5 of the best movie DVDs to buy this Christmas

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The Holidays is the time for parties and get-togethers, of fun and frolic unlimited. It can be a great time to catch up on your favorite movies as well. And with the great deals available on movie DVDs, this can also be a great time to stock up your fav titles as well.

Here are a few deals that could be hard to miss for the movie buffs


Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection


Harry Potter

Here is a title that is liked almost as much by the kids as by the grown-ups. And with the package containing all the eight films ever made, this is one deal almost tailor made for Harry Potter fans. The disks are all in the Blu-ray format offering 4K UHD resolutions, which means you can catch up with all the action in UHD resolutions as you embark on a journey into a world of magic and mysticism.

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The Godfather - 3 Movie Collection


A masterpiece of a film, The Godfather needs no introduction. Even those remotely attached to films is  unlikely to have not heard the title. The three film series is packed in a single disk which makes for 549 minutes of viewing as you watch all the intense drama unfold once again. All in all, it can be a great way to while away some time during Christmas.

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Blade Runner 2049

BladeRunner 2049

A sci-fi action flick, Blade Runner is all about edge-of-the seat excitement, packing in all the ingredients to mesmerise the senses. The 2017 movie is also among the most watched and can be a great asset for any fan of science fiction and action movies.

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The James Cameron epic is all about a classic love story shot in the backdrop of the Titanic ship that went down on its maiden voyage itself. The film not only provide viewers with a realistic account of the ill-fated ship but the interesting plot woven around the tragedy is pure magic. And that is exactly what makes it a great buy during Christmas.

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The Polar Express

The Polar Express

It’s an animated film all right but one that can keep even the grown-ups glued to their seats while the film is rolling. If not for the interesting plot, the all digital format and excellent shots ensure you have tons of entertainment with the movie.

That the plot also revolves around the holidays and Santa Claus can be another good reason to go for The Polar Express this Christmas.

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