Download Windows 10 KB4503286 to fix PC startup issues

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Cumulative update KB4503286 for Windows 10 v1803 users fixes some annoying bugs and brings even more features to the table.
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download KB4503286

It’s Patch Tuesday time and Microsoft released Windows 10 cumulative update KB4503286 to Windows 10 v1803 users. This update bumps the OS version to build 17134.829. 

Update KB4503286 brings important security updates and fixes some issues affecting various Windows components.

However, Microsoft mentioned that this patch brings a few issues of its own as well.

What improvements and fixes does KB4503286 bring?

1. IE11 bug fix

Microsoft fixed an important issue that was introduced with the previous releases. The bug occurred due to issues with the Default Search Provider and prevented Windows 10 users from opening Internet Explorer 11.

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2. Device startup issues fixed

KB4503286 resolves device startup issues in Windows 10. According to user reports, the bug affected devices from Windows Deployment Services (WDS) server that used Variable Window Extension.

Microsoft says that the issue could lead to premature termination of a connection to the WDS server.

3. Bluetooth connection issues fixed

Thankfully, Microsoft addressed the security flaw in Windows 10 that blocked suspicious connections between Bluetooth devices and Windows 10.

4. General security updates

Microsoft released various security updates to fix issues affecting many Windows Components. T

he tech giant patched some vulnerabilities in the following components: Internet Explorer, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Authentication, Windows Virtualization, Windows Shell, Microsoft Edge, and more.

Concerned by your PC’s security? Check out this list of reliable antivirus to match with your Windows device.

5. KB4503286 known issues

Thankfully, KB4503286 brings a single known issue to the table. Microsoft warns users their PCs may fail to perform some specific operations on folders and files.

The issue affects those folders and files that are stored on Cluster Shared Volume (CSV). You may encounter the following error code: STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5). 

Microsoft says that they are working to resolve the issue. However, the company suggested a temporary workaround as well. You can perform one of the following operations:

  • Perform the operation from a process that has administrator privilege.
  • Perform the operation from a node that doesn’t have CSV ownership.

You need to wait for the upcoming release to permanently fix this issue.

Did you encounter other KB4503286 issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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