9 Best Personal Cloud Storage Services

Back up your important files in the cloud for increased protection

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  • Cloud storage software is indispensable today, with the large amount of data we use.
  • If you find it hard to choose a reliable app, at least one of the tools listed below will surely appeal to you.
  • Some of the services offer free space while others have advanced features for scheduling and backup.
What are the Best Personal Cloud Storage Services

Are you looking for the best personal cloud storage application for your Windows 10 PC? WindowsReport has got you covered!

File storage has come a long way over the past few decades — from bulky hardware storage to portable hard drives to the latest cloud storage method.

With the advent of cloud storage, the issue of storage limitations has been completely eliminated.

Today, many users and businesses save their files and documents in the cloud. A typical cloud storage service offers many functions, ranging from file backup, to file security or unlimited storage.

Today, there are quite a good number of cloud storage software, some more remarkable than others. So it’s important to do some research, to test the authenticity and durability of a cloud service before saving sensitive files on its hub.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best cloud storage services (Windows 10 compatible), taking into account price, durability, security, and bandwidth space.

What are the best cloud storage services for Windows 10?

Zoolz Cloud Backup – Great for fast backup

Zoolz is a cloud backup solution that fits any type of Windows 10 or macOS user, of all budgets.

It comes in three paid plans, for 1, 2, or 5 TB of data. The main differences lie in storage capacity and storage location features.

Otherwise, all plans offer an unlimited number of external devices, automatic and scheduled backups, access to the backed up data anytime, anywhere.

Interestingly enough, the 2 TB plan includes a personal vault. Files stored there can be shared with both Zoolz and non-Zoolz users.

The integration with Amazon Web Services ensures top-notch storage efficiency with minimum impact on your system.

Zools Cloud Backup

The best choice to store large amounts of important data at a very affordable cost.
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pCloud – Great for team collaboration

pCloud stands out as more than just a simple backup tool. It might seem pricey at first sight, but not many storage software is as fully-featured as this one.

Besides the classic features like generous storage space, trash recovery, or automatic sync across multiple devices, all pCloud plans include the following:

The collaboration features include sharing and personalizing your data, as well as receiving reports for the shared links.

You will be surprised to find also built-in video and audio players, plus video streaming.

It even comes with file management options such as data recovery, remote upload, or a rewind feature to recover accounts that go back more than 30 days.

pCloud offers integration with all major cloud platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, Instagram and more.

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Unbeatable all-in-one backup, file, and media management tool that you can use for a lifetime.
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Sync – Great for file synchronization

Sync is a relatively new cloud storage service, which has managed to become one of the most durable personal cloud storage services for Windows 10 in the market.

The software is compatible with Windows devices, and it allows users to store, access, and share files easily via its user-friendly interface.

In addition, Sync is equipped with end-to-end encryption, which ensures that data transferred and shared via the cloud is safe, and secure at all times.

Sync stores all information on your devices in a centralized location, thereby facilitating file access and retrieval.

Integration with popular tools like Slack or Asana eases access for whole teams to the same safe workspace.

Features like password protection and permissions facilitate a smooth workflow, while also eliminating the issue of unauthorized access.


With Sync you keep all your important files safely stored in the cloud and accessible just to you, anytime, anywhere.
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OneDrive – Best built-in cloud storage solution

personal cloud storage windows 10

Already widely popular, OneDrive is the default personal cloud storage service, which comes as a system app on Windows 10 computers.

If not already installed, it can be downloaded on any Windows version, .

OneDrive hosts a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, interface to synchronize your PC files with your cloud storage (OneDrive).

For the OneDrive mobile app users, syncing extends across your smartphone/tablet as well.

Unlike other cloud services that utilize web browsers for file transferring, with OneDrive you transfer files directly from your Windows 10 device.

Furthermore, OneDrive integrates perfectly with Office 360, making it easier to work seamlessly across both platforms.

Upon setting up an account, you get a free 5GB storage space that you can further expand at an affordable cost.

Get OneDrive

Box – Great for collaboration

Box is another popular personal cloud storage service renowned for its relative affordability.

Upon signing up, you are provided with free 10GB storage. While exploring Box, you’ll see that it features a variety of options, depending on the size and type of files to be stored.

Box is flexible enough to support integration with popular productivity apps like Google Docs, or Office 365.

The software also boasts an attractive and easy-to-navigate user interface, which facilitates your cloud storage experience.

If you’re concerned about security certificates, you should know that HIPAA and PCI are among the supported ones. So the security infrastructure of this tool ensures top-rated protection against unauthorized access.

Get Box

Dropbox is the most popular personal cloud storage for Windows 10 PC, used by millions of individuals and businesses worldwide.

Despite its relatively low free storage space (2GB), its premium plans offer the best available set of cloud storage features.

Dropbox’s Business plan facilitates collaboration between team members since each team member can get a personal account.

The app integrates perfectly well with Windows 10, and you can easily edit or modify your files directly from the app on your Windows 10 computer.

Notable collaboration software like Slack, Asana, Photoshop, and others can integrate seamlessly with Dropbox so you can easily import/export data directly from or in the cloud.

Get Dropbox

Google Drive – Lots of free cloud drive space

As a Google product, Google Drive is an ideal personal cloud storage service for Windows 10 users.

Synchronization is one of the core benefits of Google Drive, as you can easily synchronize data from your mobile devices to your desktop devices and vice versa.

The free cloud storage space you get (15GB) is still one of the most generous in the industry.

This makes Google Drive a good option for personal use and low budget firms, with low storage requirements.

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MultCloud – Great for file transfer and management

MultCloud is a free app that helps you connect all your cloud drives under one dashboard.

After you log into your cloud accounts on the platform, you will be able to transfer or sync files from one cloud service directly to another.

That means you can manage all your online files just like you would do in a file management app and use the usual commands like cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, and more.

It also means that you can say goodbye to all the duplicate files that take up the precious space on your cloud accounts.

All the data transfer processes will be performed offline, on the MultCloud server so you don’t need to stay online.

You also have access to filtering files with certain extensions or scheduling cloud transfers easily.

Get MultCloud

IDrive – Great for personal backup

The award-winning  IDrive offers one of the best personal cloud services, having one of the most secure storage hubs.

Over the years, the developers have added extra features, making the tool stand out as one of the best.

Besides the well-known backup functions, some unique features that IDrive brings are IDrive Express (backup and retrieval of data in less than a week via physical storage shipment) or snapshots and versioning of all backed-up files.

The developer’s advanced security protocol provides a warranty for all your cloud-saved files.

Hence, in the case of irretrievable file loss, the company uses the Express feature mentioned above, sending a hard drive (to the recipient’s address), containing your files.

Get IDrive

So, these are our best recommendations. We hope that you’ve found the best solution for your needs.

Next, you might be interested in our list of the best cloud storage apps for Windows PC.

If you have other preferred cloud storage apps, mention them in the comments below and we’ll surely take a look. And who knows, maybe we’ll include them in future lists.

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