7 Best Discord Server Rules Templates [2023 List]

Here are the best rules for your Discord server to use

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  • Discord rules help create order within your channels by allowing everyone to behave accordingly. 
  • The rules can involve anything from how people write their names, to general rules, and even personal information rules.  

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Using a Discord rules template is a great way to set up your server with an easy-to-follow ruleset quickly. Once you set up the rules, you just need to download the client or Discord web browser, and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking to set up a server quickly, here are the best Discord server rules templates to use. 

How do I make a set of rules in Discord?

  1. Navigate to Server Settings.
  2. Next, go to Rules Screening and click on Set up Membership Screening.
  3. Click on Get Started.
  4. Now enter the desired rules.

What are the best Discord Server rules templates?

General server Discord rules template

  1. Always remain respectful to other people. 
  2. Do not use slurs or defamatory language towards other members. 
  3. Any language that may discriminate against other people based on sex, gender, race, etc will lead to banning 
  4. Do not threaten anyone on this channel. 
  5. No advertisement on this channel. Offenders will be muted.
  6. Do not start unnecessary drama with other server members. 
  7. Trolling and/or harassing other members is prohibited. 
  8. Do not use abusive language on any member.
  9. Due to the diversity in this server and the mods we have In place, members are only allowed to communicate using English. 
  10. Political or religious discussions are prohibited from this channel
  11. Do not share illegal content.
  12. Be respectful to moderators and other members of our team at a times. 
  13. Witch-hunting is not allowed. 

Text chat server Discord rules template

  1. No spamming is allowed. This includes but is not limited to spam messages and unsolicited and unsafe links. 
  2. Do not @mention members unnecessarily. 
  3. Do not use @everyone unless you have express permission from the moderators. 
  4. Moderators reserve the right to delete any written content from the server.
  5. Sending multiple texts here one well-organized one is prohibited. 
  6. Avoid typing out walls of text. Break down your texts into paragraphs for easy reading. 
  7. Do not ask to be made a moderator. 

Voice chat rules

  1. No loud noises or shrieks during vice chats.
  2. Always use the mute button when not speaking. 
  3. Reduce the amount of distracting background noise when speaking. 
  4. Do not use unnecessary or offending noises when speaking.
  5. Arguing and holding unnecessary debates on the channel is prohibited. 
  6. Moderators reserve the right to disconnect or mute you if your und quality is poor. 
  7. While it is okay to use cuss moderately, these words should not be directed to other sever members. 
  8. Do not use voice changers r soundboards. 
  9. Movies and other copyrighted materials are prohibited from this channel. 

Name and profile Discord rules template 

  1. Offensive nicknames are not allowed.
  2. Offensive profile pictures such as those showing NSFW content are not allowed. 
  3. Blank profile images are not allowed. 
  4. Blank nicknames are not allowed. 
  5. Profiles impersonating public figures will be removed. 
  6. Catfishing and/or using a fake identity is prohibited from this channel. 

Bot specific rules 

  1. Third-party bots are prohibited from this server.
  2. Use bot commands responsibly Command spamming is prohibited. 
  3. Don’t change add, or remove bot commands. 

Personal information rules 

  1. Do not ask for personal information from channel members. 
  2. Sharing of other people’s personal information within or outside the channel is prohibited.
  3. Do not assume other people’s identities using their personal information. 
  4. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned from the channel. 

Content server Discord rules template

  1. Stealing content or claiming other peoples’ content or art is prohibited. 
  2. Do not distribute unlicensed material
  3. Flashing images or GIFs that could cause epileptic seizures are prohibited from the channel.
  4. Online meeting links are prohibited on this server. 
  5. Do not send any sexually explicit content. This includes pornographic, gory, gross, and disturbing content. 
  6. Content that sexualizes minors will be immediately removed and the User will be permanently banned from the server. 

Always remember that while rules are important for your Discord channels, they shouldn’t be too long because no one will read them.

And if you get banned from Discord, we also have an easy-to-follow guide on how to get unbanned from Discord.

Are there any more rules that you think would work in Discord channels? Feel free to share them in the comment section.

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