Rising 4 also brings issues of its own. Capcom has already acknowledged some of them and is working to find a fix. In this article, we’re going to list the most common Dead Rising 4 bugs reported by gamers so that you won’t be taken by surprise if you experience some of them.

Dead Rising 4 reported bugs

1. Dead Rising 4 crashes on launch

Capcom informs gamers that many will experience a first-launch-only crash when they boot up for the first time. Fortunately, this crash won’t affect the rest of the gameplay experience. The game should run smoothly after the first boot up crash. However, some gamers report that Dead Rising 4 actually crashes several times before it runs properly.

Game needed to be launched 2 or 3 times before it would run for me at all it just went back to the desktop. But on the 3rd try it launched correctly. I use a Local Win 10 profile & sign into the App when it launches not at windows logon. After getting the prompt to associate the Game to my Xbox Live profile it worked fine so it might be related to that if you have not used a Windows Account logon to boot Win 10 up.

2. Dead Rising 4 X-Fists DLC won’t download

Capcom has already acknowledged this bug and is working on a fix.

X-Fists DLC will not download at all as you noted.

3. Dead Rising 4 crashes randomly

Apart from the first-launch-only crashes, Dead Rising 4 is also affected by random crashes. Players report that the game crashes after the 2nd cutscene ends. Also, Dead Rising 4 crashes after Frank enters Willamette shopping mall for the first time.

After the 2nd cutscene ends where Brad is talking to Frank in the classroom just before they get on the helicopter cutscene this 2nd cutscene crashed to the desktop without warning right near the very end. I just skipped this after reloading to continue.

4. Players can’t join online matches on Windows 10

Some gamers also report they can’t join their friends’ games. It appears that this bug is affecting Windows 10 players only.

My friend and i keep getting a “There was a problem joining the game please try again” error while trying to join eachother’s game. Also it seems we cannot find/join any matches either online using Windows 10.

These are the most common Dead Rising 4 issues reported by gamers. If you’ve encountered other bugs that we didn’t list in this article, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.


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the problem im getting is i cant touch the zombies! as in if i attack or walk into them it pauses my game and makes it unplayable

I play on xbox 1, every time i try to join a multiplayer lobby, or start my own, it will kick me out of the whole game, no error messages or anything.

Game is stuck on loading screen right after tutorial so right before mini golf prologue. Anyone else experience this issue or do I just have to wait 15+ min lol

OK so when I first got the game I didn’t experience none of these bugs but when I play online or join a online game it keep telling me that error please check your connection but when I check it, nothing wrong. When I do join a game or playing with my friends 3min later it say error please check your Xbox live connection.. It not my connection I rest my internet and everything I find nothing.

I load the game to continue my story and I spawn inside a panic room with a survivor and the door is shut. I literally can’t go anywhere or get out.

I have an Intel i5 6600K processor, EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 ti SC Gaming Graphics card and 16gb of ram and I cannot get this game to load up past the main screen any suggestions?

I have a GTX1080 graphics card on my system i just brought this for my PC and it lags and studders when my guy moves around and my minimap in game laggs and its terrible and i have a good PC, i need help why is my DR4 game studdering on my pc this game on pc sucks just brought it and it laggs i need some help because im extremely angry and i have a very good pc and graphics card please help??

I’m having noticeable lag there’s at least a half second delay. Even after the patch and uninstalling and reinstalling it persists. It makes the game virtually unplayable. Anyone else?

i have a weird bug that frank wont jog in normal walk on left stick
he just walks and when I use the sprint button it just make him jog when he should jog already

I’m currently stuck in the scare king barn, he’s dead but the flames didn’t go away, thier just invicible and I can’t jump on the ledge to where the cell phone and graffiti is

Game starts up fine but when it tells me to press enter nothing happens. I don’t have controller to sync into the computer. When I first downloaded the game it worked fine. Is there a quick fix to this or do I need to re download it

My game keeps freezing at load screens I was able to get through one and play the prologue in the mall without any problems not even lag but then it freezes at the next load screen never getting past it does anyone have any advice to fix that?

There are multiple bugs not reported
1. Sometimes with melee weapons they don’t make contact with zombies and just go through them, you’re unable to harm the zombies with melee but they can hurt you.
2. Random invisible walls, that disappear after awhile
3. Walk around and it closes the game to open up the store but then comes up with Error Code 1, [ but searching for that nothing shows up online ]

I got out of the starting mall, and the Tutorial area and THEN the crashes started. I heard its due to AMD chip set but who knows 😐

The merchants in the emergency shelters not leveling up with the shelter. I’ve leveled up the shelter in the mall to level 5 by rescuing survivors yet the merchants wont sell me any items above level 1