Download Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer from the Microsoft Store

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A year passed since Affinity released its Photo and Designer applications to Windows and now it is also bringing them to the Microsoft Store. Even this might not seem much for users running Windows 10, it will definitely be great news for users running Windows 10 S.

If you haven’t heard of Affinity until now, this is a suite of great editing and designing utilities targeted at professionals who do not want to use the popular Photoshop and Lightroom and prefer something else.

Affinity Designer features

Affinity Designer is one of the fastest, smoothest and most precise vector graphic design software available. This tool will revolutionize your work whether you are working on graphics for marketing materials, UI design, websites and more.

This tool provides real-time performance and zooming is always live at 60fps. Affinity Designer is optimized for documents of various complexities, and it provides seamless switching between tools and editing modes. You can download Affinity Designer from the Microsoft Store.

Affinity Photo features

Affinity Photo is a powerful and fast tool that keeps pushing the boundaries of professional editing programs. It comes with a vast toolset that is created specifically for photography professionals, and it will help you with your editing and retouching of the photos. This tool allows you to create multi-layered compositions and it provides all the performance and power that you need.

You will be able to open and edit large images without compromising performance and or running low on memory. You can check out more features of this tool and download Affinity Photo from the Microsoft Store.

Both apps are available for a discount of 25% for seven days, so if you decide to try them out, you should hurry. If you previously purchased the Desktop version of these apps, you’ll need to get them again because there is no way to transfer the license.



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