download April 2019 Patch Tuesday updates

Download the April 2019 Patch Tuesday updates today

KB4489868 KB4489886 bugs

KB4489868 and KB4489886 may fail to install for some

KB4489885, KB4489878 bugs

What bugs does Windows 7 KB4489885, KB4489878 bring?

KB4487017 may fail to install with error 0x80073712

KB4487044 bugs
Windows 8.1 patch tuesday

Download Windows 8.1 security updates KB4487028 and KB4487000

Windows 7 KB4486563 KB4486564
download KB4486996 KB4487020 KB4487026

KB4486996, KB4487020 and KB4487026 fix navigation issues

KB4487044 KB4487017

Download KB4487044 and KB4487017 to fix IP address issues