How to fix Dropbox too many requests error

by Tashreef Shareef
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dropbox too many requests error
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Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms that offers both free and premium storage plans. It allows sharing and viewing of files on the cloud. Sometimes, while sharing a file or accessing a Dropbox link you may encounter too many requests error in Dropbox.

Dropbox offers 20 GB of free bandwidth daily and the premium plan users get up to 200 GB of bandwidth. That said, too man requests error can occur due to several reasons including bandwidth issues, temporary account suspension as well cache.

In this article, we take a look at the best troubleshooting tips to help you fix Dropbox too many requests error.

FIX:  Dropbox got too many requests

1. Check for account suspension

If the users cross the allowed limit of 20 GB bandwidth, Dropbox automatically suspends the account for policy violation. The over-usage ban stays in effect for 24-72 hours. With each violation, the suspension time increases.

Check if you have received any bandwidth use violation alert in the Dropbox account or email. If you have multiple violations, you may have to wait a few days to remove the suspension.

According to Dropbox, upgrading to Plus plan will remove any suspension along with increasing the bandwidth size to 200GB/day.

  1. If the file shared by you is reported by someone as part of a DMCA request, Dropbox will show too many requests error.
  2. This usually happens with Dropbox files that are shared publicly.
  3. Make sure the file shared by you doesn’t have any copyright claim. Sharing pirated or illegal content can lead to permanent account suspension.

Check for malware

  1. Another reason for the Dropbox too many requests error is malware-infected files. If Dropbox detects the files to have infected with viruses or malware, it will limit the access to protect the user.
  2. If you are accessing a file link shared by a third-party, make sure you trust the source before downloading or accessing files with such a warning.

  1. If you have disabled the file link, you will see the 404 error. Make sure the link you are trying to share is enabled.
  2. Login to Dropbox account.
  3. Go to Shared links page.
  4. Click “three dots” beside the link with the error.
  5. Select Link Settings > Link Settings.
  6. Make sure “disable downloads” option is off.dropbox disable download
  7. Now try to access the links again and check for any improvements.

  1. If you rewound your Dropbox account recently, your shared link may stop working. To fix this, create new shared links.
  2. Login to your Dropbox account.
  3. Go to Shared links page.
  4. Click on More (…) and besides the link with the error.
  5. Select Delete link option.
  6. Now create a new shared link for the file.


Dropbox too many requests error is usually caused due to account suspension. However, there can be multiple reasons for the same as mentioned in this article.  Do let us know which fixed helped you in the comments.


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