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Are you looking for the best personal cloud storage application for your Windows 10 PC? Windows Report has got you covered!

File storage has come a long way over the past few decades — from bulky hardware storage to portable hard drives to the latest cloud storage method. With the advent of cloud storage, the issue of storage limitations has been completely eliminated.

Today, many individuals and businesses now save their files and documents on the cloud. A typical cloud storage service offers many functions, ranging from file backup to file security to unlimited storage.

Today, there are quite a good number of cloud storage software, both formidable and the less formidable ones. As a result of this, it becomes imperative to make necessary research, to ascertain the authenticity and durability of a cloud service before saving sensitive files on its hub.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best cloud storage services (Windows 10 compatible), on the bases of price, durability, security, bandwidth space and so on.

Personal cloud storage service for Windows 10



personal cloud storage windows 10OneDrive is the default personal cloud storage service, which comes as a system app on Windows 10 computers. The storage drive is a great service from Microsoft, and it can be downloaded on any Windows version, if not already installed.

It hosts a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, interface, which affords you the opportunity of synchronizing your PC files with your cloud storage (OneDrive).

Atypical of many cloud services that utilize web browsers as intermediaries for file transfer, OneDrive allows you to transfer files directly from your Windows 10 device. There is also a special mobile app for mobile devices. Hence, you are able to sync your smartphone/tablet with your cloud storage (One Drive).

Furthermore, OneDrive integrates perfectly with Office 360, making it easier to work seamlessly across both platforms. Your files are kept secure using SSL encryption protocol, and as a Microsoft product, it is equipped with industry standard security system.

OneDrive gives you a free 5GB storage space for setting up an account. You can widen your storage space at the rate of; $3 per month (for 50GB) or $8 per month (for 1TB).

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personal cloud storage windows 10Box is another popular personal cloud storage service renowned for its relative affordability. Upon signing up, you are provided with a free 10GB storage, which is twice of what is obtainable in OneDrive. The software features variety of options, depending on the size and type of files to be stored.

In addition, Box is a flexible cloud storage software and it can be integrated with notable utility apps like Google Docs, Office 365 and others. The software also boasts of an attractive and easy-to-navigate user interface, which facilitates your cloud storage process.

In addition, the software is compliant with all necessary legal and industry protocols.It also supports different security certificates such as HIPAA, PCI and many more. Its security infrastructure is best-in-class, which ensures your files are formidably protected against unauthorized access.

Box offers two weeks free trial to new users, after which you are required to subscribe to one of the available paid plans. The basic plan, Pro plan, starts at $11 per month for 100GB of storage and 5GB file upload limit.

The Business plan goes for a standard price of $5.8 per month, while the Enterprise pricing plan is custom-based, with respect to the storage requirements (size) of your firm.

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personal cloud storage windows 10Dropbox is the most popular personal cloud storage for Windows 10 PC, which is used by millions of individuals and businesses worldwide. Despite its relatively low free storage (2GB), its premium plans offers the best available set of cloud storage features.

Dropbox’s Business plan facilitates collaboration between team members, and you are afforded the opportunity of providing each team member with a personal Dropbox account.

The app integrates perfectly well with Windows 10, and you can easily edit or modify your files directly from the app on your Windows 10 computer. Notable utility software like Slack, Asana, Photoshop and others can integrate seamlessly with Dropbox. Hence, these apps can easily import/export data directly from the cloud.

Dropbox offers different pricing plans, ranging from the “Plus package” to the “Pro package”. The Plus package starts at $9.99 per month, with 1TB storage space.

The Professional (Pro) package, on the other hand, goes for $19.99 per month, with 2TB of storage space. Both plans offer offline access and priority email support options.

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Google Drive

personal cloud storage windows 10As a Google product, Google Drive is an ideal personal cloud storage service for Windows 10 users. However, the use of Google Drive transcends mobile devices, as the app is readily available in desktop versions most especially Windows devices. Synchronization is one of the core benefits of Google Drive, as you can easily synchronize data from your mobile devices to your desktop devices and vice versa.

Nevertheless, this personal cloud storage service offers a generous amount of storage (15GB), which is one of the best obtainable free storage spaces in the industry. This makes it a good option for personal use and low budget firms, with low storage requirements.

However, while Google Drive offers a massive free storage, its user interface is complex and can be a little tricky for new users.

Google Drive’s premium package is known as “Google One”, which consists of two different subscription plans. The first plan goes for $1.11 per month (with 100GB), while the other plan is available for $5.55 per month (for 1TB).

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personal cloud storage windows 10IDrive offers one of the best personal cloud services, having one of the most secure storage hub. The award-winning cloud storage services has, over the years, added extra features to its platform, making it stand out as one of the best. The software enables you to synchronize files back and forth from your computer system to its cloud storage hub, and vice versa.

In addition, this personal cloud storage software for Windows 10 offers a unique set of backup features, which facilitates the retrieval of lost or deleted files.

There is also an advanced security protocol, which provides a warranty for all your cloud-saved files. Hence, in the case of irretrievable file loss, the company sends a hard drive (to the recipient’s address), containing your files.

Lastly, IDrive provides you free 5GB storage space upon signing up. To expand your storage space, you can easily opt for the basic (paid) plan, which goes for $52 per year (with 2TB) or the Business plan, which is available for $74.62 per year.

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personal cloud storage windows 10Sync is a relatively new cloud storage service, which forced its way up the ladder to become one of the most durable personal cloud storage services for Windows 10 in the market. The software is compatible with Windows devices, and it allows users to store, access and share files easily via its user-friendly interface.

In addition, Sync is equipped with an end-to-end encryption, which ensures that data transferred and shared via the cloud is safe, and secure at all times. You also get backup options, as Sync stores all information on your devices in a centralized location, thereby facilitating access and retrieval of files.

Furthermore, this software facilitates integrations with popular utility tools like Slack, Asana and others. Also, teams can work from the same workspace and features like password protection, and permissions facilitate smooth workflow, while also eliminating the issue of unauthorized access.

Sync pricing plans begin with the Business Pro, which goes for $5 per month (for 1TB). The second plan, Business Solo, is available for $8 per month (for 2TB), while the biggest plan, Business Pro Advanced, goes for $15 per month (for 10TB).

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